Coastal Challenge

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It will push you, challenge you and change you.

Registration IS Open! February 10-17th 2018

MEN & WOMEN… The Coastal Challenge is one of the world’s most gruelling and beautiful multi-stage races. Pick between two options, expedition (230km) or adventure (150km) over 6 stages. This race will put to the test your mental toughness, endurance, will and power to keep on going.

Want to join us? We have 20 spots!

Costal Challenge 6 day stage race = $2450.00 USD

(Race also offers a shorter course option, also in six stages, with some stages reduced in distance to total 155km.)

Race Information

Event Dates: February 10 – February 17, 2018
International participants Arrival Thursday or Friday, February 8 -9
February 10: Official registration and a poolside reception for competitors in San Jose.
Race Start: February 11
Race Finish: February 16
Length of Race: 6 Days

The course is set along Costa Rica’s tropical Pacific coastline but weaves at times into the Talamancas, a coastal mountain range in the Southwest corner of the country. You’ll finish near the border of Panama in a serene fishing village that, until recently, was only accessible by boat.

Although simple in concept, the race will prove to be extremely difficult in terms of distance, terrain and the tropical climate. The heat and sun will take their toll and you may be severely tested at times. If you enjoy long distance running and adventure then the Coastal Challenge is for you and will prove to be a tremendously rewarding achievement.

It’s the diversity you will find astounding! Jungle and rainforest trails, mountain trail and single track across ridgelines, highlands and coastal ranges; pristine beaches, rocky outcroppings and reefs, river valleys, river and estuary crossings.

Every year 100 racers from around the world line up to test their limits, find their strength and challenge themselves through the intense elements of the race and if the country. This race will push you to your brink, change your life and make you realize how strong you really are.

The race registration fee includes:

• Official Event Shirt
• Transportation from Best Western Irazu, San Jose to the race start
• Medical Assistance – qualified U.S. and Costa Rican Medical Doctors, EMTs, and on call Medical Helicopter.
• Race support and experienced staff
• Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner each day during the race prepared by Food Nutritionist and Catering Staff
• Aid Stations (Fresh Fruit and Bottled Water, Electrolyte Drink, Sodas)
• Evening Campsite Locations
• Party and Awards Dinner and ceremony
• Finishers medal and prizes
• Transportation from the Race Finish to San Jose, Costa Rica – the race offers a boat ride and bus ride transport back to San Jose if not your other option is to book a Nature Air flight back to San Jose
• Sports Medicine Masseuse/Chiropractor are available
• Race bag, road book and schwag-bag for all participants and guests
• Shared tent option
• New friends
• All of your gear/action packer transported daily to each stage
• Unspecific and intermittent pain and another bag full of memories!

What it does not include:
• Your flight
• The night or nights before race start at the Best Western Irazu Hotel
• Accommodations after the race is over and you have left Drakes Bay
• Private Tent rental during the race: (300$) this option is selected on the registration form) – this includes tent transportation, set up and take down
• Massages during the race (additional cost)
• Food/nutrtion while racing, you are responsible for packing and preparing your pack for the day with enough calories and hydration (aid stations are provided with snacks but you will need to rely on packing your own nutrition)
• If you don’t leave Drakes Bay with the race (the morning after the race finish) you will be responsible for booking/planning your own transportation back to San Jose

How a Stage Race Works:

How a stage race works:
Each morning you will wake, eat, pack up all your weeks gear into your action packer and bravely tow a start line ready to run.
You spend that day running through amazing jungles and across beautiful beaches. Each day will be a different distance. You will reach a finish line for each day, where your race day time is clocked.
When you reach the days finish line you will be at the camp for that night where you are free to relax, rest, eat and prepare for towing the next days start line. You will do this 6 times. At the end of the race your time for each day is added together to give you a total finish time.

What does After Each Stage Look Like:

After you have completed your run each day, you will find your gear and you will take it to your tent. You will spend the afternoon eating lunch, showering (there are showers at each camp) and relaxing with your feet up. We highly recommend bringing a camping hammock so you can curl up with a book and really relax. Each night dinner will be served and you will receive a briefing for the next day. After the 6th and final stage there will be an awards ceremony and big celebration! You will become like family with your fellow racers, it is an amazing way to relish in your accomplishments!

All of your gear is transported each day and kept in an action packer. You are to purchase and pack everything you need for your 6 days race in a action packer container or a waterproof duffle style bag. At the end of each running day you arrive at camp, grab your packer or bag, arrive at your tent and spend the rest of the night resting, eating and preparing for the next days adventure!

The total course elevation gain is more than 34,000 feet! Get ready to do some climbing!

Race Options

Expedition Category

230 km | 34,000ft elevation

Adventure Category

155 km |13,100ft elevation

Solo Mission or Team

Run the race Solo or Teams of 3-6

Distance Break Down:

Day 1: 34.6k | 1018m elevation gain | 886m elevation loss
Day 2: 39.1k | 1989m elevation gain | 1984m elevation loss
Day 3: 43.9k | 1856m elevation gain | 1705m elevation loss
Day 4: 36.2k | 2466m elevation gain | 2424m elevation loss
Day 5: 49.8k | 1767m elevation gain | 1770m elevation loss
Day 6: 22.5k | 613m elevation gain | 613 elevation loss

Day 1: 34.6k | 1018m elevation gain | 886m elevation loss
Day 2: 17.3km | 236m elevation gain | 371m elevation loss
Day 3: 12.4k | 161m elevation gain | 174m elevation loss
Day 4: 17.1k | 771m elevation gain | 1594m elevation loss
Day 5: 31.7k | 1203m elevation gain | 1213 elevation loss
Day 6: 22.5k | 613m elevation gain | 613 elevation loss

Refunds & Cancellations

  • You have 30 days after registration to cancel for a full refund.
  • Beyond 30 days you have the option to transfer/rollover 50% to the following year.
  • Within 120 days of the race event there are no roll over options.
  • We recommend travel insurance to protect your registration.

Please email with a full detailed email.

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