Trail Running with Anna Frost

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Trail Running with Anna Frost

Join us for a 7 day adventure and yoga retreat in the mountains and on the beaches of Costa Rica, with Anna Frost!

World famous trail runner, Anna Frost and Trail Run Adventures has partnered with us to bring you a week in paradise for an incredible, once in a life time adventure. We combine trail running in the mountains and along waterfall trails with yoga and relaxation and adventure activities to create the perfect retreat where there is something for everyone.

It takes place at our off the grid Eco Lodge in the mountains where you will connect deeper with yourself, the people around you and nature. Relax, unwind and disconnect as you practice yoga, relax in hammocks and listen to the sounds of nature. Excite, challenge and push yourself as we trail run to secluded waterfalls and mountain tops, climb trees and repel rocks and waterfalls.

It’s time to take that leap and join us on an epic adventure!

This retreat is open exclusively to those with previous trail running experience, no beginners please. Men and women are both welcome, good luck keeping up to these women guys! This is not a retreat to learn to trail run, this is a retreat to come trail run with Trail Run Adventures and the Run Like a Girl team on absolutely incredible Costa Rican mountain trails.

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Retreat Details


We spend 5 days at our private Eco-lodge nestled between 2 national parks in the mountains of Costa Rica, Chirripo National Park and La Amistad International Park, which is shared with Panama. You will be sleeping in a treehouse of three walls with the fourth wall open to the jungle with more stars than you can even count above. Every day you will nourish your body with home cooked, local and healthy food, drink pure natural spring water, enjoy hot showers by candle light and flush toilets with a view.

Two days follow in the beautiful, relaxed beach town of Dominical in a beach front hotel.


Mountain – Trail running to waterfalls & mountain tops, climbing trees, rappelling waterfalls & rocks, rock climbing, sunrise flow yoga & restorative candle light yoga mediation, natural spa activities, hammock relaxing time, connection with yourself, others and nature and plenty of time for relaxation. We will have well known and accomplished photographer Brice Ferre with us to capture all the action!

Beach – Surfing, visiting Uvita national park, slack lining, stand up paddling & beach time!


February 11-17th 2018


For avid trail runners with a previous running and fitness base who are looking to take their passion for running to another country and run trails they never have before. For those who want to spend a week in paradise with Anna Frost, Trail Run Adventures and the Run Like a Girl team. For trail runners who are looking to get away from the craziness of everyday life, relax deeply, recharge fully and challenge yourself to try new things in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been.

Challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone, experience personal growth and try new things. If you want to disconnect from the outside world, get your feet dirty and reconnect with nature. If you want to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level. If you want to experience a truly unique and unforgettable experience at a private, eco mountain lodge that you won’t experience in any other way. If you want to travel with a purpose, to give a true gift to yourself, to give time back to a impoverished community, and spend a week having very little impact on mother earth.

Men and women are both welcome!!

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Retreat Testimonials

“Amazing things happen when strangers become friends.”

“I’m so proud of everyone for overcoming fears and accomplishing so much out there, physically and spiritually. Chakra has been a life changing experience and I’m eternally grateful for the love, support and experience from our adventure. I’ve made some life long friends and will forever hold Chakra Lodge in my heart”
—Kerry Eiss, March 2016

“So many firsts on this trip, first waterfall rappel, first 30k hike to 3200m, first slack line.. I could go on. Thank you to the entire RLAG team – you are all phenomenal! Talk about a giant step out of my comfort zone, but the rewards have been more than I could have ever dreamed. Amazing things happen when strangers become friends.”
–Jessica Schulz, November 2017

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Retreat Guides

Find out about your guide for this retreat!

  • Anna Frost
    – Ultra Runner with Salomon

    Accomplished ultra-trail runner, world renowned female champion of trail running and all around bad-ass!

  • Eduardo Baldioceda
    – Owner and Operator

    I am extremely passionate about adventure, and nature and specifically nature conservation. I am a biologist by trade and I love sharing my passion and knowledge with others. I have done countless adventure races and am happiest outdoors. I am so happy to share this project in life and love with my wife Hailey.

  • Maria Fernanda
    – Yoga instructor and armotherapist

    I will facilitate a daily yoga flow, she will guide the interconnection or relationship we will experience with nature and the elements through a multi level practice. We will also learn about Yoga Sense, which is a way to come together with each asana through the recognition of our senses, primarily our sense of smell. The olfactory memory, most powerful sense; allows reconnecting with our being in deep levels. The powerful information of plants preserved as organic essential oils are released in the air in key moments of the flow so we can access a blissful practice. We will transcend and become one with nature’s teachings.

Retreat Itinerary

Click on each day to reveal the adventures you will have during the retreat.

  • Please be ready in the lobby of the Best Western Hotel at 6:00am with all your gear. We will pick everyone up here and travel onward to San Jeronimo.
  • Please wear active wear and your hiking/trail shoes as we are hiking in the 5km to the lodge.
  • Please bring a day pack because all of your luggage will be traveling in a separate car to Chakra Lodge since we make a stop in San Jeronimo for our coffee tour early afternoon.
  • When we arrive in San Jeronimo, we will connect with the local community and start our coffee tour. If you are a coffee lover, you will grow a serious appreciation for your cup of joe!
  • Lunch will be made by the coffee tour guide, Freddy’s wife, at their home in San Jeronimo. This will be a very typical Costa Rican meal, as will most from now on!
  • The 5km hike is on a rural dirt road with 400m/1300ft elevation gain. It is a steep and challenging hike, however everyone can do it… trust me… and its our first challenge of the week. (Don’t worry, all your luggage will have been already delivered to the lodge, you just need to carry in your day pack!)
  • When we arrive at Chakra Lodge we will start with a retreat welcome and lodge tour before settling into your rooms.
  • Our first yoga class will take place at 5:30-6:30: Restorative yoga and mediation
  • Dinner will follow
  • After dinner will we have time to relax and talk about the activities for the next day.
  • We will start our morning with Sunrise flow yoga, 6:00-7:00am
  • Breakfast to follow: eggs, rice and beans (gallo pinto), fruit, granola, toast, protein pancakes
  • San Miguel Valley hike. It is 11km with 700m/2300ft elevation gain. The trail is steep to start and mellows out as we approach the San Miguel Valley. We will hike to the big rock, then down a ridge to view the amazing San Miguel Waterfall and then back up to a hut for a snack and water refill.
  • We will have lunch back at the lodge
  • Our afternoon will be free time to explore, relax by the river, swim in the waterfall pool, shower, relax in hammocks, read… this is your time!
  • Evening yoga: 5:30-6:30 Restorative yoga and mediation
  • Dinner will follow
  • Free time after dinner to relax and discuss the next days activities.
  • We will begin our day with sunrise flow yoga at 6:00am – 7:00am
  • Breakfast: eggs, rice and beans (gallo pinto), fruit, granola, toast, protein pancakes
  • Please be ready to leave for our Chakra play ground at 8:30 so we can take full advantage of our adventure day!
  • Once at the top of the waterfall we split the group in half.
  • 6 people will be with Eduardo for rappelling lessons, 6 will be with Hailey and Courtney tree climbing and then we will switch activities!
  • You may bring your camera but our photographer will be there to capture the fun!
  • We supply everyone with harnesses, gloves, rappelling devices and helmets
  • Once everyone has rappelled the waterfall we return to the lodge for lunch.
  • Lunch
  • Our afternoon will be free time
  • Evening yoga: 5:30-6:30 Restorative yoga and mediation
  • Dinner will follow
  • Evening will include briefing on tomorrow‘s big hike! We encourage an early night tonight as we’ve got a big day tomorrow!
  • Please be down at the main platform ‪at 5:00 with your bags packed and ready to go.
  • We will serve breakfast- eggs, rice and beans (gallo pinto), fruit, granola, toast
  • Lunch prep – food is provided but you get to make your own sandwich/burrito. This is going to be a long day out on the trail please make sure there is enough food packed for yourself including snacks and water.
  • Your hydration pack needs to carry a bladder of at least 1.5 liters. There are 3 water refill spots today.
  • Electrolytes are important as the day can get hot & humid. Please bring your own but we will also have some. (We will go over nutrition and hydration in detail the night before.)
  • Our first stop is Tiger Rock, an orange and black, impressively large rock. This is 6km in to the hike an awesome summit with 360-degree views of surrounding mountains
  • Continuing from the base of Tiger Rock, we continue our 30km (round trip) trek. It is advanced trek due to the varied, steep and difficult terrain passing through 3 different Rainforest Life Zones (Premontane, Montaneand Paramo above the tree line) with an elevation gain of over 2000m/7000 feet.
  • Approximate activity time: 8-12 hours
  • Running shoes/hiking shoes (trail running shoes are the best option) are a must for today.
  • The group will all meet at the summit of the mountain. Group photos, lunch etc.
  • We will head back at your own pace, however please make sure you are with a one of us at all times!
  • Immediately upon return we will have a recovery smoothie and stretching
  • Sunrise flow Yoga at 6:30-7:30am (Since we will be sore from Ena, this will be a very relaxed class)
  • Breakfast: eggs, rice and beans (gallo pinto), fruit, granola, toast, protein pancakes
  • Pack up and leave camp (We do ask that you bring down your bedding to the main platform but our staff will take down the rest!)
  • We will hike out from the Lodge back to San Jeronimo to complete our community project and then get back in our bus.
  • Our luggage will be driven down the bus while we hike.
  • The drive to Dominical beach is approx. 2.5 hours
  • We will check into the Duiwak hotel and everyone can settle into their rooms
  • This is a free afternoon for you to explore the town and the beach. There are local shops, delicious resturants and vendors along the beach to buy souvenirs and awesome things! The beach is beautiful. If you have surfing experience, you can rent a board!
  • Please note that todays lunch and dinner are not included but we will make recommendations!
  • You may have breakfast on your own time. It is continental at the hotel.
  • Please be ready to leave hotel at 9:00am. Today you will need water, sun block, bathing suit, towel.. ect. Today is our beach adventure day!
  • We will shuttle to Uvita National Park for a nature tour and walk in the Park.
  • We will rent SUP boards here for people to try and offer lessons to those who have never done it before!
  • We will have lunch in Uvita town
  • We will shuttle back to Domincal for one last Costa Rican sunset!
  • We will have dinner and hopefully some dancing!
  • Group farewells
  • We will have already coordinated shuttles back to San Jose based on everyone’s flight times.
  • We offer two free shuttles back to the airport. Please make sure you email us your departure time!
  • Flights after 12:00pm work best for shuttles.
  • Breakfast at the hotel, continental
  • Morning beach/relaxing time if you have a later flight

For anyone wanting to stay longer or come earlier:
Please email for other activities, accommodations and information.

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This incredible experience is $2295.00 USD which includes:

  • All transportation in Costa Rica
  • Staying at a private, Eco lodge nestle between two national parks
  • All Food at Chakra, 3 daily home cooked meals and snacks
  • All Accommodations
  • All of the scheduled activities
  • All gear use
  • Local guides
  • Anna Frost expertise and advice
  • Run Like A Girl expertise and advice
  • Daily yoga classes with a certified yoga instructor
  • Yoga mat use
  • Lessons on all activities
  • A community service project
  • Guided coffee tour
  • Most meals during beach portion
  • National Park entrance fee
  • Guided nature walks and Costa Rican Cooking classes
  • Airport shuttle upon departure

Questions, want to join us but need more info? Email:

For questions related to gear and packing Email:

Is this retreat for you?

  • You must be an experienced trail runner (If you are a beginner and want to experience the magic of our retreats, Please see our Adventure and Wellness Retreats)
  • You must be able to hold yourself on the trails. Our final long run is a true mountain run where we will go above 3000m and be on our feet for 8-10 hours.
  • You want to come trail run in Costa Rica with Anna Frost and the Run Like a Girl team.
  • You want to push and challenge yourself and run on technical, incredibly beautiful trails in a different country.
  • You want to step off the grid and away from the craziness of life and spend a week at an eco-lodge in the mountain.
  • You are okay with getting muddy, dirty and sweaty.

Extra Information

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  • We have two local cooks for all your meals and Chakra
  • The camp will be fully set up and took down by our staff (you just get to relax and have fun)
  • We have two local Costa Rica guides
  • Anna Frost and Hailey from Run Like a Girl will be there
  • We have a certified yoga instructor
  • We provide yoga mats and essentials
  • Mosquito nets and sleeping mats are provided, please bring your own sleeping bag
  • Platforms have roofs and three walls
  • We have a gas stove
  • Local, handmade essential oils will be used during yoga and available to purchase
  • No service or wifi
  • No electricity
  • Hot showers, flush toilets, and sinks with water
  • All of us are first-aid and CRP-C trained, Eduardo has first-responder wilderness first-aid training
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • running shoes, hiking shoes
  • clothing essentials
  • a hydration pack (1.5L minimum please)
  • snacks, granola bars etc, sport food you like
  • camera (waterproof good idea)
  • sunscreen, bug spray etc.
  • sleeping bag or bedding blanket and pillow
  • trekking poles (optional)
  • hat/visor
  • swim suit
  • optional to bring own yoga mat (we do supply)
  • yoga clothes
  • Shoes to wear around camp (crocs, sandals, boots)
  • First night of hotel upon arrival to Costa Rica at the Best Western (we require everyone to come the night before as the retreat starts early the next morning)
  • Your flight
  • Bringing your own additional snack foods
  • Spending money for souvenirs etc.
  • 1 dinner and 1 lunch during the beach portion
  • Tips
  • Souvenirs

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