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Chakra Project is located in the pristine mountains of Costa Rica at 1700m elevation, outside the rural town of San Jeronimo. Nestled between two of the most important National Parks in the country: La Amistad International Park and Biosphere Reserve (the largest conservation area in Costa Rica and Panama), and Chirripo National Park (the highest point in the country). Chakra is a place that soothes the soul, where your entire day can be filled with new experiences, in incredible and exciting places, surrounded by natural beauty. The 20 hectare property boasts its own river and natural spring and although it was used for cattle farming in the past (30 years ago), 60% of it has naturally regenerated into a mature secondary forest and 30% is being proposed for an intense reforestation/regeneration program, designating only 10% of the land for the operation of our Eco-lodge.
IMG_4729< At the Chakra Project we understand that the success of this idea depends on the success of the local community of San Jeronimo. That is why we know we have to support both the community and the delicate ecological system that surrounds chakra. By helping support the Chakra project, you are helping us support many different projects that we have decided on. Click here to support our campaign:


1. Chakra Eco-lodge: On the 10% of remaining property we built an eco-lodge to share the beauty of this place with others. 5 cabanas were built to sleep closely connected to the jungle, a main platform for eating, hammock therapy and connecting with others, a hot shower to relax after an adventurous day and two flush toilets with jungle views. Currently there is a waterfall for rappelling and sliding down, a rappelling and climbing school on surrounding rocks, a massive strangler fig tree to climb, a variety of options for all levels of hiking and trail running to waterfalls and mountain tops with incredible views, both a wooden platform and natural rock platform for yoga and meditation and a 7 waterfall rappel adventure in Chakra canyon.

We constantly have to maintain our facilities because the lodge is set in the rain forest and we hope to continue to improve the existing structures. We are currently working on the rock wall amphitheatre with dreams of it becoming an outdoor climbing sight. We also dream of installing a high-ropes course and two zip lines. We hope to plant and grow an organic vegetable garden to increase the sustainability of our adventure retreats. We also hope to be able to hold more contests to send others to Chakra Wellness and Adventure Retreat to help other deserving people go.

We believe our Adventure retreats can change lives, it is a week of experiencing life “off the grid” away from our busy every day lives. It is a place to challenge yourself, grow, and experience and try things you’ve never done before. It is a place to reflect, to connect with yourself and others and step out of your own comfort zone. A week at our Chakra Lodge is truly a unique and worthy gift to share with yourself.

2. The Reforestation Project: Our dream is to reforest 30% of the newly acquired Chakra property which was up until our purchase used for cattle farming. It is an extremely important property as it is right in the buffer zone of Chirripo National Park. Currently there is just grass and small bushes on the property from farmers cutting everything down to make room for the cattle. We will start with a natural regeneration project to help improve the soil quality that has been damaged for years by cattle and horses. We will then plant local species of trees to help regrow the rainforest and compensate our carbon foot print of the Chakra Eco-lodge.

3. The San Jeronimo Environmental Education Community Project: Our goal is to educate the community to understand the importance of conservation. We want to change their traditional environmental practices towards more ecological practices that value their natural resources with: Sustainable farming techniques, soil preservation, compositing, higher diversity of crops and crop rotation, appropriate use of water management, garbage disposable and management. We have a connection with the local school and we hope to make a positive impact on the children.

4. Aturena (Associate of Tourism for Ena): This is a group of extremely hardworking men from San Jeronimo. They are the communities local guides and they work on preserving and protecting local hiking trails, mainly Ena Peak. They have worked hard to rebuild a cabin at nearly the summit of Ena for groups to stay over-night after it was burnt down by poachers. The cabin also serves as a refuge for the workers to stay in as they work on preserving the trail.

Any donation can make a huge difference in any of our projects. We hope that everyone who wants to join us at Chakra can make it and share the intense and delicate beauty, experience the energy and the adventures this place holds.
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