Meet Roxanne!

Through our community we have met some incredible people. We put it out there to the community looking for ambassadors. We had so many amazing women apply from around the world and it was very hard to pick.  This first ambassador stuck out to us because of her crazy energy, her strength and her positive attitude. (And she rock’s knee high compression socks and short shorts, just like we do 😉 ) When we invited her to join us an ambassador, she displayed the same, if not more, excited energy that we see on her Instagram daily!

We want to introduce to you ambassador #, Roxanne: A bad ass, mum, fitness instructor, and runner. Here is her story:

Hi! I am Roxanne! I have been doing cartwheels of excitement since I found out I was named a Run Like a Girl Ambassador! I am a mom of two kids, wife  and have been a fitness instructor for over 20 years. I’m currently not teaching as I decided to try my hand at heavy equipment operating a year and a half ago!

I was born with a congenital heart defect which limited my ability to exert myself from an early age. I had open heart surgery at the age of 9 and from that point on have been unstoppable. My regular visits to my cardiologist always leave him shaking his head and telling me to keep doing whatever it is I am doing as my stress test has me at a fitness level higher than that of not only heart patients but of those with normal hearts. This always makes me so proud!

You can find me trying crazy new exercise moves at home, or whiting the roads and trails near my house… even if it’s -30 outside right now! I am full of energy and I keep a positive attitude about everything in life.

I have been running for about twelve years and a run streaker for 6 years currently working in my 7th year of running every single day. Last year I ran my first two ultra marathons. As a team member for sinister 7 and as a duo for the Rivers Edge Ultra near Edmonton. I have ran so many half marathons I have lost count and 7 full marathons. I’m not fast. At all. I just love to run. Running sets me free from so many things. It gives me strength to deal with so much. To be a better mom, wife friend and human being!

Goals for 2016– 50k solo spruce woods ultra in May in Manitoba, team member for sinister 7 ultra in July, and I’m running several legs of black spur ultra in August.

I want to inspire others to believe in themselves. We are capable of so much more than we will ever know. Ultras have taught me this. And they allow me to get out and see this beautiful country, in the highest most secluded and beautiful areas that most will never see!!!!!
I’m so excited to work with Run Like a Girl!!!! Beyond words!!!! You can follow along with my journey on instagram at: runfoxxirun

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