The Beginning of a Beginning

Im laying in bed, its 4:10pm on a Friday, 6 days after completing the 251km 7 day stage race… Goretex Transalpine Run. Im tired I want to sleep… I think I’m just hungry though… but I’m thirsty… I’ll just lay here a bit longer… okay fine ill get up and eat something… when will my cravings for orange juice and chocolate croissants go away…

Its now been 6 days… this is when the body and mind feel and reflect on what it has done. I can’t stop remaping¬†each day of racing. It feels like a year ago and at the same time it feels like I’m still doing it. Im now on the emotional roller coaster of high and low once again. My body is finally feeling that it has stopped racing. One second I’m bored the next I feel lost and then the next I feel amazing and strong. This is the time when going to the grocery store feels like the worlds largest task. Sure I can run for 7 days through the Alps but don’t ask me to brush my teeth or do the dishes… those tasks are to big.


Coming back to “reality” or the “routine” is always the most difficult task, I usually find it harder then the race itself. Reality is never again the same after race/adventures/feats like this. How can it be… my life and how I see it has once again changed. I don’t want to talk to anyone… I feel out of place at the grocery store. I feel like I’m in a dream…


No one can or even begin to understand what it was like… what I saw… and what I feel and felt. I am currently on a different planet then the people around me. In and out of sleeping for 12hours straight and having afternoon naps… How I can possibly feel bored is a mystery to me but I do… Im still waiting for my physical body to feel the way it should after doing to it what I did… so far the worst of it is waiting for the feeling in a few toes to come back and wondering what toenail will come off first. I have an amazing shorts tan and some sore dry lips… But aren’t I supposed to not be able to walk or go up stairs or move? Every time I have done a large race of multi days or 100kms something weird has happened to my body… but so far I have nothing to report… maybe I will sleep forever and eat everything all the time and that will be the conclusion of this race… maybe my outlook on life and my goals will change more then every other event in my life has lead to… only time will tell. But until then sharing and writing about my experience will be how I start to figure out how to move on from this crazy, amazing adventure.

We, at Run Like A Girl, strongly believe in sharing our lives and adventures with as many people as possible in hopes to inspire others to reach for their largest goal, dream the biggest dream and not be afraid to try for it. This was the biggest race/goal that we have ever done. Perhaps your dream or goal isn’t to run for 7 days in the Alps, maybe its to run a 10k or maybe even just get in some exercise a few times a week. Maybe your goal isn’t fitness related… it doesn’t matter what it is… all that matters is that you believe in it and go for it without hesitation because you believe in yourself and you understand that you deserve it.

This is the first of a few blogs I will be sharing about each day of the 7 day Goretex Transalpine Race. I hope to share my experience with honesty… show and express to you how it was done… and how it will be now that its over. Stay tuned for writings of each day of this race!

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