It happened last year at the same time too. Maybe it is the holidays… maybe it is because I have been away from home for 6 weeks now, maybe it’s because I am truly exhausted after hosting 3 retreats in 4 weeks. What ever it is… I am definitely home sick.

Moving to a different country for half the year has its ups and downs for sure. I absolutely love being away from my profession at home (I am a nurse by trade) and I love the opportunity to be able to dive full time into Run Like a Girl. But I am starting to miss my routine at home… the climbing gym, my friends, the trails out my backdoor, even knowing where everything is at the super market. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. We get so used to these everyday things that when it is completely changed, it can be hard to adjust to.

Things that make living here challenging are things that I am certainly getting better at navigating. For one thing… driving here is pretty crazy. I have had to go from a very passive driver to more aggressive, just so I can get anywhere. You just have the pray that you don’t side swipe a motorcycle when you are changing lanes or turning… you can’t afford to not shoulder check here!! Another thing is the language… while I am much more proficient in Spanish and I am able to communicate, I know I still miss a lot of what people are saying. I had a small victory in Spanish though… I was able to do an entire yoga class in Spanish, and I only screwed up my rights and lefts a few times… and really? I’d probably do the same thing in English too!! After the class, I was able to go up to the teacher and ask him so words he had said that I didn’t know. I thought that was really amazing and I was really, really proud of myself!!

And then, I miss my friends and my family. I have amazing friends and family here, but it’s not quite the same as the friends that I have back home. I think the hardest part of being away this year… is that I am missing my niece’s first Christmas. I see the photos from back home… the Christmas lights, being bundled up and cozy, spending time with friends and family. It’s not that I am not happy here… it is just that it is hard around the holidays when you are missing home.

I am here because I think it is important to support my husbands back ground as well as mine. We come from two different countries, and we lived in two different countries when we met. We have been lucky enough to create a life that includes living in both our countries for parts of the year. We’ve been able to create a beautiful project combining our two companies and bringing people a pretty special experience at our off the grid eco-lodge here. The project has it’s ups and downs… that’s for sure. And sometimes we have questioned why we are putting everything we have into this project. But at the end of the day, when we see peoples lives truly changed, when they have experiences they never would have dreamed of, where they push themselves out of their comfort zones and achieve amazing things… thats when we realize it is worth it.

So yes, today I woke up really, really home sick. But I think that is just part of the process of living in a different country half the year. You have to find the silver liner of a situation and make the most of it, even on the days where all you really want is a hug from your mum.

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