New Years Resolutions

Every december, we start to think of lofty new years resolutions to start January 1st. We plan to give up something, or change the way we do something, or try to do more of something. At first, we are really keen on the idea of making a change, but as the month of january progresses and the year carries on, often we fall off our new years resolutions and back into our old habits.
Why? Because change is hard! We easily fall into habits, whether they are good or bad, and it can be really hard to break or change them. Resolutions can also put a lot of pressure on yourself if you decide on a large goal for the new year. For example, say you haven’t ran in a very long time and your resolution is to start running everyday… Chances are that is not going to last very long. You are going to skip a day, and then well you’ve already failed your resolution so you may as well stop running all together. (I am being dramatic, I know, but you get the point!) Creating goals/resolutions that seem impossible to achieve can make it harder to stick to a resolution. It can be discouraging if you start slipping, and it may cause you to give up all together. If you decide on a resolution that is so drastically different from what you are currently doing, it can be pretty difficult to achieve that goal. If you have been running 5km runs this year, it might be a good resolution to run a half marathon in 2014 where as it might be a little intimidating to say run a marthon in 2014. If for example you totally love chocolate and your resolution is to give up chocolate… well then I’d say you’re totally crazy. 
So, how can you you make a resolution and stick to it?
1. Pick a resolution that is realistic and achieveable.
2 years ago, after a life time of biting my nails, I decided it was time to kick the habit. On January 1st 2012, I stopped. I had one, lets say “relapse” but then sucessfully quit all together. This resolution worked because it was something I wanted to stop, and I was very motivated to do so. Having a selected “start date” helped me establish a time frame, and the weight of it being a “resolution” actually helped me stick to it. When selecting a resolution, do not pick something totally ridiculous or out of character for you. Pick something that you really actually want to achieve because you are more likely to stick to something you want. I would also not recommend giving up things completely. It is unrealistic to give up say, junk food, because lets face it, there are going to be birthdays, holidays and parties where it is totally acceptable to endulge a little. Do not get discouraged if you fall back on your goals, progress is progress no matter how slow it is. If you take a step back, do not give up completely, tomorrow is another day. When choosing your resolution, take a step back and look at where you are in your fitness journey. If you have yet to start it, but want to, start small. Make a few small resolutions through out the year so that you can achieve many goals instead of working towards one big one. When you are trying to achieve one giant goal, it can end up being very intimidating and you may loose sight of the goal. Stick to smaller goals and you may find that your progress is faster. Do not try to change everything all at once.
2. Fitness goals
When making a fitness themed resolution, why wait till January 1st to start? The gyms load up January 1st with other new years resolutioners, and the crowds can be overwhelming. You may find yourself waiting for a tredmill at the gym, or missing out on a class because it is too full. Start today! The gyms are pretty slow right now thanks to the holidays, why not get a head start! If you do not exercise at all right now, gradually add exercise to your routine and work yourself up to your desired goal. If you goal is to work out 30 minutes everyday and you do not exercise at all, you can burn yourself out by trying to do it all at once or you could even cause harm to your body. Take is easy, listen to your body, and work your way up to an achieveable fitness regime. Focus on a few smaller goals instead of big one. If you want to run your first 5km by May and your first 10km by October, focusing first on the 5km, achieve that goal, and then move on to running then 10km. It is also important to be reasonable with yourself. If a certain amount of weight loss is your new years resolution, do not fixate on numbers. It can be easy to get disappointed and give up if you a certain number is not met. Instead make fitness based resolutions such as increasing your workout time per week, miles ran per week or eating healthier. If you are eating better and exercising you are becomign healthier. Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat so you may not end up loosing as many pounds as you set out to.
3. Make it Fun!
In the end, it is you that has to hold yourself accountable for your resolution so pick something that you actually want to achieve and have fun with it! Be specific with your goal; run that marathon, climb that mountain, fit into those old jeans, become a vegetarian. Whatever it is, make sure you truly want the change or to achieve the goal. Last year I gave up Tim Hortons completely, and if you know anything about being Canadian, we really like our Tim Hortons. There is a Timmys right across from the hopstial I work at that is open 24 hours. I found myself heading there on nearly every shift I worked. Then I started going before work, and then on days off. I decided I was done. I wanted to save money, and stop putting junk in my body everyday. I made it fun by thinking, how long can I seriously go with out Tim Hortons!? It has now been a year, and I no longer want it. At the beginning to keep me motivated, everytime I got a craving for it, I would transfer $5 into my savings account. By the end of the month I was able to treat myself to a new pair of running shorts… much better than bagels and “ice-caps” if you ask me! Reward systems can be totally helpful for keeping you on a track! Maybe every 5km you run put $5 into your piggy bank. It can really motivating and fun when you start to see that piggy bank building up! Get others involved in your goals too. Get a group of friends together and train for your first half-marathon. Sticking with friends makes it easier to stay accountable because you do not want to let yourself or your friends down.

So, with all that being said, I want everyone to pick a new years resolution and STICK TO IT this year. Share your resolutions in the comments below. Tell the community and help keep yourself accountable! Feel free to send us a message or an email at ANYTIME for questions, or if you feel like you are slipping on your goals. You can honestly do anything you put your heart and mind to, you just have to want to achieve it to do it! Go after those goals!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


  1. My resolution is to run two half marathons this year. I have already registered for my first one in May! This is a pretty big accomplishment for someone who, up until 6 months ago, has never enjoyed running. Now I don’t enjoy my rest days! I have started the search for a running group in my area, which proves to be trick for a single working mom. I think I’ve found one that will work with my schedule! I finally have a resolution I know I can follow through on!

  2. My 2014 run-resolutions are:
    – run at least 1200 miles during the year (I’m at just over 1000 for this year)
    – run a race each month (this is a repeat of a 2013 goal that I missed 2 months of, but did run more then 12 races this past year)
    -run a sub-21 min 5k (PR is currently 21:14)
    – run my first official ultra-marathon, I’m just undecided if it will be a 50k or 50 mile race (I ran a 50k this post November, but it was a 6 hour race and thus not a traditional ultra-race)

  3. Run at least 3 to 4 times a week.
    Finish my half marathon inMay in under 2 hours.
    Run at least one more half marathon.

  4. Run the chicago marathon to qualify for boston. I’m teaming up with 3 other girls in training to keep me motivated and on pace:)

  5. Run a 5k this summer and lose my last 20 pounds! I am down 55 already!!!

  6. Log at least 1,000 miles, run my first full marathon and run at least 14 races in 2014. I am dedicating my runs/races to my husband’s cousin’s 14 year old son who has Down Syndrome. If I don’t achieve my goals, I let us both down!

  7. My goal is to lose 20 lbs by keeping away from garbage food and continuing hiking, trail running and yoga.

  8. My resolution is to do more cross training. I run a lot but that’s really all I do for fitness. Of course this isn’t a bad thing but I’d like to start doing different activities like cycling and yoga and maybe it will help my running!

  9. 2014 Resolutions: Run my first marathon! Wow, feels good to say that “out loud”!
    Eat Healthy
    Be in the moment with my son

  10. Complete my first half-Ironman triathlon and my second marathon! And I really want to do at least one trail race since I’ve never tried one. And I would like to give up cursing. Super bad habit that needs to go, especially since I have two little ones.

  11. My goal is to become ACE certified by mid year. In 2013 I became Spinning certified and I ended 2013 getting certified in Les Mills RPM. Now I want to continue striving for other areas of certification to help people maintain active lifestyles, as well as keeping my self fit.

  12. Run my first half marathon in the Spring with another in the summer, as well as Mud Hero and Spartan . Also plan on trying hot yoga and kickboxing to add toy running 🙂

  13. My goal is to complete my first full marathon. I have only been running a year and half and want to really see what I am capable of. I also want to kinder to myself, I see the beauty in others but not myself. I want to love me, celebrate me because I am special and capable of so much.

  14. I have big ones and running is what will bring me through and I don’t “hope” to run my first half marathons I WILL run my first two half marathons this year, I am going to sign up one in spring and one trail in the fall :o) I also will reach my goal weight that I set out to reach 3 years ago to the date on 1/1/2011 and be down 100 lbs (already down 80!) so close! I hope to help so many more people reach their goals with my dreams and plans and pages and this year will be my year!

  15. My goal for 2014 is my first TRI!!! Oh Lord have mercy!!! Getting my head in the game with lots of time in the pool to overcome my fear of endurance swimming! Eek! Here we go 2014!!!

  16. My goal for 2014 is to run my first full marathon; ran my first half this year, less than nine months after heart surgery!

  17. My goal is to run my first 1/2 Marathon in November 2014. This year I started running 5ks so the 1/2 seems like the next step in my journey to fitness. My husband is training with me too so having his support will help keep me on track!

  18. I ran my first half marathon this December. My goal for 2014 is to run atleast 3 half marathons and improve my times. But above all else I want to run more without worrying about distance or time. I just want enjoy the run!!

  19. My resolution is to focus less on the numbers: numbers on the scale, numbers on the size, speed on the treadmill. Instead, I will focus more on health and fitness: is the food I am eating good for my body, is my workout making me stronger or am I just trying to burn calories?

  20. 12 half marathons in 12 months. The trick will be to stay healthy. From thus I hope to lose weight, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

  21. My goal this coming year is to run a great cross country season with my team. Running is one of the hardest things I have done in my life, I still don’t understand how I can push through the pain, fight through the tears, and wipe off the sweat. I think it is because I love the feeling after a run where I’m unstoppable, invincible, and incredibly sore. But I know part of the reason why I show up to practice everyday is because I have such a supportive, hardworking, motivating, and just all around AWESOME team. My goal this year is to work hard and train insane because my team is my family, and you can’t let your family down:)

  22. My goal is to run my first full marathon and my tenth half marathon.

  23. I am a new runner, 8 moths ago I joined a running group ” Couch to 5 K”. I always admired the camaraderie I saw in my son’s high school x-country team, and now I get to see it with my daughters team. I wanted it too. I love everything about the running connection.

    I run with no bells or whistles, In November I ran a 9 mile race, I was trying to keep the group in from of me in view my mistake was stopping for water at the aid station. I lost the group and made a wrong turn. and got lost. The funny thing is I placed 3rd in my age division (there were only 4) but I didn’t make it back in time for the award ceremony. 🙂

    My New Years Resolution is to continue to improve, run with the group more. . Sign up for more races. and celebrate turning 50!!!

  24. My goal is to be able to run a full 10k without walking by July! Practice practice practice!

  25. Lose 15 more pounds, eat clean 80% of the time, and run my first half marathon in under 2 hours in May 2014.

  26. My goal is to continue running every day, to make healthy food choices daily, and to have the courage to sign up for a 1/2 marathon. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  27. My Resolution for 2014 is to train hard for a Tough Mudder that I will run in July. Two months after I turn forty. Race entry is paid so no backing out. I can run 7 miles easily now, so I’m aiming for 10 miles at a quicker pace as well as building my strength.

  28. I want to become at peace with myself. Having had a bad year with eating disorder flaring up, depression, anxiety, moving job home AND country (all in the same week!) and having surgery on my knee which has put me out of a lot of weight bearing excercises, I want to learn how to say ‘it’s ok, I can have some down time’. I’m very hard on myself most of the time so I want to be able to learn to relax and let things go.

  29. In 2014, I will complete my first marathon and half-marathon. I have been joining every 5k I can afford to keep myself from falling away from running and my sister and I already signed up for the Philly love run (half-marathon) for this spring! To keep these goals I plan to surround myself with running fanatics and keep running smaller races during my training 🙂 here’s to a run-tastic 2014!!

  30. My goals are to finish my first ever marathon with a sub 5hour time, and to log 1,000 miles! My husband said he’d take me on a vacay out of the country if I can do it 😀

  31. New Years Resolution for me is to be the Healthiest ever! I will be celebrating my 50th. Planning 50 fun, fit, fabulous things to do!! The first is to go to the beach in Jan. Great way to kickoff the year!! Happy New Year!

  32. My goal for 2014 is to run my first half marathon. 🙂

  33. to run my first 42.2! my goal has been to run a marathon before I’m 20! turning 19 in march, so this is the perfect year to reach that goal! also, I want to run my first trail race! can’t wait for the challenges ahead! bring it on 2014.

  34. My goal for 2014 is to start walking and walk into running. I need to lose 100 pounds!
    prayer is going to get me through it!

  35. To complete the Winderemere Marathon. After watching in awe the London Marathon every year since I was a child. I said I would complete a marathon before I was 40. Well this is my year I missed out on entry to the London & couldn’t afford the official set charity places ( not enough people to sponsor me& I wanted to run for a charity of my choice. So I found the Windermere marathon 26.2 hilly miles around the stunning Lake Windermere & will be raising money for my local children’s Diabetes uni with the funds going straight to the children not admin.I know with my family & running club behind me I can achieve this. My challenge is the marathon my real resolution is to not let life get in the way & stopping me from doing my new found love of running & life.

  36. My goal for 2014 is to run at least 2 full marathons since l ran my first marathon 10/19/13 and finish 14 half marathons no excuses and all the other 5k’s l ran in 2013 and would really love the garmin watch since l can’t afford it. Pick me please!

  37. My goal this year is to run my first half marathon! ITBand issues put a damper on that plan last year, so this is the year. Training starts next week 🙂 and the race is scheduled for April. Wish me luck!

  38. 2014: Run a 1/2 marathon and to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. To run further and faster.

  39. My goal for 2014 is to run a 50k trail race in under 5:30. Running my first 50k tomorrow and ran my first full marathon ever in October of this year.

  40. My goal for 2014 is to run my first half marathon in May. I signed up for it last week and already started training. I’m excited and nervous at the same time, but I know I can do this! 🙂

  41. My goal is to run my first Marathon in Lubec, ME in June. i’ve been running for 10 months and have done a half and will do another half in March. Then the BIG one!

  42. My resolution for this upcoming year is to run a 10K, I have done the training but just keep putting off finding a race…I’m scared, but I want to do it! When I succeed I want to train for a half and one day get there!

  43. My goal is to get my 1/2 time under 2:00, and hopefully get to 4:30 for my full. Took 18 minutes off my first full this fall, so hoping can knock at least another 5+ minutes off!

  44. Run my first half marathon and lose another 10 pounds (for a total loss of 60 pounds)!

  45. My goal for 2014 is to run my first marathon, the Chicago Marathon.

  46. My goal is to start running and very simply, continue. I really miss it.

  47. The big ones: marathon #4 before June (to satisfy my goal of a marathon a year from my 40th birthday), complete my first iron-distance triathlon, Grouse Grind PR (better than 48 minutes), 6 new things/experiences, sub 2-hour half marathon, run 2014 kms in the year.

  48. My goal for 2014 is to run my first 50 Mile trail race in August. The Fat Dog 50!

  49. My goal is to run and run and run some more. Doing my first 1/2 Marathon in August 2014.

  50. My goal is to run my fist half… not only run it but follow a training plan for it. I’ve set the date and it is Sept 21st and the R n R Philly. I also and running with my dear friend the Hot Chocolate in Philly in April for my 33rd birthday. I want to get healthy and lose this last 80 lbs…. or I would be happy with 31 and being under 200 as my goal for next year. All this is achievable… As long as I keep my eye on the prize

  51. In addition to my goal of running my 2nd full marathon (the first was in 2013), I want to make sure I am doing something healthy for myself every single day. Whether that healthy thing be a run, doing some strength training, yoga, stretching, going for a short (or long!) walk, I am committing to myself this year. As my “grown up” responsibilities pile up, I want to be sure I take care of me as well. Here’s to a healthier, fitter, and happier 2014!

  52. For the 1st time in years one of my new year resolutions is NOT to lose weight. I started running a year ago and lost 20 pounds. My fitness goals for 2014 are to keep running because it’s been fabulous for me and to train for my 1st half marathon.

  53. My goal for 2014 is to run my first full marathon in May and drop my half time to under 2 hours.

  54. My goals for 2014 are to improve my half-marathon time and to run 1,000 miles during the year. I made it to 828 miles in 2013, so 1,000 miles seems reasonable!

  55. to do an outdoor triathlon; to do some bike races; to get new PR’s

  56. My resolution is to run 850 miles this year. Have 3 half marathons to train for so should be doable!

  57. My goal is to give birth our first baby at the end of July then continue to train for a half marathon at the end of October. It’s going to be quite the challenge, but I’ve got an amazing husband and family that will support me.

  58. My goal for 2014 is to run my second and third full marathon and to keep running happy each day<3

  59. My 2014 New Year’s resolution is to runat least 1000 mile this year. I wish I would have logged my miles this year to actually know how many I ran, but I am going to track and my goal is AT LEAST 1000 miles in 2014.

  60. My goal is to complete my first marathon in January and then work on getting my 5k time under 30 minutes and of course to stay injury free and healthy. I am so blessed to also log my miles for a beautiful little girl that is unable to run so I want to keep running as much as I can for her! Happy New Year!

  61. I WILL train consistently all year and run my first Half…Space Coast…in December!!

  62. My fitness goal for 2014 is to hold myself accountable by writing down my workout everyday and sharing it with my family in hopes to motivate them to get healthy as well. I’ve been saying for the last two years that I will run a marathon and this year I will do it! I’ve already signed up for my first two races of 2014.

  63. My 2014 goal is to complete 2 full marathons and one ultra, and stay injury free! I also hope to keep helping my friends reach their running/health goals by helping them train and sharing from my experiences!

  64. My resolution/goal for 2014 is to focus on training, both strengthening my core to avoid an injury like my current hip strain that has me sidelined, and increasing my speed and distance and to finish my second half this June with hopefully a better time than last years 🙂

  65. My goals for the year are to finish losing the extra 40+ lbs I have left to lose, run a full marathon and break a nine minute mile.

  66. My goal for 2014 is to continue my running streak (I am on day 83)…with this resolution comes the idea to go farther than I think I can…I have the tendancy to doubt myself in my running and my streak is teaching me that I can go farther and faster than I thought. I want to set a few PBs and my streak is showing me the way.

  67. My goal is to lose my baby weight and to just get healthy again!! After 3 kids I have put on 30 lbs and those are going to be gone! I’m starting a biggest loser contest at my gym and I’m going to rock it!!

  68. My goal is to run a half in 2014 and actually enjoy it! I have run 2 halfs before but was running inconsistently that it seemed like a chore. I want to run and love it! Happy new year all 🙂

  69. I lost 80 pounds running in 2013, and still have a ways to go. Aside from continuing with that, I resolve to take care of myself spiritually. To cry less and use positive ways to evaluate my sorrows and move in a positive place not just physically but spiritually.

  70. My goal is to eat healthier. Last year’s goal was to run a half marathon, which I did…but I need to start eating healthier so I can get faster and stronger in the many more half marathons to come!

  71. My first race! Been running for little while but never a race. Signed up today for race in February!

  72. My goal for 2014 is to run my first half marathon.

  73. My goal for 2014 is to run a 10k and a half marathon. I broke both legs within a two and a half year period, and got so low I didn’t want to do any exercise. I fought back, and ran my first two 5ks this year, at the age of 41! I love running, how it makes me feel, the opportunity to share exercise with my husband, and all the wonderful people I’ve met through this!

  74. For 2014 I want to run 1000 miles in a year and do my first half ironman.

  75. My goals for 2014 are to finish my first half marathon, and to maintain this year’s 64 pound weight loss. 🙂

  76. My goal is to do whatever I need to do to PR my 5k, 10k and half!!!

  77. My goal is to take one day at a time, one step at time and one run at a time……. Signed up for my first half in April and my second triathlon in June.

  78. My goal for 2014 is to be a little easier on ME & to get back into running because at the end of the day it is my super drug that makes me feel amazing! I will also try and introduce my 2 sisters to running and hope they too will feel what I feel like after an amazing run!! Happy New Year!!!

  79. My goal for 2014 is to stick to my training & no more running injuries!! And trust that the training will get me through my first half marathon & 12 hr endurance run!!

  80. I’d love to break my 5K PR early on to seed myself well in a large local race. But most importantly, I want to continue enjoying the run and stay healthy doing so.

  81. My goal for 2014 is to run my first half marathon!

  82. I have just started running in the summer I struggled with running and being overweight but I have decided that is not going to stop me, my goal is to run 6 races this year and climb the CN tower!!!

  83. My goal is to run my 10th marathon and to continue to do pilates and barre classes twice a week to build up my core!

  84. My first goal, which is in January, consists of a better pace for each mile. Right now, I run 13 min. a mile. I want to get to 10 or 11 minutes a mile by the end of January.

  85. My goal for 2014 is to run my first full marathon. Training officially starts on Jan. 4th and the marathon is in May. I’m so excited!

  86. 2014 will bring me an “empty nest” my baby of 4 kids will graduate high school. I started running and biking 11/2 years ago as a hobby. I am signing up for my first marathon in May, I want to do a triathlon and begin clean eating. If I sign up for a race I will train, the clean eating will be my biggest challenge!! I’m ready!!

  87. My goal is to finish my first ever marathon this spring!!

  88. Quit smoking, go to bed earlier & turn my walking into running.

  89. Come back from my injuries and finish a half marathon in 2014…something the dr’s said I wouldn’t be able to do

  90. Just to keep running and stick with my cross-trAining routine.

  91. My goal for 2014 is to complete my first Ironman 70.3 in August. I’ve only ever done half and full marathons but I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon! I know if I start working now I can do it!

  92. My goals for 2014 are to beat my time at the Fort Langley Historic Half Marathon in February, eat a little cleaner, and master a handstand push-up (managed a handstand hold today – that’s a start right?!). Still carrying over my biggest goal for 2013 – learn to just “let it be” – can’t control everything!

  93. my resolution for 2014 is to beat morgan, my running buddy, in a race. the last 2 races she beat me by .7 sec and .3 sec. im going to train for a triathlon and finish the race. im switching my family to a gluten free diet. and when i think im going to yell i am going to do as many burpees as i can until im calmed down:)

  94. My goals for 2014 is to stay injury free by more proper stretching & yoga. I would like to run a 4:00 marathon and try an ultra and/or the Seattle Quadzilla next fall (4 marathons in 4 days) happy new year RLAG community!

  95. My fitness goal for 2014 is to run my first half marathon and my non-fitness goal is to learn a second language 🙂

  96. I finished a month of intensive chemo and beat cancer [yay!] almost 2 years ago. But since then I just haven’t been able to get back to my running mileage or my *fighting* weight. No more excuses… it’s back to work. I want to run a half marathon under 1:50; lose 25lbs and continue to be cancer free in 2014!!

  97. My Goal for 2014 is to find a new normal, a balanced and realistic level of fitness and training. June 23, 2013 I competed in my second Ironman Triathlon and finally realized my dream of becoming an Ironman Finisher. SInce then, I seem to have just blown up. I’ve gained 20+ pounds, and have totally fell of the fitness wagon. I was so tired of training I just seemed to stop doing everything! I need to get moving again and find some balance.

  98. My goal is to run a 50k and also be an attentive wife. I did a marathon in 2013 so I’m increasing my goal some and also am going to try to have better balance in the different aspects of my life

  99. My goal is to eat healthier and kick butt in a Half Ironman!

  100. My goal for 2014 is to run my first marathon on April 13th. I am already training and I feel determined and excited about reaching my goal.

  101. My goal is to make fitness a lifestyle not a task. I been running and working out because I love it not because I want fast results. Oh yeah and I plan to finally start a business!

  102. I resolve to be happier, laugh more, live more, have more fun, and be the best grandma I can be to my very first grandchild! I also plan to run my first full marathon.

  103. My goal for 2014 is to run two half marathons (the most I’ve run so far is 10.5 km). I just registered for my first one on June 1st.

  104. My resolution is to stop procrastinating and making excuses. Just get it done!

  105. My resolution for the new year is to run 14 races either 5k or 10k!!

  106. I will follow the eating and training plan set by my trainer. No more excuses.

  107. 2013 I ran non stop my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon. Getting back into running also helped me to lose 60lbs. I still have 25-30 more to go and cannot imagine my life without running. 2014, my goal is 3 half marathons, 2 10ks and lots of 5ks. I’m working to change my diet to be completely clean and only 20% animal products. Never in my life would I have imagined myself saying that. I have a long, long term goal of doing 50 half marathons in 50 states with my sister. She has been my rock and it wasn’t until three years ago that we rekindled our sister relationship. Before we hadn’t talked to each other for almost four years. Running has become my therapy!! And I want to learn how to sew. Ha!

  108. My resolution is to encourage 2 new friends to join me in running a 1/2 marathon (after running my first in 2013!) and to challenge my mom to run a 10k race with me! In non-running resolutions, I hope to read 35 books in 2014 🙂

  109. doing my first 1/2 marathon and stick to the training….lose 15 pds!

  110. My goals: run my first half marathon in April, and secondly to practice more patience in my every day!

  111. My goal is to increase my speed for my 4th half this June. I also am going to be better about stretching consistently!

  112. My goal is to run a half marathon in 2014. I have kept running over past 11 months started with a mile to 7. I’ve had falls. Blood pressure drops and recently kidney problems and had to take time off. But I keep going getting back up. Today i just did a 5k which was hard on my kidneys but i did it. I love the lifestyle the feeling running gives you. Training gives you. You see I’ve had illnesses since I was kid and as adult it been challenging. But for the first time In my life I’ve found something else to fight for. It’s teaching me discipline, healthy food choices and to listen to my body and giving me peace. Which in turn I can share with my children who are athletes in high school and middle school. I’m glad I can read everyone else stories some days it’s just what I need thank you for listening….

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