11 Confessions of a Distance Runner

When you start spending more and more time running, you start to inadvertently incorporate different things into your life. When your weekend mornings are spent running for hours instead of sleeping in, when your week day evenings are filled with speed work, hill repeats, tempo runs and when your constantly setting ridiculous new goals… things can start to get a little weird. But have no fear, you are not alone!

Here are my confessions:

1. My hydration pack is my turtle shell: Like a turtle’s shell is their home, I like to think of my hydration pack the same way. Since I spend hours and hours with it on my back, I have had to learn to love it. It is basically an extension of myself out there and I can keep almost everything I might need in it!

2. My favourite snacks are baby food and energy bars: You have to eat when you’re running for hours on end and unless you want to pack around pounds of food, race food is the way to go. I have had to developed a palate for delectable gels, baby food, energy chews and bars. Mmmm delicious!

3. My laundry is 99% athletic clothes: Lets face it, you are probably either about to run, running or have just finished running at any given time. That much running means a lot of sweaty clothes, and a lot of sweaty laundry.

4. My car has become my gym bag: With 5am works outs before work, and trail runs after work I always need to be ready for a sweat session. Hence why my car has turned into a gym bag, complete with everything I need making it pretty convenient to get sweaty!

5. Perma dirt tan vs actual tan: It is getting pretty hard to tell the difference as summer approaches and the day are more sunny. My legs are getting darker, but I swear it could be dirt packed on from the hours spent running through the dirty, dusty, muddy trails.
dirt tan

6. Trail food: I get really excited when someone whips out a new snack I never thought of on the trails. That dried coconut or those peanut m&ms might as well be the finest gourmet meal the way I am eyeing it!
trail food

7. I find happiness in extreme discomfort: Hours running means copious amounts of quad burning, possible cramping, glutes on fire, sore calves and just general fatigue. And that’s not even the best part… The morning after a tough, long run? Can’t beat that glorious “every part of my body hurts” feeling.

8. I stretch all the time. No I don’t.

9. Nature does call: With hours spent on the run, its inevitable that nature will call at some point. I have had to become comfortable with dropping short in front of my running friends, behind that tree, bush or log or in a random outhouse, and sometimes in front of strangers (Just look away everyone!). Plus, I need an excuse to use I love my muff wipes… it’s basically a spa treatment on the go.

10. Dress code: After a long run, the first priority is almost always food. I might have planned ahead and packed a change of clothes in my car. But if not, I apologize in advance to anyone near by that I may offend because regardless of my smelly, filthy, dirty presentation I am getting something to eat. I am too hungry to notice my smell and motley appearance and let’s face it, there isn’t much worse than a hangry runner.

11. Crazy is as crazy does: Friends are KEY to maintain sanity when running for hours on end, weekend after weekend. Who are we kidding, we are all a little. We’ve seen each other at our lowest lows, and our highest highs. I’ve peed, cried, complained, sworn, wanted to give up ect in front of my trail friends and they still love me. Running friends are the best of friends!

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