Stay Hydrated!

Summer is quickly coming, and with it comes summer running, which can mean heat and humidity. Summer running means for us being drenched in sweat within five steps of running. But lets not complain! However, there are some things to take into consideration when the temperatures start to rise and our miles increase.

This might mean slowing down the pace a little, giving your body time to rest and recover and hydrating. Hydration, hydration, hydration! The absolute key to summer running.

Some of us are awful at hydrating. The most important thing is to make it a habit through out your day, not just while you are running. I always make sure I carry a water bottle on me at all times and make a conscious effort to get through 3 of my 700ml water bottles a day.

Here are our top tips for getting through summer running with out shriveling up!

  1. Pee check.
    Really. Check your pee. Spending time in Costa Rica where it can be hot and humid, we have become masters at pee checks. There’s no better way to know whether or not your drinking enough fluids. Your pee should be light yellow in color. It shouldn’t be dark (dehydrated) or clear (potentially over-hydrated). You also need to make sure you are paying about every 2 hours on those long, hot summer runs.
  2. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
    When you wake up in the morning, your body is dehydrated since you’ve been asleep for (hopefully) 7-8 hours. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is not only a good way to start hydrating, but it can actually kick start your metabolism. I make sure that I fill up my water bottle before leaving to work and try and get through half of it before getting to work.
  3. Hydrate before running and don’t wait to be thirsty to drink.
    Being dehydrated can impact your performance. Make sure to have a few good sips of water before heading out for a run. You want to start your run hydrated because when you’re dehydrated, your blood volume decreases meaning that your heart has to work a lot harder to get oxygen to your muscles.
    While you’re running, you want to stay hydrated but not over-hydrated. It can be a tough thing to balance, and it gets easier in time as you start to get to know your body. You want to stay on top of being hydrated so don’t necessarily wait for your body to tell you when it’s thirsty. Early dehydration often comes without ever feeling thirsty. The easiest way to remember to drink is to set an alarm on your watch to drink at least every 20 minutes. Stay on top of your hydration so it doesn’t get away from you! It can be difficult to play catch up!grand8
  4. Don’t skip the electrolytes!
    Electrolytes are a crucial part to staying hydrated. If you just drink water, and go out and sweat you are going to flush out all your electrolytes which can lead to muscle fatigue and cramps, nausea and vomiting and if left on too long, can lead to acute kidney failure. The hotter the day, the more you are going to sweat, so the more electrolytes you are going to loose. Add electrolytes to your water for those long hot runs, or take salt tabs. Get to know what works for you. I personally recommend carrying a source of plain water, as well as a source with electrolytes. I have found this is a good balance. Sometimes electrolyte filled water can start to make your mouth feel gritty, and a drink of plain water is essential! My favourite electrolytes are Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes. Get 15% off your order with our discount code: Runlikeagirl15

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