Meet Lindsay

Our ambassador program is new, and growing and we love the women that we’ve brought on the team. You have met our other ambassadors, now to introduce our newest team member! We met Lindsay originally at our very first Adventure and Wellness Retreat. We have seen her grow as an athlete and develop an incredible passion for the outdoors and adventure. Everyone meet Lindsay!


When Lindsay joined us at the retreat, she had never ran a trail race before. She conquered our biggest challenge option of Cerro Ena. A difficult, 32km peak with 2000m elevation gain. She did with a smile on her face the whole time, even though she made it back in the last few moments before dark. We could see how proud she was of that accomplishment and it lit a spark.


While looking for ways to get active and be outdoors with my new puppy at the time, I decided to give trail running a shot. I grew up academically and musically inclined, not athletically. After discovering that my body was shockingly able to run farther and farther, trail running with my dog became a daily passion. After moving to the mountains in beautiful British Columbia, this quickly snowballed into a love for all things outdoor and adventurous – hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, yoga, kayaking, and of course – more and more trail running. But if for some reason I am not doing one of those things, I’m probably in my vegetable garden or at my sewing machine with some tea.


In the past year, I have ran my very first trail race (The Broken Goat 12km), been on my first backcountry ski tour, and sent my first lead climb. There always seems to be something new to try or a new trail to discover living here. I’m just happy that the hardest thing I have to do is choose!

My current goal is training for The Golden Ultra which is a 3 day trail race here on my local trails. Lots of dirt, rocks, roots and plenty of up and a total of nearly 100km over the 3 days.


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