The Week that Changed my Life

This is my story…so far(because I’m nowhere near being done.. But are we ever?)

I’m a 37 year old wife and mother, I’m 5’1″ and at my largest I was about 230 pounds (morbidly obese). That’s a lot of weight to carry on my small/short body and trust me..I was feeling it. My feet and ankles hurt and would swell constantly, my back was killing me, I suffered from migraine headaches and looking in the mirror I was MISERABLE!! I had the worst eating habits ever, I would go hour’s without eating, then stuff myself with junk or whatever I felt like having.. This was a perpetual cycle for me.

The photos above are of me 9 months ago, mothers day 2104 to be exact…Looking at that picture is very hard, it doesn’t even seem possible that I allowed myself to ever get to that size 🙁 I knew something had to change!!

I woke up one day at the end of August 2014 and pretty much said, enough is enough… I can’t do this anymore!!! I went to a local fitness club (that I had been watching on Facebook) called Blast Fitness.. I was a nervous wreck, but they offered 1 week free so I figured I had nothing to lose. I didn’t really tell anyone I was going, not even my husband at first… I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed if I went and then quit, so I said very little. I was welcomed and encouraged and never once made to feel bad about myself while at Blast, this was a huge plus for me because honestly… I already knew I was fat, I didn’t really need anyone to point out the obvious to me..LOL.

I continued to go try out several different classes during my free week trial(Zumba, pound, bounce, drum’s, kick boxing, spinning (which I absolutely still hate), cardio tone, abs class (which is sorta laughable because all I could see was fat…definitely no abdominal definition was seen that day..ha,ha). After a few day’s I finally told my husband and my kid’s what I was doing… They were so excited and proud of my decision to start exercising and so was I.

My free week came to an end, but I was completely HOOKED!!! I noticed that I had more energy, I was sleeping better, I was in a better mood and I just FELT better all the way around. I made the decision to sign a 1 year commitment at Blast Fitness and found out that they were getting ready to start an 8 week weight loss challenge so I said “why not!! How do I sign up?” So I signed up for the challenge and was ready to finally DO THIS…and my brother died on September 4th 🙁 I was sad, heartbroken and sick…I didn’t know what to do, but I knew my brother wouldn’t have wanted me to give up, so I didn’t!!! 4 day’s after his death I was standing at Blast Fitness doing weight and measurements and the dreaded pictures for the challenge I had committed to.

I’m not going to lie…it was hard, and some days all I wanted to do was cry but I just kept going back (it’s sorta hard to cry while doing Zumba.. Just sayin.. LOL). At the end of the 8 week challenge I had lost 10 pounds, 13.5 total inches and 2.20% body fat. All by deciding to exercise, and cutting out unhealthy fattening foods. I drink NO soda, only water(and coffee.. Because I’d probably kill someone without it). No fast food, no fried food’s, no chip’s or snacks, no sugary treat’s and candy.

I’ve found my family actually enjoys the new cooking I’ve been doing and we’re all in this together. We eat meat(Lot’s of chicken) but we have fresh beef too, load’s of veggies (fresh and frozen), Greek yogurt, I’ve mastered the art of making healthy smoothies and yes there’s spinach in there too..LOL!!
I’m currently in yet another “challenge” that end’s this Sat so I’m looking forward to my results.
I’ve added weight lifting/training to my fitness routine and even have my husband helping me at the gym…he’s loving this!!

I’ve lost about 45 pounds so far and my goal is to lose about 50 more. I had to go buy new jeans again this past weekend and I’m down 4 sizes in 9 month!! I guess I’ll also mention that I’m very large busted, I wear about a 42DDD bra..I’m schedule for breast reduction consultation next Thursday March 5th and I’m beyond EXCITED!!! My hope is to have my surgery and be completely healed well before August. I’m registered to do the Warrior Dash on August 8th here in Ohio with all the girls(all my new friends) from Blast Fitness, there’s about 60 of us doing it.

There are really no word’s for me to explain how I feel right now about my current self, other than… HAPPY, HEALTHY and never looking back!!! I’m definitely ADDICTED and I feel so alive!!!

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