Prepping for 130kms

What does 2 weeks before a 130km race look like? For everyone it will look different but here is what it looks like for me…

On August 22nd I will be towing the start line of day 1 of the Squamish 50/50 2 day ultra marathon trail race. Day 1 consists of 80km or 50miles of narly squamish trails followed by 50 km on Sunday, essentially of the same 80km route minus 30km. This race throws out more then just the physical challenges of running two big days within 24hours, but added mental challenge of running the same route.

Two week out before a race like this I am eating…. eating… sleeping… stretching… eating…. getting massages…. eating!

I spend as much of my time:

1. Rolling my muscles and stretching a lot! I keep up with it in my everyday life but I spend even more time doing yoga, stretching, rolling and visiting my massage therapist leading up to the big day. I have been spending at least an hour each day doing one of these things.


2. Fuelling – for me that is a lot of juicing, smoothies, fruit, veggies, yams, squash, sushi. The goal is to just get a lot of calories and nutrition.

IMG_1239 IMG_1620

3. Keeping myself moving, but resting. Running still, the weekend before this big race I will run 10kms and the weeks leading up to it 20-30km’s with my usual 2-3 weekly short runs of 5-7kms, usually used for speed training. Its really important to keep the body moving. Not high intensity or impact, just keep the muscles on the move. PS. yes sleep a lot. Sleep is very important to help your body recover and rest.


4. Planning… race maps, aid stations, drop bags. I will usually have either my fianc√© or a crew of friends out along the route at aid stations. I have bags of food and items such as socks, shoes, shorts, a tank top and a hat just incase I need to change anything. This takes the most planning because sometimes you really don’t know what you will need out there or what you will want to eat. So be prepared for one of everything.







5. I go in to my naturopath for what is called a Myers IV. I usually do this throughout the running season but especially leading up to a big race. I have had issues in the past with my body being malnourished. Because of how much I train its very difficult to keep up with replenishing my body. I have gotten quite sick in the past and discovered that going in for an Vitamin IV really makes a huge difference in my life. What is included in the Myers IV: magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12) and vitamin C. I also, 90% of the time, have a low heart rate therefore I drink liquorice root tea, as you can see in the cup, which helps increase my heart rate making it safer for me to receive magnesium which is what opens up my blood vessels allowing the vitamins to make their way through my body. Please see a naturopath for any questions or to see if this would work for you.


6. Kickin my feet up! Even on my lunch breaks… hard training… its time to trust it and do some R&R.


7. Getting my pack… packed.


8. Having my shoes ready to go… primarily Hokas! and then just in case Salomon Speed Cross.

IMG_0948 IMG_1839

9. Finally I like to reflect on what I have accomplished through my training… mostly how great of a DIRTAN I have gotten.



If I have forgotten anything… its because I have race brain!


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