Sara and Alex Cohen

Sara and her husband Alex have a very special relationship and have created a unique bond doing something they both love.

Sara had sent us a message asking for advice, she shared her story with us and from the moment I read the first sentence I was beyond inspired. I shared Sara’s question on our page and we had an incredible amount of support and heart warming thoughts shared from our followers that helped Sara in her process of becoming a running guide for Alex.

My husband Alex and I met 13 years ago. I was a runner, he was not. He has a degenerative retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. He has been going blind gradually since his diagnosis. He started running with me when I met him until he could no longer safely see to run outside in 2005. Since then he has just run on the treadmill. Last fall I was running a race and saw someone guiding a blind man through Achilles foundation. I asked Alex if he’d ever be interested in running with me like that and he said “sure”. Broad Street was always our favorite race so we decided to try it together this year. I had no idea how to get prepared or train with him so I messaged you guys and based on the suggestions your followers had, I did some research. I bought a tether (purple tether in the picture) and we trained only a few times together (we have two small kids so getting out together is hard) but did mileage separately (me on the road, him on the treadmill). It was hard, but our trust in each other, as I’ve been his guide in most every other situation the past 10 years, helped immensely. Race day came, we were super excited. The crowds were a lot to contend with (41,000 runners) but we ran, we finished, and we had a great time doing so! We wanted to run faster but it was really difficult to weave in and out of so many runners with both of us. We had signs on our backs indicating that were were a blind and sighted pair. So many people congratulated us, praised him for his courage, etc. it was truly incredible. My goal was for him to have fun and not get hurt. Little did I know he’d enjoy it so much that he would want to do more! We registered for a 10K in September. For me, it was mentally exhausting. Aside from running the miles, it was a lot to pay attention to everything around both of us. But it also brought us closer in a way neither of us was expecting and was incredible to work together to achieve a common goal.



This is the purple band that Sara used to guide Alex


So much congratulations to Sara and Alex for what they have accomplished. For teaching us that nothing is impossible if you follow your heart! Sara and Alex you are an incredible couple who have taught us to have courage and to be strong and to believe in one another! You guys did it! Way to go and on your way to your next run together!



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