Back Again

Cover photo: Seek The Wild

Well, here I am again, back in Costa Rica for another season of awesome adventures in this country I now call my second home. Some how I got lucky enough to live in two different countries… half the year in the adventure capital of Canada and then just as winter comes, I fly south to enjoy the tropical paradise of Costa Rica!! This is my second time spending more than a few weeks away from home. Last time I was here I experienced ups an downs, cultural shocks, language barriers and just generally being home sick. It was hard because we lived with my in-laws, didn’t have a car and I didn’t speak a lot of Spanish. This time I am much more proficient in Spanish, my husband and I are in our own house, and we have our own car. I already feel so much comfortable here. I have hit my favourite running routes, met up with my friends and have eaten at our classic restaurants.

But my time here is definitely not a vacation, in fact it is far from! It is a chance to take a break from my nursing career and focus all my attention on Run Like a Girl. I am here primarily to guide our Costa Rica adventure and wellness retreats and to work more behind the scenes work for RLAG. Before the end of the year, I am guiding 3 retreats, 2 of our regular ones, and 1 of our awesome trail running retreats! Two of our ambassadors are here too to help guide and I am so stoked to have friends from home here experiencing the magic of Costa Rica with me. I can’t wait to see what this season holds!!

I am also excited to have this time to dive into more projects, grow our community and think of more things that we can offer. We are working on an online training group where we can offer training plans, nutrition tips and workout ideas to more people at an affordable price. We also have to go through over 400 ambassador applications (AMAZING!!) and pick some new awesome people to join our growing team and spread more of the the RLAG love around the planet! I also want to blog about my experience here, share what I am up to and have you follow along as I train for my next big goal…

Since I have to leave the country every 3 months, Eduardo (my hubby) decided to take advantage of needing to go to another country and we are headed on one of our biggest adventures yet. We fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then we will be heading down to Patagonia to trek in the incredible mountains of a place we’ve always wanted to go to. And of course, this has an alternative motive… we are also scouting and planning our next huge Run Like a Girl adventure… PATAGONIA 2019!!! Stay tuned….

Not only will I be guiding our Adventure and Wellness retreats… I will also be toeing the start line of the Coastal Challenge again with over 20 other girls and guys from this communtiy, along side over 100 other racers from around the world. We have 3 ambassadors and a few people who have joined us on our other trips coming… it is basically just going to be one awesome RLAG party in Costa Rica with a crazy race somewhere in the mix!


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