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It can’t just be me… Time is going by ridiculously fast. It’s September… The middle of Septemberin fact… Of 2016. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Didn’t I just finish my ER course? How was that already a year ago? I’m sure you’re saying exactly the same thing.

Without me getting too philosophical on you, I wanted to share my thoughts. I could go into Einstein’s theory of relativity, about how time is relevant to those perceiving it and the longer you live the shorter years feel, because hey, you’ve experienced more of them. (Example, remember when you were a kid and summer break seriously lasted forever?) Anyways, the point of this blog isn’t meant to be all doom and gloom about time speeding up and whatever else I could get into. What it’s about is whether or not time is speeding up, it doesn’t matter. But what does matter is this fact that can’t be ignored, that life does end. We all know this, it shouldn’t be a shocker…we’ve all lost someone. Now while my point can sound rather depressing, I want to share my insight.

We get one life; one beautiful, incredible life on this absolutely amazing planet with an endless amount of possibilities. If you’re reading this, you are already so much luckier than so many people on this planet. You have some sort of device that can access the Internet, which probably means you have a job, or a partner with a job, and a house or place to live, and clothes to wear and friends and family that you love. But trust me. Life is so much more than working and paying bills. That’s not why we are here!

adventure day

We are beings of seriously, infinite potential with endless opportunities basically at your finger tips. There is an endless array of adventures just waiting to be had. So while you’re here…live, damn it! Don’t just exist. Live! Get out there in this big awesome planet and do the things you’ve always dreamed of!!


Sign up for that big race, go sky diving, climb that mountain, take that trip to the place you’ve always wanted to go, become a certified scuba diver… whatever it is that fuels you with passion… do it. I promise me you’ll never regret an experience that you take. Life is not about what you have, it’s about what you do and how you do it. I know that so many different factors can stop us from travelling, from training for a big goal race, from taking a course. Money, time, responsibilities, ect. But there are smaller changes you can make to make your dreams a reality. Stop spending that 5$ every day at Starbucks and instead put it in a piggy bank and guess what in a year you’ll have over 1800$ which is enough for a trip somewhere awesome. Cut out an hour of TV a night and get out fro that run. Set aside more time for yourself to do what you love. Make simple changes in your life that allows you more time to get out there and live.


If you’re feeling trapped or restless, it’s for a reason! It’s because our souls are meant to run free and wild. We all have wild hopes and dreams. Nurture those and go after them. Live a life that inspires not only the people around you, but yourself as well. So stop wishing and dreaming… Start doing and being! Do it now, do it now, do it now… Because now is all we truly have… And it could be gone in the blink of an eye. Nothing is certain other than this exact moment you’re in. Make it count.

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