Dating a Runner: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Let’s face it… we runners are crazy, and we love it that way. Running is amazing, keeps us healthy and fit.We run our stress away and spending hours doing something we love and often have
fantastic attitudes. But deep down, we have some dirty little secrets that only a runner will understand. So non-runners, beware before you date/marry a runner… here is a little insight into what you might not know 
about us! The three of us are in fact all married to non-runners, so obviously this article is all for fun 😉

1. We will wear our sweaty gear out in public:
After a long run or a big race the first and possibly only thing we can think of is food… so no… we most likely are not going home to shower and change. We will march right in to a restaurant and order our food and enjoy it without batting an eye. The grocery store? Wouldn’t even think twice. Be prepared to go anywhere in public next to us in  our running clothes.

2. We are sore… a lot:
Especially the feet, calves and thighs. You will hear “Oh my goodness, I am SO sore today” more than you want to. And you better get those hands ready for some serious massages.

3. We can be a roller-coaster of emotions:
Runner’s high, pre-race anxiety, celebrating a personal record or a new distance, crying over a DNF, being excited about a new route, being so completely exhausted from a training run that we don’t know how to even deal with our selves anymore… yep, it’s a complete package!

4. We have a lot of shoes:
We feel weirdly attached to our old pairs of shoes, especially ones that we did big races in. We also probably have different shoes for different types of running… gym shoes, road runners, trail shoes… So yes…we do need ALL those pairs of running shoes.

5. There is rarely a “quick” run:
Once we are out the door and doing what we love, that 30 minute run we promised can easily go a lot longer than planned. If runner’s high kicks in, you might not see us for hours!

6. We will try our hardest to convert you into a runner:
Since we love running so much, it is hard for us to think about someone who doesn’t like running. We are very passionate about sharing our love with the world. We will convince you to join us and
just be hopeful that one day you will join us at the start line of a race. And even if you complain, you’ll still be invited every time.

Brice Ferre Studio - Vancouver Commercial, Portrait, Editorial, advertising, trail running, athlete, adventure, photographer

Brice Ferre Studio – Vancouver Commercial, Portrait, Editorial, advertising, trail running, athlete, adventure, photographer

7. Forget Saturday date nights:
Unless your idea of a dream date night includes carb loading, lounging on the couch watching running videos and hitting the hay earlier, you’re going to be disappointed.

8. No lazy Sunday mornings:
You will quickly learn the term “Sunday runday“… which essentially means we will be out of bed and out the door earlier than  most work days. And count on us being gone for at least a few hours.

9. Running is 99% of what we talk about
At a wedding, out for dinner, with our friends… yep. It’s our favourite thing to talk about. Race goals, the new running route, new gear racing fads, running shoes, how far we ran today… the list goes on. It is super interesting for us and all our runner friends, but we apologize ahead of time if you have the time don’t know what we are talking about! And yeah, it might be difficult for us to hold a conversation with “other people” unless it can contain something to do with running at some point.

10. We do a lot of laundry:
Think of how many sweaty outfits we go through a week or even day sometimes. We’ve been known to change three times in one day, once for the run, once for our strength class after, and then our chill out “I am too lazy to put any effort in” outfit. There is a silver lining to this one because we will probably do your laundry too… as long as you don’t mind it getting mixed in with our stinky sweaty running and fitness gear.

11. We are ALWAYS hungry:
Because we’re running, we are always hungry and our appetites are immense. When we come home from a long run, we feel half-starved and end up eating everything in site. Don’t even think about eating off our plates.. you do not want to experience a “Hangry” runner!

12. Foot issues:
Runner’s are definitely not known for having the most beautiful feet on the planet. You better get used to missing toe nails, calluses, smelly feet…

13. Vacations are structured around races:
Why just travel, when you can travel and run races? Why yes we do want to go to Hawaii with you on this specific weekend that just happens to also be the Hawaii marathon. Perfect timing!

14. Electrolytes.. our drinks of choice:
Sure we will go out for drinks with you, and by drinks we mean recovery smoothies, electrolyte replacements and smoothies in our kitchen. Hey, we need a lot of protein to recover our muscles and
electrolytes to replace all we are sweating out!

15. We are more likely to splurge on running gear… and not you
Yes running is a free sport, but it is a very expensive free sport. We need shoes, hydration packs, athletic clothing, protein powders, race food, race entries… the list goes on and on.

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