Homemade Eggnog…Merry Christmas!

Who likes Eggnog!? Who likes HOMEMADE eggnog!? My mum made home made Eggnog last night for Christmas eve, and normally I don’t go anywhere near the stuff, but this was actually pretty good!! You can tweek the recipe for your personal preference. I personally do not like eggnog because of how rich it is, but this tasted less rich, and I added a little extra milk! 🙂

-4 egg yolks 
-2 table spoons of brown sugar (or agauve necture)
-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
-2 cups of milk (whatever percent you’d like, we used 2%)
-1/4 cup heavy cream or half and half.(we used half and half so it isn’t so rich)
-Sprinkle a little ground nutmeg on top for addded flavour
1) In a medium pot, mix the egg yolks, milk and the sugar.
2)Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture just coats a metal spoon.
3)Remove from heat.
4)Place pot in a sink or bowl of ice water and stir for 2 minutes to cool mixture off a little.
5)Stir in vanilla.
6)Cover and chill till cool.
I like my eggnog less rich so I added more milk to it, but you can play with the consistency by adding milk.
Last… if rum and eggnog is your thing… go ahead and add it in!
Relax, it’s christmas 🙂

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