12 Items That Are In My Running Pack Right Now!

Take a look inside my running pack… everything I need to get me through short to long runs. The items listed below I regularly rely on and always have at least one of everything with me, more depending on my distance or where I will be running.



1. Muff Wipes

– These amazing handy little biodegradable wipes that fit in my pack and hand held water bottle! you never know when you’ll have to go! These are my #1 item, I never go on a run without one of these! 




2. Nakd Bars 

– Raw, all natural fuel. These are my favourite bars and Vegan!






– An all natural boost of energy. A mix of caffeine, Vitamin B12 and a few other key vitamins and nutrients. On occasion on long runs or races ill add a packet of eboost to my water to kick start me when I’m feeling a little low.


4. Shot Bloks

– Energy Chews. They are easy to get down, they have electrolytes, calories, and some have caffeine. An all over great little bite of energy.

images-33 images-34

5. Dates and Cashews

– I love dates and Cashews… I buy large containers of dates and bulk raw cashews through them in a ziplock bag and I have a great running snack, full of carbs, natural sugars, protein and fat. Sometimes I will add the dates, cashews, freshly squeezed lemon juice and shredded coconut into my food processor to make an even more delicious version of this snack!

photo 1-8


photo 2-8

6. Love Child

– Thats right pureed food. Fruit and Veggies what more could you ask for in a snack!




7. Hammer Fizz Electrolyte Tabs

– Electrolyte replenisher tabs, just add into your bladder or water bottle. I prefer the Hammer Fizz over Nuun Tabs just because I find the Hammer ones to be a little be less fizzy.


8. Vaseline 

– Chaffing is a friend of mine. Vaseline is a MUST have for me. These small mini containers are a perfect fit for any running pack.


9. Sports Legs

– These are the anti-muscle burn answer! One an hour before exercise and one an hour after 2 or more hours of exercise.



10. Salt Pills

– These are for just in case, muscle cramping, really hot running days etc. Please be sure to read or ask about using salt pills while running as their usage varies person to person.


11.  A Compass and Thermometer

– You never know when you will need one.

5027-247_NOC02_view1_720x72012. A Emergency Solar Blanket

– Trail running, in mountains anything can happen…you never know when you may need this.








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