It is Time for Transalpine

Dream up goals so big they scare you… and that is what we have done. Running is a constant journey of pushing yourself farther, testing your limits and setting big goals for yourself.

When Dayna told us she wanted to do Translpine for her 40th birthday, we decided the time was now to do something like this. We have already ran the Coastal Challenge, a 6 day stage race in Costa Rica, and Dayna has ran Transrockies, also a 6 day race. We know we like the experience of a stage race, we like the challenge, we like seeing a new place through running. So why not jet off to Germany to run through the alps.


We signed up for the race in January. The three of us are going, plus my husband, and 4 of our close friends. Fast forward through months and months of training, and now we are here, getting last minute things together, trying to settle our nerves and nearly about to hop on a plane to Munich, Germany.

This has been the hardest event to train for. It has taken up so much of my time. It has been an interesting experience to be so dedicated to one single event and to have poured so much of my heart and energy into it. I’ve spent the entire year so far breathing, thinking, eating, training Transalpine. That is the thing with goals. If you really want something, you have to be willing to work for it. Dreams like this don’t just come to you; you have to put in the time, effort and energy to get there.  A dream this big has taken a lot of time and energy.

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I’ve pushed and trained harder than I ever have and it feels really good to be where I am. I’ve been focused and dedicated like I never have. My training has not been that different from training for more races but I definitely can say I have trained with a bit more intensity and purpose. I’ve pushed myself up the grouse grind after a 12 hour day shift. I went on a running road trip to log 3 long days running in the mountains at elevation to see how my body responds. I have climbed many peaks, charged up the sea to sky gondola trail, eaten elevation gain for breakfast. I’ve done hill repeats and speed drills till I want to puke and my legs want to fall off I have made sacrifices to get in more time on my feet.


And to be honest, there has been times where I have wanted to quit. I have been half way though my hill repeats and have wanted so badly to stop. There have been times that I have turned off my alarm in the morning with the intention of falling back asleep, only to feel guilt and get my ass up anyways. I have been half way up the grouse grind after a 12 hour day shift and questioned my sanity. I have broken down in sheer exhaustion, my body so tired I don’t even know how to function. But I have never stopped, I have never given up, because I want this goal so bad. I want this will every fiber in my body, with my entire heart and soul. IMG_2715

And I have done all this, while working both a full time nursing job, close to full time Run Like a Girl and all the other adult responsibilities. I have to say that I have never felt so ready for a taper. It feels very surreal to be less than 2 weeks away from the biggest race I’ve ever done.

I have watched all summer my friends and brother complete their goal races. Having a later season race has definitely made my antsy but it has helped me have enough time to feel confident to toe that start line. My husband and I leave for Europe on Friday. We will be headed to Iceland first for an adventure of a life time, and then we will be meeting the rest of Team Ultra Crazy in Germany. September 4th is the start line for all of us. I really hope you follow along!


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