It is Time for Self-Love

Listen up ladies (and gentlemen too!), the body shaming stops right here, right now. Enough is a enough. Why do people feel the need to constantly judge others for the way they look. Big, small, tall, skinny, curvy… it affects anyone. I am so tired of this world being so judgmental and negative. Why must we judge others superficially? Seriously! This has to stop!

The truth is, everyone is different. That is what makes us so special. No one is the same as anyone else. We have different personalities, different goals, different dreams, we come from different places, different families. We are different shapes and sizes. We all look different. Get over it people! Let everyone be who they are and focus on yourself! This world is hard enough and we put enough stress and pressure on ourselves. I wish everyone who stop judging people, stop name calling, stop insulting. This world needs more love for one another and for ourselves!


Let’s come together and all vow to stop shaming each other, and stop shaming ourselves! Over the past while I have seen body shaming become a thing over the internet, and it really shouldn’t be anything. I will absolutely be the first to admit that I am at times so hard on myself. It is easy sometimes to get down about yourself and focus on the negative things. We have all done it. We look in the mirror and we nit-pick at all the little things we thing we could change. We compare ourselves to so and so who might be skinnier, or fitter, or have more muscle or whatever else we think we don’t have.

Yes, looking at yourself and picking things that you would like to change about yourself can be a positive thing, but it has to be done in a healthier way. We need to look at ourselves as individuals, and not compare ourselves to others. If you think you’d like to loose a little weight around the middle, use that as fuel to become a happier, healthier version of yourself. Don’t do it because you think that is what will make you look better in the eyes of society, do it because you want to!

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Do not discriminate against yourself, or other people because you might not look like an athlete based on societies standards. What does an athlete look like? Like this! All this women are ladies from our community, who are athletes. It has nothing to do with the way you look, the size that you are, how much body fat you have or don’t have.

I have been subjected to body shaming and I honestly deem myself as a strong, healthy and happy woman. Yes, I am on the smaller side, an extra small to be exact. But I have not lost or gained a pound in nearly 4 years (other than a pound or two after a good poop of course). So clearly, I am healthy. Clearly my body is happy with my size and weight. Stop telling me I am too skinny people. Stop judging me for what I eat. Stop telling me maybe if I didn’t run so much, I could put on a few pounds. I have muscle. I am strong. I am a bad-ass mountain running woman who can run far and long and I love it.


So, YOU! You need to do exactly what I just did there. You need to look at yourself in a positive light, from here on out! Learn to love yourself, and I mean truly love yourself. Turn those negative thoughts off. Say it with me: “I am strong, happy, and healthy and yes, there might be things I want to work on, but that will only further fuel the fire to becoming the best version of me that I can be.”  Stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself, cause guess what. You are stuck with you and you’re not going to be a very happy person if just are constantly focusing on negative things all the time. Try making a list of all the things you love about yourself and all the things you are proud of. And then make a list of all the things that you would like to work on or improve on. But do not make those things physical attributes. Instead, write down tangible, real goals that you can achieve.

Try it and see, because truly loving yourself is probably the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Let’s start fresh today, it is time for self love!


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