Meet our Run Like a Girl ambassadors!

Kara, Alberta

I’m Kara, from Calgary, Canada, though I am travelling & exploring as much of this incredible planet as possible. Running came into my life at the young age of 11 with my father’s passion influencing my life. This passion grew further into pursuing other outdoor activities & endurance sports, along with a huge passion for movement, nutrition, & travel. My most recent travels have included walking solo across Iceland, participating & falling in love with the Run Like a Girl Retreats, & recently completing a 10,500km bike ride from my home to Japan, via Alaska, Eastern Russia, Mongolia & China. Like running, all of these adventures have continued to shape my life & push me into becoming my best self. To me, Run Like a Girl is a community where we are able to encourage one another in any & all endeavours to create a to healthy, happy and thriving life.

Julie, Alberta

Hey! I’m Julie and I love to get outside of my comfort zone!! I live by a “If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” motto and and am thrilled to be a part of the Run Like a Girl community! I love trail running and use it a means to explore all the beautiful places in Canada and abroad. I was fortunate enough to attend RLAG and Anna Frost’s Trail Running Retreat in Costa Rica in April 2017, met an amazing group of fellow runners and learned so much about myself – these are the reasons I run! Exploring, pushing yourself and always evolving – I find my time on the trails joyful, challenging, therapeutic and a great time to reflect. I am looking forward to tackling some more BIG goals in 2018 with a great group of friends and meeting many more amazing people along the way!

Kate, Alaska

I fell in love with running in 2008 while living in the White River National Forest in Colorado. Since moving away from there to Alaska, I have been privileged to take on many different types of running events and challenges. I have competed in all different types of races, anywhere from road 5k’s to Trail 55k’s and have also ventured into the sport of triathlon, with my longest event to date being Ironman New Zealand in 2014. Running has taken me to many different locations around the world and has also opened up an unlimited amount of life long friendships. I feel very blessed to have found this sport and look forward to continuing to grow relationships and take on more challenges every single day, one step at a time.

Lani, California

My name is Lani Advokat, but out on the trail I’m known as ‘Larry’ — a dirtbag name I earned during my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m a mile crushing, summit seeking, ultra trail runner and long distance backpacker. When I’m not on the trail I’m in Los Angeles where I use my outdoor experiences to motivate and inspire others in my work as a high school counselor, and yoga teacher. This summer, on the Pacific Crest Trail, I hiked from Mexico to Canada and spent five months living out of my backpack. I love the community, the simplicity, and the grounded feeling I gain from being in nature. Mountains ignite my imagination, challenge me, and help me feel empowered. When I put my pack on I know that I have all that I need to go anywhere – and I feel free.

Anna, Connecticut

Hey! I’m Anna – I have a zest for life and a love for adventure. I have been running since I was 6 years old and may have been born with wings on my feet! I love my kids, husband, beer, Willie Nelson and of course running. I believe all things happen for a reason and strongly believe in the power of positivity. The colors pink and turquoise make me happy!

Salome, Australia

My name is Salome and I live in Queensland, Australia. I am super stoked to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing group, and can’t explain in words how excited I am to join RLAG in 2018. I love running, triathlon, and have a passion for all things related to an active healthy lifestyle, sharing this
passion, and inspiring others to live to the fullest. I would say I’m pretty simple, but don’t like being bored, am always looking for challenges in all aspects of life and am all in for adventure.

Laura Spruyt, Alberta

I am from Cochrane, Alberta, proud mid/back of pack runner.  As an avid trail runner and now ultra runner, running is to me is about getting out, feeling strong and connecting with my environment.  The faster & farther I run, the more I get to see!   As a mom of littles, 3 & 7, I'm all about getting myself and other families active and engaged in movement, especially outdoors.  Active Me.  Active Family.

Rhea, California

My name’s Rhea & I’m an ultra runner/outdoor enthusiast. I strive to spend as much time in nature as possible, even if it’s camping in the local mountains for just 1 night. As a severely asthmatic child, I never thought running would turn into such an important part of my life. Thankfully, I was raised by amazing parents who encouraged me to not let my asthma slow me down. Through trail running, I’ve discovered the best version of myself & am part of an incredible community. My boyfriend (who I met through running) & I recently founded a company called Trail Kidz. We encourage them to get off their screens & to have fun in nature through hiking and running on local trails. I’m excited to run more, explore more, learn more & inspire more. A life outdoors is a life well spent!

Erica, Newfoundland

Im Erica and I live on the beautiful West Coast of Newfoundland. In 2013 I fell in love with running, It has taken me on some incredible journey’s in what feels like 5 short years. I started running as a challenge to complete a 16k road race in my city and haven’t looked back since- I’ve learnt so much about myself since that first step. While running is my passion, I also love hiking, mountain biking, yoga, snowshoeing and road cycling- all around fitness junkie if you will. I have set the bar high for 2018 and have a few new challenges on my plate that I cant wait to tackle. I love the energy, positivity, freedom and new relationships that running has brought into to my life and hope that as a Run Like a Girl Ambassador I will be able to bring to others what running has brought to me

Christina, BC

Before I started, I never knew how far I could go, and my journey in trail running has taken me from 5K-to-50K faster than I could have imagined. Trail running started for me in Costa Rica at one of the RLAG Retreats, and from there I have been fortunate enough to enjoy multiple runs and races across the World, from a Caribbean “Run for Fun Cruise” to exploring the trails around Anchorage, AK and hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. I’m based on the beautiful West Coast of Canada, and when I’m not travelling for work I can be found running the trails around North Vancouver or seeking peaks in Whistler, BC, usually with my dog in tow. My 2018 goals include my first ever stage race, the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica with the Run Like a Girl Team and the Squamish 50 Miler in August. Trail running has brought me an outlet to run out my dreams and to push myself mentally, physically, and even spiritually and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

Rhiannon, Australia

I’m not an elite runner and I’ll probably never win any races, but I am a “real” runner – I’m juggling running, being a mum, a wife, part time carer, and working full time. Running has always been my happy place and bought so much to my life: a purpose and direction, numerous amazing adventures, an outlet for my anxiety, and led me to connect with wonderful like minded people all over the world, including the other awesome ambassadors from Run Like A Girl. A common theme around the world is finding what makes you happy and for me that’s what running is all about 🙂
2017 was an interesting year for me personally- I completed my first 100km ultra trail marathon, and followed it up 6mths later with a total hysterectomy. But I’m ready to bounce back and I’m excited to see what 2018 brings!

Roxanne, Saskatchewan

A girl, born with a congenital heart defect, open heart surgery to repair as a child, regular cardiologist visits to this day, always reminded to never over-exert but off the charts for not only a heart patient, but for a healthy athlete! Running gives me life! Fitness leader for the past 20 years, inspiring, motivating empowering is why I’m here on this earth. I started running 12 years ago, starting with a couple 26.2 mile full marathons in Winnipeg. From there I started running half marathons and have completed over 50 to date. I have been on the RLAG team since 2016. In November I traveled to Costa Rica to take part in a RLAG adventure and wellness retreat!
My super power definitely is my ability to inspire motivate and empower through walking the talk. Taking care of me and living my life fearlessly.

Lucy, Ontario

Hi! I’m Lucy! When I started running I couldn’t make it around the block and thought that anything more than 5 km was crazy. Fast forward 4 years and I am now training to join Run Like A Girl at the Costal Challenge in February 2018. Running is my happy place and has really taught me to enjoy experiences over material things. It has empowered me to take control over my own life and live fearlessly. I will choose travel and adventure over a fancy car any day…but maybe throw in a good pair of running shoes 🙂

Carre, Oklahoma

Hello RLAG community. I am Carre and I am addicted to trail running. I am 41, married to a wonderful man, and work full-time as a sonographer. In 2014, I attended the RLAG girls first retreat, in Costa Rica. Our relationship has not only led me to double digit ultramarathon finishes but more importantly has given me confidence, self-reliance, perspective, and amazing friends.

Kate, New Hampshire

I’m Kate & I live in the New England, USA. I try to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle & love to combine my passion for running, yoga, mindfulness, nature, & helping/teaching others! My days are spent being a mom of 2, a 3rd grade teacher, middle school xc coach, & yoga teacher! I’m pumped to have recently received my RRCA coaching certification! I grew up a cross-country kid, took some time off running, & now I’m enjoying it again as an adult! I have always loved running. I love hitting the trails in my sneaks & my snowshoes. Hitting the roads & trails with my kids & newly adopted rescue dog, Leia, brings me the utmost joy! Energized by my fellow teammates, sole sisters, & my young athletes, I’m inspire to keep lacing up & getting out there regardless of daily stress, schedules, or crazy weather. My goals are to motivate others to push their limits & live to their true potential, continue to add half marathons to my list, and eventually run fulls &/or ultras! I love what RLAG stands for and am proud to be part of such a strong & inspiring group!

Kim, British Columbia

I’ve loved running since I could walk but before moving to Vancouver, I could never have imagined the true bliss and freedom that the mountains, trees, and trails could bring to my life. Through all types of running, I’ve been introduced to a different world of the most incredible people, places, and adventures, and I’ve really only just begun! In general I’m a simple person – pediatric occupational therapist by day and asleep at night. If there’s food, beer, or running involved, I’m there. I have an amazing partner that supports my selfish training….as long as we can go for beers after….regularly. It’s a tough deal.

This community and sport has given me so much and helped to shape the person I am today. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this team and excited to learn and connect more with such inspiring women around the world.

Amanda, NWT

Hello friends! My name is Amanda St. Denis and I live in the great white north in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. I am a 37 years old who is a wife to an amazing supportive husband and mother of 2 adorable children; 5 year old boy and a 2 year old daughter. I ran on and off throughout my life including a half marathon 10 years ago but once life got busier and as I got older excuses became easier to listen too. By May 2016 I gained 50 lbs. and was horribly out of shape to a point where my physical and mental health began to suffer. Something awoke in me…I just could not live like that anymore! I wanted to feel better and live a long healthy life with my family. I decided it was time to rediscover my love of running.

Kirsty, Australlia

I live in Newcastle, Australia and I am a mum to two small boys. I love running on the road, on trails, and in circles on a field chasing a round ball. Running itself had fallen by the wayside a bit since having kids. This year I'm making a concerted effort to be 'more of me' without being less of a mum. I've made more time for running; I'm a better person for it, and we've had some amazing destination run family holidays with more to come! I'm daily inspired by the Run Like a Girl community and the amazing things you all achieve.

Sawna, California

I am very proud of how far I’ve gotten in my idea of what’s important in life, my passions and what I prioritize on what fuels my day to day life.I have endless stoke for my bodies ability to run, for it has brought me to the most incredible places, it has introduced me to the most gracious and kind hearted people, and it leaves me with a sore face from smiling to much from all the fun that has been had… and that’s what fuels my very core and creates an endless happiness.

Magen, Texas

Running has been a part of who I am for more than half my life, but my journey is really just beginning. I know I have yet to reach my full running potential and look forward to all the challenges, triumphs, and even the failures ahead. I am so thankful and excited to have this amazing community of runners to encourage and be encouraged by; to share and celebrate with; and to learn and grow with. I am so grateful and proud to Run Like a Girl!

(Photo courtesy of Brice Ferre Photography)

Tiff, BC

My name is Tiff, a full time momma of two wonderful kids and wife of amazing husband Nelson. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years sharing my love and passion for wellness and healthy living. Running is my time to be selfish in order to be selfless. It’s my freedom: running the trails through the forests and hearing only needles and leaves (and puddles) under my feet. It is my happy place, where I can solely focus on the moment. I love to encourage everyone to bring each other up, to enlighten, to be positive and to share the love for health and happiness!

Tara, Colorado

I grew up a competitive swimmer in rural Iowa . I found my new home in the mountains of Colorado, where I get out on a trail any chance I get. I became fascinated with wilderness and seeing as much of the mountains as I could. I was continually discovering strengths I never knew I had, developed a deeper sense and understanding of overall health and wellness, and I love sharing it with others! The friendships and community that have been built through Run Like a Girl are life changing, and it’s a joy to keep sharing it with new friends!

Kirsty, New Zealand

I live in the north of the North Island of NZ. I love running short to ridiculously long distances anywhere, but especially on trail. My family & friends think I’m crazy. But I love it. I love the challenge, the amazing community, being out in nature. I love the way endurance running can show us that we are capable of so much more than we often give ourselves credit. Just like 99% of the population, my life is busy. But I make time to be active because I believe in the huge mental & physical benefits in getting outside and enjoying nature. As a family, we enjoy tramping in the wilderness. It’s great to be able to share these places, & have adventures, with our children (a teen & a tween).
As an ambassador, I hope that I can help inspire others to be more active, be more adventurous, spend more time outdoors, or stretch their perceived boundaries, regardless of age and gender. When someone achieves something they previously thought impossible, amazing things can happen in all areas of their life.

Karlie, California

I’m a trail runner from Santa Monica, California and I’ve been living in Oakland and Berkeley for the past 10 years. My favorite running distance is the 50K, closely followed by the marathon and 30K distances, and during the last year I’ve started rock climbing. I’m so grateful for the strong women that I have in my life, and helping empower women and girls in sports is very important to me! My work background is in arts organizations and museums, though I recently switched over to working at an environmental nonprofit –Sierra Club. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about environmental advocacy this next year, and become a stronger ultrarunner and rock climber. On the weekends, if I’m not traveling, I’m volunteering with a local nonprofit called Running for a Better Oakland, where we mentor students to run 5Ks and Half Marathons, and I also volunteer at the Oakland Museum of California. My goals for 2018 include running a tough 52K skyrace in Tahoe (Broken Arrow in June), learning to ice climb, and to meet as many wonderful RLAG community members as possible!

Lisa, Alberta

I am Lisa from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have lived here for 15 years now. My running all started back in about 2000 when I couldn’t lose weight after my second child. At that time I was told I was insulin resistant and I need some hard cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. So began my journey from running 1 minute to now running ultras. I found running a great stress relief, and something I could incorporate into my life even as a single mom. Growing up my children were apart of many training sessions, volunteering and races.
I am so excited to able to share my passion with other. My motto : Dare to Dream! As I would never have done what I have if it hadn’t started as dream.
I am 45, and have two children ages 19 and 20. My goals this year are to PB my June marathon, PB Calgary 70.3 and complete my biggest ultra to date FatDog 70mile. However most of all I want everyone is thinks they ‘can’t’ to change that to ‘I Can’