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our vision

To create a global community that changes peoples lives and perspectives.


To create opportunities through adventure to challenge people and help them achieve personal growth.

Our Core Values

Community: We believe in community as it is the fellowship, we create with others who share similar attributes, interests and goals. This community is a safe and welcome place that empowers people.

Passion & Perseverance: The strong emotion that drives you to do what you love. The endurance of never giving up, hard work and commitment.

Compassion: The simple act of loving and of caring for others.

Celebration: We celebrate and cheer for each other, our journeys, goals and accomplishments. It is the act of empowering and lifting each other up.

Diversity: A community that supports equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility.

Quality, Integrity & Trust: We believe that this is the quality of being honest, moral and of good character. We also believe that without truth, honesty, and reliability, we may fail. Our degree of excellence, the standard that we use to measure our objectives. It is part of what makes us who we are.






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Who we are


We are a community of people who are choosing to live life to the fullest, through overcoming challenges, pushing our limits and encouraging others to do the same. We have grown together to become a global community since 2012 and we are redefining what it means to run like a girl.

Run Like A Girl was founded in August of 2012 and through this amazing community we have shared our passion for seeking growth through challenges. We want to give back to the world and make a difference in other people's lives. Initially we started the page simply to share our passion for running with our friends but it has since turned into a global movement of support and celebration.

We host virtual/local runs and have currently together raised over $75,000 for various charities such as, the Canadian Mental Health Association's STEPS Program, ABreast In A Boast, the Breast Cancer Foundation, BC Cancer Society, BabyGoRound, Spinal Cord Injuries BC and The One Fund.

We also create and host experiences and adventures across the globe, providing the opportunity for personal growth through many diverse situations, places and activities. Run Like A Girl is continuously evolving, growing and creating. We are fully committed to helping you achieve personal growth through adventure.


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