A Day In The Life Of A Crazy

I recorded a week of my crazy life to share with you all… its far from easy…I am asked all of the time how I manage to fit everything in… I often struggle to answer that… I have a weekly full time job and Run Like A Girl, a full time ultra-marathon training schedule and a family. The day to day struggle can take over very easily for me… but here is my honest life in a week.

My life circumstances: I am married but have no kids (yet), I live in a townhouse which means no yard work and a smaller living space to clean, I live within 10 minutes 0f my day job, my parents and my husbands parents. It’s about a 45 minute drive to our main mountain trail source for weekend training, I don’t have any pets (our family dog lives with my parents)

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As you can see…. I didn’t mention any “free time” or watching TV… or even cooking… because well it doesn’t exist. We don’t have cable. We do however have an iPad with Netflix and Youtube… where I will watch race videos, the Ginger Runner, climbing and cross fit… aka any videos really about sport and recovery, while I stretch.  My down time is my stretching time… but its still productive because I am learning something new about an activity, or gear or place to go. It’s rare to find time to go out with friends or get togethers, my life revolves around training and my preferred work, Run Like A Girl. I am horrible at cooking I don’t find spending my time in the kitchen to be very productive (for me at least), my husband cooks his weekly meals and I eat fruit and a lot of foods that don’t require cooking. We don’t have sit down at the table dinners very often (maybe once a week we eat at the same time). The time and dedication put into training and Run Like A Girl are my dreams, my goals and my number one priorities. But even more then that its the reason why I wake up in the morning. The dedication and passion is what it takes to run ULTRAS. If I ever do end up with less work to do or the opportunity to go to bed early I will 100% always take it. It’s important for me and essential for a daily log, to dos, check list whatever you may call it. If I don’t write it down chances are it will get forgotten about. My brain is either overwhelmed with so many things going on… or day dreaming of the trails.


My weeks do change of course… the training however doesn’t… but you can see the idea of how I will work around an 8 hour MEC work shift. As Run Like A Girl keeps getting bigger and better and we are doing more and more with the community, our Adventure Retreats in Costa Rica and now Squamish Adventure Retreats this takes over my weeks with… sadly less sleeping time and sometimes on a low intensity training week, less training. The week shown above lists a Naturopath appointment on Monday… other weeks this may be a balance of a few appointments such as massage therapy and chiropractic ART. As weekend training runs get longer on Sundays they often leave me missing out on family dinners.


What I have not recorded is the emotional state of my days within this week. Its a roller coaster. I get overwhelmed. I want to lay in bed all day. I want to not think or move or do anything. Sometimes I cry… sometimes for a reason I don’t know. But I do it… I push through it because its what I love… there is a goal that hasn’t been fully achieved yet so we must push on.


I am able to do and put as much time into what I love because I have an amazing support crew. My husband Mike and I have a very special relationship, he is there filling in the blanks in my days, which allows me to spend more time working and training. We find time for each other and also plan one big vacation trip a year. My parents are at all of my big finish lines, they ask lots of questions about what is going on in my life day to day because they care and want to help any way they can. A lot of the training I do is motivated from my Trail Family. We pick big race goals and train together. If we are not doing the same race we will be at each other races crewing, pacing and supporting.


At the age of 27 I do often feel burnt out or over stressed and I will think to myself… I am to young to be this tired with life. But then I think about everything I have accomplished. I have accomplished and experienced more things in my 27 years then most people would in a lifetime. The hard work and how tired I am is something that I only complain to Dayna, Hailey and Mike about. Because I LOVE IT and I am proud of it. They are my ears to listen and shoulders to cry on… and more importantly to laugh with and to share the accomplishment that comes from the hard work. I take each day… literally day by day… hour by hour and minute by minute when needed. I often forget what day of the week it is let alone what tasks there are to do for the week. So minute by minute seems to work well. And! roll with the punches! As set as my schedule is… its also not set in the sense that I’m flexible and can adapt to the punches.


Missing family dinners or friends get to gathers can sound harsh… some people don’t get it. It’s true… what I do is a pretty selfish thing to do… but you have to be selfish to achieve your goals. Of course there is a fine balance and finding the balance between friends, family, work and hobbies can be tough… but it can be done and I do my best to do it. I do get criticized for it… for missing out on events or gatherings… But I do my best for me. I don’t live my life worrying about how others are living or not living theirs. I personally find my show of hard work and dedication more positively affects others then negatively. I am showing others to not be afraid to DO WHAT YOU WANT. Live your life for you and share what you love with the loved ones in your life.


The hard behind the scenes work and running ultras go hand in hand oddly enough. The trails are my escape. No matter how tired I may be either mental or physically, I get to forget about it all when I am running. The check list goes away and I am free. The forest is one of the only places where I feel like myself. I am not one for big crowds when there are many energies surrounding me and where else to escape that other then the trails way off in the forest. Having a big task, a big goal is what drives me to never stop. Everyone thinks I am crazy… I am heard sometimes saying “I’m board”… When I have a few spare minutes of nothing or my brain gets to a stand still and becomes dumb… Adventure, accomplishing and laughing are me. If I could pass along one thing it would be stay productive. Our time as humans is short… it goes by fast so be productive, make it count, make a difference and be thankful… Now go get your goal!





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