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You may or may not be aware that we have an adventure retreat in Costa Rica. We are so proud of our project, and we sometimes can’t believe that our dream is coming true. We want to share a little about why it is so special. You can’t just travel to this place, you can only go there through us, because it is our own property. But we want to share it with everyone who wants to come. Take a read.

About 6 years ago my (Hailey) fiance bought Chakra. A property deep in the mountains of Costa Rica, once used for cattle farming. When he first explored the property, he couldn’t believe how perfect it was for someone as adventurous as himself, but the forest of the property had been cut down to make room for the cattle and the jungle had been pushed back to the property line.

However, Eduardo being a biologist, with a passion for conservation of the rain forest and natural world and he knew he needed to give most of Chakra back to nature. Immediately he started the reforestation process on the property, allowing the trees and nature to grow back completely. He eliminated all the cattle on the property and planted trees. Over the years, the rain forest grew quick, and he donated 80% of his 10 hectare land to the conservation effort. He built structures on the property which are now used for our adventure retreat, from essentially all materials he found on the property or close by. He decided to keep it electricity free to keep his carbon foot print low.

Chakra is known as a buffer zone as it is directly sandwiched in between two of the most important national parks of Costa Rica, a massive park of La Amistad which Costa Rica shares with Panama, and Chirripo which has Costa Rica’s tallest mountain of just over 3800m. As a passionate biologist he knew this was key in helping the natural world come back strong and flourish. Of his remaining 20% of the the land he built some permanent structures to allow him, his friends and family to stay at Chakra and experience its magic. When I first arrived there in March of 2014 I immediately fell in love. The main platform was simple, with a bed, hammocks, a table and a kitchen. I was astonished to see two flush toilets, both with views into the jungle, as well as a hot shower. Chakra also had 3 smaller platforms for friends, family and guests to stay in.

For a weekend Eduardo shared the magic of Chakra with me. He took me to Chakra waterfall and told me he repelled it and used it as a natural waterside. He explained to me the entire river could be canyoned. He took me to Chakra tree, a massive, 200 year old strangler fig tree with impressive height and holds perfect for climbing. He took me up to the top of Cerro Ena, a 3200m high peak, basically private for the community of San Jeronimo, the community that Chakra resides in. I left the place feeling more relaxed, balanced, and enchanted.

A few months later we returned to Chakra in June with Eduardo’s friend and his kids. Together we climbed Chakra tree, rapelled the rocks around Chakra waterfall, and the waterfall itsself. I saw the look on the kids faces as they over came challenges, tried new things and experienced the natural power of the place. It was then that I realized we needed to share this place with others, and open it to our community of Run Like A Girl. Together, that night, as we lay under our mosquito net in our 3 walled cabana, we dreamed up what is now the Chakra Adventure and Wellness retreat.

A week of yoga, rapelling, tree climbing, hiking and relaxation. We give back to the community by hiring local cooks from the town of San Jeronimo, a rural village with not many sources of income. We also choose to do a community project to give back to the community. In April we donated school supplies to the elementary school and made a huge difference in the students lives.

This is our own private property, and we are so blessed to be able to have it as our own. But the magic is so real, and we want to share it with others. It is untouched by tourism, it is real, it is authentic, it is truly unique. We want people to join us there, experience the bliss, challenge themselves, and leave a different person. That is why we started this project. Because we truly believe we can make a difference in peoples lives, because it is not just the week that you are at Chakra, it is the impression it leaves you with after. I promise these aren’t just whimsical words I am throwing into a blog, they are real. There is an energy at Chakra that really can’t be described, only experienced.

In November of 2014 we brought our first group and in April 2015 our second, to Chakra and the experience was incredible. We have been able to share our property with 24 others, and each of these people, from all over North America, from all different walks of life, felt the magic and the energy of the place. We witnessed people grow, challenge themselves, overcome fears, conquer challenges and connect deeply. It is hard not to feel this way at Chakra.

There is no electricity, there is no 3G, no wifi. There is just pure mountain air, natural running water, jungle and calmness. When there is no connection to the outside world, you have a really opportunity to connect to those around you, to yourself, and to the nature surrounding you.

And the amazing part is that everything we have chosen for the camp, all the activities, are either on the property, or a short walking distances away. Our waterfall and rock rapell is on our property, the tree as well. And both the hikes we chose are just a short walk down the road to the trail head. Our carbon foot print while at Chakra is minimal. Really only the gas we use for cooking, and the incredible hot shower. Needless to say, Chakra is my paradise. And now it is our paradise that we have chose to share with anyone who wants to join us there.

November 8th-14th is our next adventure retreat and we would love to have you join us. Email with any questions or for more information!

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