Vegetarian Dinner Burrito

This burrito recipe is great for a quick and easy meal that is full of all natural foods! Burritos are a great way to combine all essential nutrients in one bite!

We love making this for dinner, it’s perfect for carb loading the week before a big run!


– whole wheat/gluten free wrap
– re-fried black beans
– red cabbage (raw)
– quinoa
– baked yam
– grilled mushrooms & onions
– pumpkin seeds
– salsa
– mozzarella cheese or goat cheese or a cheese alternative.
– guacamole or avocado slices


1.Cook 1 cup quinoa (in 2 cups water) boil, wisk with fork and let stand.

2. grill in frying pan mushrooms, onions and garlic

3. Bake 1 yam/sweet potato

4. Add ingredients on to wholewheat wrap.

5. Wrap together and place in baking pan with salsa and goat cheese on top,
bake at 375 for 12-15 min.

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