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Hailey Van Dyk
Hailey Van DykCo-Founder

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My journey started when I went to Europe with Girl Guides between grades 11 & 12. Our tour leader was an awesome girl with infectious energy. She told me she ran every morning before work, and that I should join her, so I did. It was hard. It sucked. I hated running, but I was determined.

When I got home from Europe, I was hooked. I started running on my own, going to the gym, and hiking up mountains. For me, hiking was a way I could escape everything. It started with just short, 1-2 hour hikes, than slowly, I started tackling full day hikes. Through my job at ‘Atmosphere’, I joined a team & participated in an adventure race. I had never even been on a mountain bike, let alone ran more than a 5k, but there I was, in the middle of a 60k, 8 hour endurance race. Despite the pain and suffering, I was sold. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do.

May 2008 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
September 2009 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
May 2010 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
September 2010 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
August 2011 – Warrior Dash- 3rd place female in 20-25 Age Category
September 2011 – Dirty Feet Trail Half Marathon
October 2011 – Around the Lake Giver Take 16km Relay
March 2012 – Dirty Feet Trail Half Marathon
June 2012 – Tough Mudder
August 2012 – Yukon River Trail Marathon
September 2012 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
September 2012 – Tough Mudder
October 2012 – Around the Lake Giver Take 30km –2nd place female 20-29 Age category, 7th female overall
March 2013 – Shamrock Burnaby Lake Half Marathon-1st place female overall
May 2013 – Red Bull Divide and Conquer 13km mountain run
June 2013 – Survival of the Fittest 18km trail race- 4th place female overall
August 2013 -Yukon River Trail Marathon
August 2013 -Squamish 50km trail
August 2013 -Radiant Run 5km
September 2013 – Mind over Mountain Adventure Race Enduro 60km
October 2013 – Around the Lake Give or Take 30km- 1st place female 20-29 age category, 4th female overall
October 2013 – Fight Like A Girl Run for Breast Cancer, host event
October 2013 – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
February 2014Costal Challenge Costa Rica 250km race, 6 days- 4th place female overall, 1st place amateur runner.
May 2014 – Expedition Africa, 575km expedition race, South Africa
August 2014 -Squamish 23km
July 11th – Knee Knacker 50km –10th other all female
July 18th
Broken Goat 50km
August 2015 -Squamish 50km
October 2015 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (85+ kms)
Feb 2016 – Run Ridge Run 25km –2nd overall female

I lead an extremely busy life, and struggle to find time to fit everything in. I am a full-time registered nurse in Canada’s busiest Emergency department. I graduated in May 2013 and am working towards completing my Emergency Nursing Specialty. I work A LOT of night shifts, and I swear I would go insane without running. I try to run for at least 30 minutes in between my night shifts.
I was out for one of my thirty minute jogs as part of my soccer training, and realized after what seemed like the usual thirty minutes, I had actually looped around, back to my house, making it a two hour run. I must have zoned out and my body just did what I believe it was meant to do. Ever since that summer day in 2008, my short runs became long runs. I went on to do two half marathons and then my first full marathon in 2009. I have been active all of my life, playing soccer, baseball, and going to the gym, but nothing has ever felt more incredible, more me, than when I am running. Running has taken me places that very few people have ever been.
I have offically transferred from road running to trail running. Trails have given something to me that roads never did, steep never ending hills, rocks, roots, mud and bigger leg muscles! My goal is to inspire other people with what I do. Change lives and make a difference: indent the world in some way.

June 2009 – Scotia Bank Vancouver Half Marathon
August 2009 – Delta Half Marathon
May 2010 – BMO Vancouver Marathon
August 2010 – Delta Half Marathon
October 2010 – Victoria Half Marathon
November 2011 – Seattle Half Marathon
March 2012 – Dirty Feet Trail Race 10k
June 2012 – Whistler Tough Mudder
September 201 2 – Seattle Tough Mudder
March 2013 – Shamrock’n Race Half Marathon
August 2013 – Yukon Trail River Half Marathon
August 2013 – Arcteryx Squamish Ultra Trail Race 50km
September 2013 – Radiant Run 5k
October 2013 – Fight Like A Girl Run for Breast Cancer, host event
October 2013 – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
October 2013 – Cultus Lake Around the Lake Giv’er Take 30km
November 2013 – Boundary Bay 10k
November 2013 – Bellingham Trail Marathon
February 2014 – Costal Challenge Costa Rica 250km race, 6 days
March 2014 – CMTS Cap Crusher 13km
May 2014 – CMTS Survival of the Fittest – 18km
June 2014 – Whistler Tough Mudder
July 2014 – Knee Knacker 50km
August 2014 – Squamish 50/50 (130km)
September 2014 – CMTS Sky Pilot – 22km
March 2015 – CMTS Cap Crusher 13km
March 2015 – Gorge Waterfalls 100km
May 2015– CMTS Survival of the Fittest 18km
July 2015 – CMTS Buckin’ Hell 50km

August 2015 – Squamish 50/50 (130kms)

October 2015 – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (85+ kms)


When I am not running, biking, hiking, doing yoga or working out, you can also find me in my art studio creating something, researching running gear, our next running adventure or working on Run Like A Girl’s next big thing. I am a strong believer in following your heart and living through your passions which is how I live my life. I love to help and encourage others to do the same. I have an awesome job, that I love, working at Mountain Equipment Co-op which allows me to be in an environment that encompasses all of my passions of the outdoor adventures! It’s the greatest feeling to be constantly surrounded by others who share the same passions as I do!  
Courtney Burt
Courtney BurtCo-Founder
Dayna Egyed
Dayna EgyedCo-Founder
My journey started when I was asked to be a team leader for the MS Bike Tour team. I didn’t have a bike at this point, so the best solution was to buy one! I started to ride here and there, training for the 60km MS Tour ride. It seemed like a large distance at the time, but I soon realized it was achievable!

Running wasn’t something I enjoyed at the time. A co-worker had told me about this 5 peaks trail race series, and I signed up for it on the spot. The first race in the package was a Mind Over Matter adventure race, consisting of 30km split between running, mountain biking, kayaking and navigating with a team of two. I met a very close friend at this race who referred me to a trail running club, Mountain Madness. From there it has evolved to everything from trail running to cycling and triathlons!

MS Bike Tour 60km
Synchronized skating national competitor
Fraser Valley Run Series Aldergrove Lake Mud Run 8km
Fraser Valley Run Series Houston Trail 10km
5 Peaks Trail Race sport course 11km
BC/ Yukon selection Synchronized Skating 2nd place
BMO Skate Canada Synchronized skating – 3rd place
Western Regional Adult Synchronized skating -3rd place
Maui ½ Marathon 21km
Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race 30km
Juan de Fuca Duathlon 5 km run 20km bike 5 km run (2nd place)
Dirty Duo Trail Race 15km
Iron Knee Trail Race 25km
Lake to Lake Ride for Rwanda 2 day ride 220k
5 Peaks Enduro Course 15km
Comfortably Numb 25km
Phantom 25km
BMO Grouse Grind Mountain Run
Dirty Duo Trail Race 25km
Diez Vista Trail Race 50km
Lake to Lake Ride for Rwanda 2 day ride 220km
Knee Knacker Trail Race 50km
5 Peaks Whistler 10km
Comfortably Numb 25km
Phantom 25km
Around the Lake give or take 30 km
Baker Lake 50km
Knee Knacker Trail Race 50km
Trans Rockies 6 day stage race 120miles
5 Peaks Cypress 8km
5 Peaks Buntzen Lake Enduro Course 15km
Around the Lake Give or Take 30km
Diez Vista Trail Race 50km
Ride to Conquer Cancer Bike Ride 320km
Grand Fondo Penticton bike ride 160km
Whistler Tough Mudder Challenge
Arc‘teryx Squamish Trail race 50km
Volcanic Trail Race 50km – 4th place female in age group 30-39
Frosty Mountain Trail Race 27km (with Lucy)
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Run 45km
Daphne and Shaggy’s Magical Mystery Night Race 50km (with Lucy)
Bellingham Trail Race 42km
Costa Rica Coastal Challenge 6 day 250km stage race
Hosted Run Like a Girl Event Fight Like a Girl Breast Cancer Run 5km / 10km
Knee Knacker 50km
Squamish 23km
The Challenge, Half Iron Man.

I have been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have a 14 year old son named Chandler. When I am not runing or working out, I am spending time with my family, by hiking or watching Chandler play hockey!



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How It All Started

We founded Run Like A Girl in August of 2013 and through this amazing community we have shared our passion for fitness, exercise and living life to the fullest. We wanted to give back to the world and make a difference in other peoples lives. Initially we started the page simply to share our passion for running but it has since turned into a movement. We have hosted 3 virtual/local runs, raised over $20,000 for various charities such as The One Fund and the Breast Cancer Foundation, held an adventure retreat in Costa Rica with our next coming up in April, started a local running community of over 250 runners, donated t-shirts to an orphange in the Dominican Republic, provided training tips and nutritional recipes to thousands and have dreams of doing so much more!

We run to inspire others, to encourage and give back to the community. Running is a way to bring people together and we are so thankful for all the people we have met along the way. We dream of hosting more virtual and local races to raise money for other causes, put together a team and run the 2016 Coastal Challenge and continue to inspire and motivate others and show people that anything you dream of is possible.

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