Who are we 3!


We have had the pleasure of meeting some of you from our community during our different adventures however the majority we have not and we would like you all to get to know us!



Dayna – running into half way of the 2014 Knee Knacker 50km


Hello everyone I would like to introduce myself and welcome everyone to our community.
My name is Dayna, I am 38 years old and have been married for 15 years to my husband Robin.

We have a teenage son, his name is Chandler. I work a full time job at Finning. I try and keep a balance between running, family, and work. Although I am ultra marathon runner, and triathlete I am not very competitive except for the goals and challenges I set for myself. I usually race with a friend or with my dog Lucy, if the race allows dogs. My main goal in any race is to finish it smiling, I never let the thing I love the most become stress in my life. I look forward to seeing you in the trails and I wish you all the best accomplishing your goals. My next goal is the Challenge Penticton 1/2 distance.



Courtney... in the middle of an 8 hour training run, covered head to toe in mud wearing hokas, you won't find me happier.

Courtney… in the middle of an 8 hour training run, covered head to toe in mud wearing hokas, you won’t find me happier.

Hello my name is Courtney. I am the Burnette of the Run Like A Girl team. I want to welcome you to Run Like A Girl and share with all of you who I am. A quick get to know me if you shall. I am 26 years old, I studied fine arts in university. I have been running long distances for over 6 years. I run ultramarathons because I am free and at peace when I run, the world disappears when I am running in the mountains and I feel my strength grow. I work at Mountain Equipment co-op and I love it.

I am a vegan and share a lot of my energy spreading love and joy to all of nature.

I am engaged and getting married to my best friend in September 2015.

I believe in feeling and experiencing as many things as possible in my life, I don’t often think twice, just do.

Run like a girl was a dream of mine and because of our amazing community all of us are making it come true, I love nothing more then helping people achieve their goals and understand that limits don’t exist. I love to respond to your emails and answer literally any questions you have!




Hailey – During Expedition Africa Adventure Race 500km

Hi everyone! We thought we’d put faces to the Run Like a Girl team!

My name is Hailey and I am a 25 year old registered nurse in the ER, working toward my critical care speciality. I am constantly searching for a way to achieve balance between work, school and the activities I love. But I love my job.
I am engaged to an amazing man and we share the same love to nature and adventure.
This year has been full of ups and downs and I have grown a lot. After coming off a huge high from a 4th place finish at the coastal challenge, I became very sick and was hospitalized after my first expedition race in South Africa. I was unable to run for a better part of the year.
Through overcoming a huge set back and physical challenges I have learned the importance of staying true to yourself and doing what you love simply because it makes you happy. I race to challenge myself and to push the boundaries past what I ever dreamed was possible. I run to escape into nature and calm my mind. I hope through RLAG we can inspire all of you to do the same! My biggest goals for 2015 are my first 50 miler and another expedition race in Brazil!
So glad to have you all here!

We three met each other through running and its what bonds us together. Running together, sharing crazy once in a life time experiences with each other and sharing them with you. We want you to follow your dreams, push your selves to be the best you can at what ever you may dream.

We are believers, lovers, ultra runners, dream catchers, leaders, non limit livers and providers. We want to provide opportunity, hope, community, motivation and encouragement through hosting races to raise money for charities. Hosting our Adventure and Wellness camp in Costa Rica and hosting races provides others with the opportunities to live a dream, chase a goal, challenge themselves, see something and feel something in life they may never have felt or had the chance to see.

Run Like  A Girl is a movement, a running, active, outdoor life where no judgements are made, no goals are to small. We work together, we dream together, and we accomplish together.

We want you to join us in this movement. Our lives are measured not in years but in how many lives we touch around us.

Nothing is impossible!

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