The Before…

Its not often that I get nervous for races… Im pretty easy going and full of more determination then one can imagine. What happens will happen and I know that I am fully committed to pushing as hard as I can all the time. Sure there was the unknown of the terrain, how it would feel to be running so much up and down for 7 days but I don’t doubt my abilities.


Our trip started off with matching Canada gear and TEAM ULTRA CRAZY HATS! We landed in Munich. We stayed the night… hauled our massive duffel bags of gear around and to the train station where we jumped on for a 2hour scenic ride south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We had 2.5 days in Garmisch before Sunday the 4th, the day the race actually started. We got to know the town, which was flooded with runners of course. We got to settle in and take in all in before the crazy.


It wasn’t until the night before the race at the pasta party dinner that I actually had doubt and anxiety set in. I couldn’t eat… I grabbed a massive plate of pasta sat down and just stared at it. Or maybe I was just over excited… I kept trying not to think about the next day and just be in the moment. At this moment all I could think about was the place I was going to have to go in my head over the next few days to get through this race… I have pushed through some very dark/low places during ultras and its a very surreal feeling knowing that it is coming… knowing that over the next few days you are guaranteed to be going to a place within yourself that you have never gone to.




After the pasta dinner, that didn’t go down, we had the race briefing. We were in a very large auditorium with 600 racers and the race briefing being spoken to us in German. Oh wait then all over again in english… and then this image went up on the big white screen… the looks of a massive cliff and a guy holing onto a rope wire to cross a not so prominent looking trail… Thats it I’m going to die, I will not make it! I started to feel so sick to my stomach, a massive headache is now pounding and I’m filled with absolute fear. I took some deep breaths as each one of my friends took a turn looking over at me… knowing my vertigo and issues with cliffs was taking over. I left the briefing thinking I am in the wrong place… I don’t belong at this race. Yet at the same time still fixated on the finish line… I was terrified that I would have to face the fear and get through it… I had no choice.


We went back to the hotel to finish off packing our bags and get ready for sleep. Kyle had come to visit us in the girls room to see how we were doing… Obviously I expressed my “feelings” of that image I saw because Kyle shares some of the same issues with edges as I do. He assured me that that image shown was just a pre caution image to let us know there may be some sections with ropes etc. not that exact image was on course nor on course for day 1 as I thought. To calm all nerves he played us the pre run videos for all the stages created by the race. There was nothing like that for Day 1 we were actually going to be in a lot of forest tomorrow and just like that my headache went away… I felt clam again.


The day had gone by so fast… from breakfast to picking up our race packages, touring through the expo, getting a spray on tattoo(sooo much better than some of the tattoos I have seen!, (pain and glory… the greatest motto) packing our bags to… time for bed. This big massive mountain awaited us.

Day 1 and following days blogs to come.




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