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If you are like me, you hate mornings. You could sleep in every morning if life permitted. You drag yourself out of bed at last possible minute after hitting snooze multiple times and the thought of exercising in the morning is probably the worst idea you’ve ever heard of. I blame working 12 hour night shifts for my lack of enthusiasm in the mornings. But whatever your reason behind your constant desire of rolling back over and sleeping, there is hope! You can become a better morning person!

Let’s face it, the best time to get up and out the door for a long run or a workout is the morning. Get out there before the craziness of the day sneaks up on you and to get the most out of your day. Here are some ideas on how to get up, get dressed, and be that crazy morning runner!

Tip #1: Go to bed early.
Sometimes its hard, especially on the weekend when your other friends are out for dinner and drinks or you’re catching up on your favourite TV show or the kids won’t hit the hay. But make a conscious effort to be in bed with the lights out (including your phone!) early so that you can be fully rested for your AM exercise. Put more importance on your morning run than the social gathering you are ducking early out of.

Tip #2: Have a consistent schedule.
If you sleep in too much on your rest/non-running days, it can throw off your whole cycle because you’ll generally stay up later, which makes it harder to wake up the next morning. Even on your rest days make an effort to get up at a decent time. For shift workers this is clearly impossible since you are constantly swtiching between day shifts and night shifts. What I have found is make sure you get 8 hours of sleep in between your night shifts and wake up early (around noon) after your second night shift so you can go to bed at a resonable time that night. This will help you reset your sleep cycle faster for your days off.

Tip #3: Set out everything the night before.
This will help you get excited for your run the next morning and will free up some time in the morning. It is so much easier to just grab everything and go! This is especially helpful before a long run where you will need more prepping such as making sure you have enough nutrition and other long run essentials! You don’t want to be 2 hours in a realize you forgot your body glide!

Tip #4: Get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off.
Forget the snooze button, seriously. Once your up, your up. Don’t give yourself that chance to roll back over and sleep. A warm, cozy bed can be way more inticing upon first waking up than running for hours. Don’t let the bed win!

Tip #5: Remind yourself why you want to be an early morning runner.
For me I find that getting my runs in early will allow me to have a far more productive day. Get your run done early so that you have time for other essential things. If you put off your run through out the day you might find that it doesn’t happen at all. Maybe for you, you like the mornings better. The world is more quiet, there are less people and traffic out. Maybe it helps you feel charged and energetic for the rest of the day.

Tip #6: Keep it local or plan ahead
This is especially true for midweek early workouts. If your gym or usual trail is too far from your house to make morning workouts/runs practial, keep it closer to home because really, do you want to commute twice? Run around your neighbourhood or set up an area in your home where you can get a workout in. There are so many workouts out
there that require absolutely no equitpment! If your gym is on the way to work, pack your change of clothes and shower at the gym and head in to work feeling fresn and ready to tackle your day!

Tip #7: Find a friend!
You don’t want to let your friend down, and they don’t want to let you down either. This should be more than enough motivation to get your butt up and out the door. Plus it is a great way to socialize with a friend during the week that you might not have other wise seen and can be way more fun training in the wee hours with a friend by your side!

As an anti-morning person, these are the things that have worked for me. I would say the hands down, most important one is having friends to get out there with. You don’t want to be that friend bailing on your friend who is already up, teeth brushed and ready to go!

What are your top tips for getting out of bed early? Do you have a c

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