My Favourite Memories of 2017

I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by… it is hard to believe that we are already looking 2018 right in the face!! 2017 has been an absolutely incredible year, full of change, accomplishments, adventures and love. Looking back through my photos of the year I can’t believe how many amazing things I was able to fit into one year. Here is a little recap of my favourite, most memorable moments of 2017.

  1. The day I became an aunt:

    Wow, a day I will never forget, June 24th! Little Rylen decided to make her grand appearance into the world just 5 minutes after I started a 12 hour shift, which meant I had to literally wait all day to be able to meet her and congratulate my brother and sister-in-law. Thanks to technology, I was able to meet her minutes after she was born on facetime… but nothing beat that moment when I held her for the first time!! She is of my blood… related to me!! It was really special and it has been so amazing watch her grow into a little 6 month old babe!
  2. Rescuing Cotopaxi:

    We took an incredible trip to Ecuador in January and we completed 7 high summits in just two weeks while we were there. When we arrived at the trail head of our second peak, our guide, Karl, showed us to his mountain home he had built on a remote finca(farm) in the mountains. As we were gearing up for our 4500m peak, a little puppy came running up to us. Immediately Eduardo and I fell in love with her, she was so friendly and so sweet. Karl told us he had recently started seeing her around the farm and came to say hi to him and his family every time they visited. She was definitely malnourished but it didn’t change her personality. When we finished with our hike, she was right there waiting for us… we fed her some food, cuddled and petted her but then it was time to leave. When I said goodbye, I picked up her and she wrapped her paws around my neck… I burst into tears and told Eduardo we needed this dog. He said there was no way since we were just stating our trip. Well, we thought about her the whole trip and after our final summit, our friend drove us back to the farm and she came running up to us and jumped in our car. Now we have this incredible little mutt in our lives and we couldn’t be happier!
  3. Summiting Mount Whitney:

    There are many ways to have a holiday… but I don’t know many people who would holiday the way I do!! I had 5 days exactly to visit my friend Sawna in LA, and we had exactly 3 full days to cram everything in that we wanted to. Between a pumpkin carving party with her friends, meeting her parents, and 3 mountain summits… one could say we really packed it in!! The ultimate highlight for me was summiting Mount Whitney… the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. We had absolutely perfect weather, incredible company and stunning views!! We power hiked the whole way up, celebrated our summit and ran the whole way down. A friend joined us on the run and we had a goal to finish within 9 hours… on those final switch backs, we ran so ridiculously fast and laughed so hard!! It was such an amazing adventure day and I feel so lucky to be able to have incredible friends like Sawna to do crazy things with!!
  4. Be Fearless Trail Marathon:

    In 2016 we hosted our first annual Be Fearless 11 and 21k. In 2017 we grew it to a marathon!! Not only was flagging the course fun because I had so many friends help me… but everything else about the race prep was fun too!! From package pick up the night before, to getting everything ready for the aid stations, we really put all of our heart into this event. AND to top it all off… my house was one big sleepover party all weekend!! I had 5 of our amazing ambassadors come and stay at my place and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!! The adventures were never ending and we packed it all in to the race weekend. Sushi dinners, hiking, ice-cream runs, and of course the Be Fearless race!! Our Run Like a Girl crew pulled off the race in an incredible way, got to meet most of our ambassador team and hosted racers from all around North America!! It was an awesome day!
  5. PERU!!

    We hosted our first and second ever Peru Adventure trips with Run Like a Girl in September and they were both incredible!! We were blessed with absolutely amazing weather, incredible clients and fantastic experiences!! Eduardo and I flew down a few days early and hiked the rainbow mountain traverse and the Ausangate moraine. The whole 3 weeks we were in Peru we were blown away by the experience and our clients all had an incredible time. I travelled to Peru in 2009 as my first ever solo trip and I completed the Inca Trail. At the time, this was an absolutely massive accomplishment for me and it was pretty surreal to be able to come back and help people accomplish it.
  6. The Rainbow mountain traverse:

    I love friends who speak the same crazy as my husband and I and our two awesome friends Kristen and Mike are right up there!! Mike purposed an amazing route from Rainbow lake, up and over Rainbow mountain and then ending in his backyard with cold brews and watermelon. UM YES please!! My good friend Hilary joined us as well and of course, our little rescue mutt, Cotopaxi!!! It was her biggest mountain day, completing the 30km route and finishing strong with us as we ran down the trails to Mike and Kristen’s house!! The weather was amazing, the views incredible and company was top notch! One of my favourite days in the mountains!!
  7. The Squamish 50:
    I was training super specifically for this race. I trained on course, I did hill repeats of the nasty climbs… I was so damn dedicated… this was my year… I wanted that sub 7 hours, I wanted to see how well I could do. That was until traversing across a super, steep snowy hill.. I feel and sprained my MCL. My training was side-lined, I stopped running completely. I took my recovery extremely seriously, because as a runner, you know not to mess around with knees. I didn’t run a single mile my whole recovery. I crossed trained, I cycled, I mountain biked. On the Thursday before the race, I saw my physiotherapist and she cleared me to run. I am really not one for moderation, so I decided that a 6 week taper was a great way to come into a 50k race. I lined up at the start line with my brace on and with no expectations. I ended up having an incredible race and got a personal best on the course by 30 minutes!! Maybe doing other things other than running is a good strategy!!
  8. Making a new solid gal-pal

    We went on an adventure once in 2016, and we had been on plenty of group runs together, but it wasn’t until the spring of 2017 that we really became good friends. This past summer, Hilary and I summited countless peaks, rock climbed, SUPed, trail ran and just chatted. It was so amazing to make a friend who not only loved running and getting out there… but also wanted to try other sports and wanted to push herself in the mountains!! Ironically we both got injured on the same run and had to find other ways to entertain ourselves this summer. I know we have a lot more amazing adventures ahead!!
  9. Trip to Moab!
    I had always wanted to go to Moab and experience Arches parkway so when one of my previous Costa Rica retreat dates purposed a reunion to there, I couldn’t say no!! We picked a race with multiple distances so all 7 of us could find a race that worked for us!! 7 of us flew in and met up in Moab for an awesome weekend of great food and beer, an awesome race and exploring a new place for all of us!! It was also so amazing to be reunited with a group from one of our Costa Rica retreats… it was so great to see them all again!!

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