10 Ways to Inspire Your Family


I have always been the pusher, the doer, the one with the exciting ideas… I love my family so much that I want nothing more then for them to be able to accomplish things they never thought possible. I always want them to try new things and to push themselves to have experiences like I do. It’s not always easy for us to inspire and motivate others around us, however I have a few helpful tips to share that help keep me motivating others!


1. Always keep doing what you do… are you a runner? Cyclist? Hiker… what ever you passion is keep doing it. Those around you will see your love for it and how it makes you happy in your life… you are the example.

2. Take it slow… no need to push your mom into doing a 1/2 marathon after her first run. Take it step by step and show them, teach them how to start, where to start and where they can end up.


3. Set a goal… I signed my dad up for his first 10km race for his fathers day gift.

4. Do it with them… and I signed myself up to. The whole point is to share experiences with them. To be there for encouragement, to help and to have fun!


5. Keep inviting them… even if they say no every time. You never know when they may say yes. It shows that you care and really want them to join you.


6. Don’t be a bragger… No one likes to have someone else’s accomplishments shoved down their ears all the time. Your friends and family think you are great and over sharing… can lead to discouraging them.

7. Be honest… if they ask how hard it will be, how long it will take or how much farther to go, be honest. No one likes the 1 more km rule. I am a truth teller out there because I hate nothing more then when someone tells me I’ve got 1 more km when theres really 5 more. Being honest might be part of what is intimidating them but ensure them that they can do it and your there to help!


8. Be willing to adjust your plans… if they can only do 10km then you only do 10km. Be flexible. Have an open mind to new and different ways of doing things or even taking a new route. Not everyone will be able to approach activities or situations the same as you. Listen to their needs, you may need to re visit your plan or goal and adjust.

9. Don’t be a drill sergeant… I mean really don’t.

10. Be knowledgeable but don’t know everything… a know it all is also discouraging because they may feel they need to keep up to your level, or they are afraid to make a mistake or do it wrong. This is exactly what we don’t want. We want them to make mistakes and learn just like you did.

Lastly… BE PROUD OF THEM! Let them know what a great job they have done, point out the accomplishment they have made, how far they have come. BE POSITIVE! 





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