Meet our Run Like a Girl ambassadors!

Kate, Alaska

I fell in love with running in 2008 while living in the White River National Forest in Colorado. Since moving away from there to Alaska, I have been privileged to take on many different types of running events and challenges. I have competed in all different types of races, anywhere from road 5k’s to Trail 55k’s and have also ventured into the sport of triathlon, with my longest event to date being Ironman New Zealand in 2014. Running has taken me to many different locations around the world and has also opened up an unlimited amount of life long friendships. I feel very blessed to have found this sport and look forward to continuing to grow relationships and take on more challenges every single day, one step at a time.

Lindsay, BC

My name is Lindsay and I live in beautiful Golden, BC. Trail running has swept me by surprise. I grew up as an academic and musician, not as an athlete. I’ve been a lover of nature all my life, and started trail running with my dog about 4 years ago – just to see if I could. Summiting gorgeous mountains and running through quiet forests with my pup is one of my absolute favourite things today. Since starting to run, I have been able to build strength and confidence to try and enjoy so many other sports. I love to ski, mountain bike, hike, kayak, rock climb, etc. I can still be found inside drinking tea and crocheting, but most days I can’t help but take my adventures outdoors and get sweaty!

Anna, Connecticut

Hey! I’m Anna – I have a zest for life and a love for adventure. I have been running since I was 6 years old and may have been born with wings on my feet! I love my kids, husband, beer, Willie Nelson and of course running. I believe all things happen for a reason and strongly believe in the power of positivity. The colors pink and turquoise make me happy!

Laura Spruyt, Alberta

I am from Cochrane, Alberta, proud mid/back of pack runner.  As an avid trail runner and now ultra runner, running is to me is about getting out, feeling strong and connecting with my environment.  The faster & farther I run, the more I get to see!   As a mom of littles, 3 & 7, I'm all about getting myself and other families active and engaged in movement, especially outdoors.  Active Me.  Active Family.

Rhiannon, Australia

I’m not an elite runner and I’ll probably never win any races, but I am a “real” runner – I’m juggling being a mum, a wife, working full time, running a business, part time caring responsibilities for my mum and training for my first 100km trail ultra marathon. Running has bought so much to my life: a purpose and direction, my very best friends, numerous amazing adventures, an outlet for my anxiety, and led me to connect with wonderful like minded people all over the world, including the awesome ladies from Run Like A Girl. A common theme around the world is finding what makes you happy and for me that’s running

Roxanne, Saskatchewan

My super power definitely is my ability to inspire motivate and empower by  walking the talk —   through leading fitness classes, taking care of me and living my life fearlessly.

Rosie, BC

Whether laced into running shoes, clipped into skis, shoved into climbing shoes or barefoot into the ocean, my feet are my vehicle to take me to the places I love most. Over many years, I have valued my health (both mental and physical) and pushed my strength and fitness, allowing me to find home in the coastlines, forests, and mountains of British Columbia. Now, these are the places where my smile is biggest and heart fullest and whether it is in a trail running race or on my on accord, I am fuelled by the joy and passion I feel when my legs really really hurt.

Carre, Oklahoma

Hello RLAG community. I am Carre and I am addicted to trail running. I am 41, married to a wonderful man, and work full-time as a sonographer. In 2014, I attended the RLAG girls first retreat, in Costa Rica. Our relationship has not only led me to double digit ultramarathon finishes but more importantly has given me confidence, self-reliance, perspective, and amazing friends.

Tobbe, Sweden

I am not a particularly good runner, but I am even worse at giving up. I run to see what's out there, and maybe to an even greater extent to understand what is inside. The longer the distance, the greater the adventure and the more likely that's where I am going next.

Kristy, Australlia

I live in Newcastle, Australia and I am a mum to two small boys. I love running on the road, on trails, and in circles on a field chasing a round ball. Running itself had fallen by the wayside a bit since having kids. This year I'm making a concerted effort to be 'more of me' without being less of a mum. I've made more time for running; I'm a better person for it, and we've had some amazing destination run family holidays with more to come! I'm daily inspired by the Run Like a Girl community and the amazing things you all achieve.

Sawna, California

I am very proud of how far I’ve gotten in my idea of what’s important in life, my passions and what I prioritize on what fuels my day to day life.I have endless stoke for my bodies ability to run, for it has brought me to the most incredible places, it has introduced me to the most gracious and kind hearted people, and it leaves me with a sore face from smiling to much from all the fun that has been had… and that’s what fuels my very core and creates an endless happiness.

Magen, Texas

Running has been a part of who I am for more than half my life, but my journey is really just beginning. I know I have yet to reach my full running potential and look forward to all the challenges, triumphs, and even the failures ahead. I am so thankful and excited to have this amazing community of runners to encourage and be encouraged by; to share and celebrate with; and to learn and grow with. I am so grateful and proud to Run Like a Girl!

(Photo courtesy of Brice Ferre Photography)

Tiff, BC

My name is Tiff, a full time momma of two wonderful kids and wife of amazing husband Nelson. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years sharing my love and passion for wellness and healthy living. Running is my time to be selfish in order to be selfless. It’s my freedom: running the trails through the forests and hearing only needles and leaves (and puddles) under my feet. It is my happy place, where I can solely focus on the moment. I love to encourage everyone to bring each other up, to enlighten, to be positive and to share the love for health and happiness!

Tara Nichols

I grew up a competitive swimmer in rural Iowa . I found my new home in the mountains of Colorado, where I get out on a trail any chance I get. I became fascinated with wilderness and seeing as much of the mountains as I could. I was continually discovering strengths I never knew I had, developed a deeper sense and understanding of overall health and wellness, and I love sharing it with others! The friendships and community that have been built through Run Like a Girl are life changing, and it’s a joy to keep sharing it with new friends!