The Best of my Life

It was the first day of the ” best ” of my life. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know that. I was a wife and the mother of four beautiful children, and I was about to take the first of countless steps to taking control over my body.


It was the end part of June 2013, I was 36 yrs old and tipping the scales at a frightening 270 lbs with an alarming BMI of 47.8. I was squeezing myself into too small size 24 jeans and 3XL tops. I was exhausted, breathless, consumed by aches and pains and I had allowed myself to become a prisoner in my own body. One morning I was enjoying a cup of coffee and a donut while peeking at a social media website when all of a sudden, there it was, in techni-freakin-color! OMG! My mom had posted a picture of me from the weekend before, as we spent time poolside. I’m quite certain that, had I not been hell – bent on eating that donut, I’d have choked on it. I didn’t even recognize myself in that face and body. I saw a young woman who was trying desperately to hide behind super cute sunglasses and a giant beach towel. She was self-conscious, anti-social, lonely and most of all, she was sad.

That was it. I knew something had to change. I dove in head-first. I didn’t know what I was doing, but was determined to figure it out as I went along. I figured activity was as good a starting point as any. Day 1, I walked 1 mile on a beat up old treadmill. It took me twenty seven minutes to haul 270 lbs 1 stinkin mile. To say I was overwhelmed, would be the understatement of a lifetime. But, day 2 came around and I kept moving. I was determined to get healthy. I didn’t allow myself to consider failure. As long as I kept pushing forward “failure” didn’t exist.


One week turned into a month and a month into six months. I grew stronger and my stamina became, what felt like limitless. I read everything I could lay my eyes on to try to understand the in’s and out’s of a healthy lifestyle. I’m anti-diet. Diets are equal to a band-aid on a gunshot wound! It’s a temporary solution to a perpetual problem. I needed forever fixes. I learned how to fuel my body properly and FYI, that includes indulging in ice cream twice a week, real world solution for a lifetime of success.

I’m guessing it was about a year into this crazy journey that I’d headed out the door for my morning run, ( by this time, when I stepped off to run, it could be a mile or ten miles! I was open to wherever the road took me) anyways, I was lost in my own mind, taking it all in. The feel of my sneakers against the pavement the booming of the music coming from my earbuds and all of a sudden I was very aware of this feeling of pride in myself. Realizing how far I’d come. That, sure, some days were better than others, but I was choosing to fight and win every single day. That’s when it happened. I fell in love with myself. I allowed myself to love ME as much as anyone else loved me. I understood how important I was to my family and friends, and that I was valuable. In that moment, I became unstoppable.


Today is yet another blessing. I’m humbled to be here sharing my story with you. I’m hopeful that someone in need of the “push” sees this and is filled with encouragement. I’m not rich, I’m not famous. I don’t keep an expensive gym membership or have a personal trainer. I don’t buy into the fad diets. I simply live by the rule of, calories in vs calories burned. It’s honestly that simple, no matter how complicated we try to make it. I run most every day and enjoy low weight, high rep weight training a few days a week. I use a balance ball for stretching and abdominal work. That’s it! No more no less.


I’ve been at goal for quite some time now and am happy to say, it’s been fairly “easy” to maintain. I’m weighing in at a perfect 120 lbs with a BMI of 21.3. I’m comfortably wearing a size 1 jeans and a small top. I’m an active participant in the lives of my children and husband. I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m in love with my family and I remember to love myself every single day! All because, I RUN LIKE A GIRL!

With genuine thanks,

wife, momma, daughter, sister, friend,


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