Fight Like A Kid; Virtual and Local 5, 12 and 21km run.

One of our biggest dreams with this community is to be able to reach out and help others through running. Already this community has raised over 10,000$ for the Boston One Fund that helped victims of the Bostom Marathon bombings, and over 3,000$ for the Breast Cancer Foundation through our “Fight Like A Girl” virtual and local run. This time, we are raising money for childhood brain cancer. Childhood cancer is arguably one of the sadest realities of our world. There are many different types of cancer that effect childern, so it was hard to pick one to help.
We decided to raise money for “A Cure for Caleb Society” which was formed in memory of Caleb Lanz. Dayna personally knows the family of Caleb and watched her good friend’s son battle for his life against a raise form of brain cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. The family went through so many hardships, taking Caleb to doctors appointments, specialist, chemotherapy and radiation appointments. Caleb was just 8 years old when he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) after his eye suddenly began to turn in.  January 28, 2010, they were thrown into a world they could never have imagined. Their lives came to a halt, as the pediatric neuro oncologist explained to them that DIPG is a terminal disease, she explained that treatment might buy time with him – a year, maybe two.  Without treatment he had a matter of weeks.  They could never fully explain that moment and what hearing those words felt like.  It was completely unbelievable, how could their healthy, happy, full of potential, eight year old son be dying? They did what most parents would do, Caleb underwent 6 weeks of daily radiation to his brain and chemo therapy. As the family started researching the disease, they quickly learned how evil is is, and that there was little hope. Caleb responsed well to the radiation and had little side effects from the chemo, and aside from his turned-in eye, he appeared healthy for another year.
caleb family 
On January 12, 2011, the family was faced with their worst fears, Calebs tumor was rapidly growing and were given the news that he likely only had 8 weeks to live. Caleb recieved another round of radiation, which was something that was completely unheard of a year before. This bought Caleb more time, but the tumor continued to grow. Over the next 9 months Caleb lost his ability to walk, talk, move his left side, swallow food and liquid, and aquired partial facial paralysis, stealing his smile. To keep the swelling down in his brain, he recieved a corticol-steriod, dexamethasone, but this severly decreased the quality of his life. Shortly after, Caleb lost his battle with this horrible disease. 
This families story struck close to home with Dayna being closely connected to them. We also chose this because it is already a very established grassroots organization that is provincially regiserted society that raises money for pediatric brain cancer, with a particular focus on pediatric brain cancers with lowest survival rates. They support world renowned researchers working to advance treatment and ultimately change the grim outcome for these children. As a grassroots organization ourselves, we found an immediate connection with this small organization that has big dreams of changing the outcome of children effected by brain cancer. There are children all over the world fighting for their lives and their parents are guiding them through the treatment, searching for hope that might change the outcome for their child. Time after time parents are forced to watch their child helplessly undergo extensive treatment as the disease progresses and steals the child’s physical abilities one by one. They watch as their childern go through palliatve care, where the goal is no longer on fighting for life, but on keeping the child comfortable and pain free. Finally, they watch as their child takes their last breat. It is a heart breaking journey for any family to go through, and this organization vows to fight for it not to contiune. Childhood brain cancer research is grossly underfunded and much of the funding is coming from grassroot organizations such as “A Cure for Caleb Society”
Click here for more information on the society:
Through our virtual and local race, we hope to raise a significant amount of money to donate to this society. This race has 5km, 12k, and a half marthon option to include more participants. We hope to grow our local event even larger than our Fight Like A Girl event, and already local organizations have agreed to team up with us.
How does a virtual race work? All you have to do is register with us, and on March 30th, you run the distance you signed up for, where ever you live, with friends, family or by yourself, with your race bib pinned on. After your run, we would love to see a photo of you wearing your bib and medal, which we will share on our Run Like A Girl facebook page. We will also do a blog post about the event and feature some photos on the blog as well. Registration for the virtual run is 50$, plus an additional charge for shipping. You will recieve a race package like any other race. This includes an offical race bib and safety pins that you can pin to your shirt on the day of the race, March 30th. You will also recieve a custom medal for the race and a Fight Like A Kid tshirt.
Race package from Fight Like A Girl

There will be a seperate registration for local runners and virtual runners so PLEASE be mindful of this when registering! 

The local run will take place in Fort Langley along the beautifully scenic Fort to Fort trail. The trail is a double wide gravel path with some rolling hills, but is mostly flat. The start line is at the new Arts and Cultural Cafe, by the Fort Pub and Fraser River. The Cafe has graciously teamed up with us, which we are very excited about! The 5km runs along the Fort to Fort Trail 2.5km and then back to the finish line. The 12km option runs along the Fort to Fort Trail to Huston Trail, does 1 lap of the beautifully forested (and at times hilly) Huston Trail and then back to the finish. There will be an aid station at Huston Trail with water, gaterode and snacks for both the 12km and 21km runners. The 21km takes you on a tour of the majority of the Fort to Fort Trail. You will run from the start, along the trail, past Derby Reach campsite to the newly made farm land trail by the Fraser River. At the turn around point there will be outhouses, and an aidstation and a chance for a photo op of the Fraser River. You will then turn around and run back. Before heading to the finish line you will head into Huston Trail for a beautiful lap of the trail. After the lap, you have just under 4km left to run! The 21km 180m elevation gain. This route is beautiful, and the three of us have logged countless kms on this trail. We are SO excited to be hosting a race here.
Lets work together, do what we love, and raise money for an amazing cause and hopefully get one step closer to a cure for childhood Brain Cancer.
Register here: for the virtual race

Link for the local run

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