12 Adventurers share their Costa Rica experience!

12 amazing adventurers share their experiences with you and their time with us a the Chakra Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is an amazing place. La Chakra is a very special secret. Beautiful, serene, the air is so pure. There is so much beauty all around you. The hiking, tree climbing, and repelling were challenging and allow you to experience the natural wonders of the camp and national parks. To participate in yoga, taught by a fantastic woman with such an honest connection to nature and people, was by far my fondest memory. The food was wonderful, every day! The staff was organized, thoughtful, and encouraging. Can’t say enough wonderful things. I would encourage everyone with a spirit of adventure, to take this trip!!

– Carre Dawson


I have loved every single activity during this amazing trip! I completed my first mountain summit and surfed for the first time, both were childhood dreams of mine. Thank you for encouraging me to push my limits, showing me a new world, and showing me what I’m capable of. Invaluable experience!

– Lindsay Antal
During my time at Chakra, I learned and gained so much. I’ve been having trouble putting into words but I’ve found the words. It’s been difficult finding the right words to express what my experience – what it did to and for me, but I think I’ve got it.

Many of my friends and family thought I was crazy (or at least they were nervous for me), signing up for a trip to the jungle, in a foreign country, with 12 strangers! With luck, a close friend took the leap of faith with me, and decided to join me last minute … phew! At least I knew someone! And it was great! Off the grid in the mountains. No wifi, no electricity, no outside distractions (but amazing hot shower). We trekked uphill on rocks, balanced on logs across rivers, and trudged through deep mud, climbed trees, repelled rocks and started/ended each day with chants, mediation in the mountains.

Humbling experience but surprisingly … it changed me. I didn’t expect that.

It’s only been a few days since RLAG adventure camp ended. Quickly, I was back into my daily grind; in the office by 6 am, meetings, emails, phone calls, and settling into my familiar routine. But I felt different, I felt – better. The usual routine wasn’t “usual” this week, my mind has been quiet – and in a good way. The clutter that was in my head and heart, for so long, are no longer there. I can focus on the task at hand, and feel present in the moment.

I think the soul always knows what to do to heal itself .. the challenge is, to learn how to silence the mind and listen. I will slow down and listen. The American culture puts a constant pressure on us to get everything done at record speed. There’s relentless pressure to go from point A to B to Z as quickly as possible. For the first time in a long time, I feel present and happy. I have new purpose and passion, and feel more fulfilled in my heart and mind. All too often we can take our lives and experiences for granted. We can take our job, relationships, and home for granted. The more we take for granted, the more we lose sight of what we should be thankful for, while we’re constantly in search of more. Slow down today, and embrace the gift of life you’ve been given. That’s what I learned – what I took away – how I changed.

– Joshephine Burgos


Thank you Hailey and Courtney and everyone at Chakra for this incredible experience I feel so blessed and grateful to be surrounded by such beauty. The highlight of my trip was meeting everyone in the group and becoming friends with 12 strangers!

– Scarlet Olivia


The food was outstanding! Lots and lots of excellent tasty varieties! The activities were great because each of them challenged you in a different way, an awesome mix. I really loved the tree planting and community project.

Words cannot convey the beauty and energy of this magical place! You have something very special, we thank you for sharing it with all of us! Who knew my body could do such badass things!

– Jane Abbott


What a beautiful, humbling and exhilarating experience! I couldn’t imagine a better place to push your boundaries and relax your soul. I have never felt more engulfed in nature or more at home in a new place. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!

– Danni Allen


What a fantastic place! Muchas Gracias!

– Renee Pruiksma


Thank you for the amazing experience and sharing the warm and loving energy at Chakra. The food was fantastic and Luis, Martina and Alba are such wonderful people. Thank you to everyone who made this trip, this place is such a blessing.

– Wendie Veloz


Thank you so much for welcoming me into this loving, sacred, magical place. I have such deep gratitude for the kindness and support of everyone and being here has almost felt like a rebirth. You are all such wonderful souls and I love you with all of my heart. Pura Vida!

– Camille Nicole, This American Girl


The most magical place surrounded by peaceful mountains! I’ll never forget Chakra.

– Daisy Melnyk


Muchas Gracias! The food was awesome even when I was full I wanted more! The highlight of the adventure was hiking to the top of Mt. Ena, I like pushing my limits!

– Francis Smith



Chakra camp is like nothing else I’ve experienced in this world (and I’ve traveled a bit). It provided me with the opportunity to slow down, breath in fresh air and free my mind and soul. It took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet new wonderful people and grow. I left a part of me back at that camp, and I will never forget the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful rainforest, and hearing the rushing rivers and waterfalls right outside my bedroom. I’ve never seen so many stars than I did at Chakra camp. It opened my mind to new opportunities I could take in life, and brought me closer to myself. I thank Chakra camp for allowing me to truly enjoy life in a slower pace, yet bringing new challenges and mental hurdles that made me stronger.

The school project was wonderful, I am so glad we got to be apart of helping that community. The tree planting is such a beautiful idea, it’s like leaving our mark at Chakra to grow on forever. I hope to one day go back and water my avocado tree!

– Tasha Ludovici



Ready for our repelling day



Our community project was helping repaint the little school in the town of San Jeronimo.



Jane, Danni and Daisy hiking.



What an amazing group!

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