Have you ever been caught out on a run or hike and… UH-OH… nature calls! Is being caught with nothing but leaves getting annoying? Carrying toilet paper and tissue can become  a nuisance especially if its raining and not to mention its not very nice to the environment!

Ladies and Gents fear not! We present to you a environmentally friendly all natural solution… I Love My Muff, founded and created by an amazing woman, meet Rtiz Clinging.


Ritz Clinging – Founder and Creator of I Love My Muff

“I was inspired to create my own line of premium feminine hygiene products that provide daily love and care for down there.

i love my muff products have been developed with an uncompromising commitment to mildness, biodegradability, non-toxicity, cleansing ability, moisturizing ability and luxurious feel.

We combine the finest ingredients such as natural plant extracts and pure beneficial essential oils to create our exceptionally gentle line of products.

i love my muff products are cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors, fragrances and handmade (with love) in Canada.

It’s no longer taboo and with it’s clean packaging and bold messaging, i love my muff products are a statement of confidence and a great find for every woman.”

Now men hold on, just because the name of these amazing wipes are indicated at loving female areas does not mean men cannot use them. Think about it… out there in the bush having a fresh clean bio degradable wipe to wipe with… beats a leaf any day! We know you love your Muffler.

Kyle loving his wipes!

Kyle loving his wipes!

photo 3.PNG

Dayna – Grand Canyon


Courtney and Dayna – trail running in the rail North Shore Vancouver









As ultra marathon runners, we at Run Like A Girl, Courtney, Dayna and Hailey, have jumped for joy to many times to count when we are out on a run and i love my muff is there to save the day. The wipes come in small individual packets that fit in any little pocket. We carry them in a small side zipper pouch in our Salomon hydration packs. Running with just a hand held water bottle…not to worry most hand water bottles and waist water belts have little pouches on them. I love my muff wipes have travelled around the world with us.


I had an audience

First stop the Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica. Six days of running through the jungles, mountains and beaches, 253km’s, no bathrooms and sometimes no showers… the i love my muff wipes were put through the biggest test and they came out winners! Next stop running the Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon. Hailey survived with her muff wipes while running Expedition Africa, a 500km adventure race in South Africa. The Run Like A Girl Adventure and Wellness Camp that took place this past November, 2014 in Costa Rica and its 12 amazing adventurer’s had a grand experience putting muff wipes to the test on hikes and now back in their home towns, across the country from Road Island to Vancouver BC!

Daisy - Adventurer, RLAG Adventure Camp, Costa Rica

Daisy – Hiking, RLAG Adventure Camp, Costa Rica


Hailey and team Park Rangers during the Expedition Africa Adventure Race

Hailey and team Park Rangers during the Expedition Africa Adventure Race


Muff Wipes fit perfectly in a hand held water bottle for those shorter quick runs. You never know when you’ll have to go!


What more can I say about these little guys… they are lovely, amazing leave you fresh and clean no matter where you are or what your doing! Muff on the go! Pack it small, use it right, its a delight! #mufflove

Please visit www.ilovemyluff.com to purchase your i love my muff kit. Other i love my muff products include Clean, Pure, Soft a 1 2 3 step for freshness down there.

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