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Run Like A Girl was established in August of 2012, and since then this community has grown a massive amount into something far greater than we ever imagined. We officially became a business December of 2013. I could sit here and write a blog about how inspired we are by everything that has transpired, but instead, I figured it was a good time to write a “Run Like a Girl: BEHIND THE SCENES” blog.

We are three friends who connected through the same love and passion for running, the outdoors and living life to the fullest. A lot of what you see posted to RLAG comes straight from the heart. We post quotes that mean something to us, ideas, things we find inspiring, things we find delicious and things we think you might find useful. We share out daily runs, our personal struggles and battles, our biggest goals, or recent races. We want everyone to see that we are real, hard working women who are also living their dreams. Follow along on our journey on both Instagram and Twitter if you aren’t already: Runlikeagirl_ca

A typical day in ours lives is pretty hard to describe because they are dynamic. We all live pretty separate lives except for our weekend runs and constant contact on our group imessage that never stops (and is 98% of the time about RLAG) But, we thought for the fun of this blog post we would try our best at a quick point form version of a day in the life and a chance for everyone to get to know us a little better.

Non-RLAG: Works full time for Finning, always makes time for a walk or run with her dog Lucy, spends time with her family which includes being an amazing mother to her sixteen year old son, volunteers for local races, hits the gym in the wee hours of the morning, is always there for her friends and family.
RLAG: Takes care of all the inventory, store and shipping (has our entire inventory in a spare bedroom at her house!). Shares photos of her incredible trail runs and adventures with her dog Lucy. Comes to one Costa Rica retreat a year (and is hopefully bringing her family this time!) and is a host at our Squamish retreat. Handles so much of the behind the scenes for our local and virtual races. Co-designs our ever growing clothing line.

Non-RLAG: Works part-time at MEC (she is an expert in all running/outdoor gear FYI), creates amazing art when she has a change, works out at the gym, cycles to work and spends time with her husband, friends and family.
RLAG: Handles all the behind the scene not fun tax and paperwork stuff, handles permits for our local races, sends out newsletters and information emails to participants of our retreats and the Coastal Challenge. Is a retreat host at both our Costa Rica and Squamish Retreats. Co-designs our ever growing clothing line. Handles all the photo-shop and digital image designs and RLAG logo. Writes awesome blogs.

Non-Rlag: Commutes a ridiculously long way to work, working full time shift work as a Registered Nurse in Emergency, squeezes runs after 12 hour day shifts and before 12 hour night shifts, lives in Squamish with her husband and their three legged dog Charlie, rock climbs, mountain bikes and cycles, spends time with her friends an family.
RLAG: Handles most of the social media posting across facebook, twitter and instagram. Handles the emailing and most of the selling of the Adventure and Wellness Retreats, is a host at all retreats in Costa Rica and Squamish, blogs, answers emails and is co-designing the clothing line. Handles the behind the scenes for our Squamish Be Fearless race.

So somewhere in the midst of all the craziness of our everyday lives, we work hard at maintaining and growing our amazing running community. Since we started, this community has grown to so much more than we ever dreamed. While working full time we have managed to start up Adventure and Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica, have become race representatives for the Coastal Challenge, have hosted 4 Fight Like a Girl runs for Breast cancer and have raised over 10,000$, 1 Fight Like a Kid run and raised 3500$ for childhood brain cancer and 1 Be Fearless run and raised 4200$ for Spinal Cord Injuries, created and grown our own clothing line, started working with a coach to offer training plans and personalized coaching and have started Adventure weekends in Squamish.

I think if you had told us at the beginner of all this that this is where we would be at, we never would have believed you. And honestly, who knows where we are headed. We are dreaming bigger and bigger everyday and it is crazy to think about where we were only a few years ago. We currently have over 80,000 followers and that number is so surreal to us. Can you imagine all those people in one place together? That is a lot of people.
Honestly, sometimes we think we have bit off more than we can chew. At times RLAG gets very overwhelming when we have a dozen unread messages and emails, people asking when their clothing arrive, keeping everything organized for our retreats, planning out our next event and trying to stay on track in our outside RLAG lives. But some how, through all the chaos, we have found an absolute love for this community and have no plans on stopping. We still manage to run our hearts out, spend time with the people we love and manage all of the other aspects of regular, everyday life. We have met so many incredible people, read so many amazing stories, experienced many new things, participated in awesome events, and watched people be inpsired by us, and the entire community, across the entire world.rlagrace

We are the Run Like A Girl girls, and always will be. In our everyday lives, it is who we are. When we curl up on the couch with our significant other after a long run, or go out for dinner with our friends, we are always thinking of our next big idea, our next blog post, or our next way of reaching out and connecting with each and every one of you. It is pretty awesome to go to work and have someone say, “Hey, I saw you in a magazine!”, or have a friend tell us they signed up for their first half marathon, have people come up to us in a restaurant and say they are honoured to meet us or to create lasting friendships with people we have literally met through our fb page. We have made some incredible friends through our retreats and races, we now can run and workout in nearly entirely our own gear, we get to take people to our own private eco-lodge in the mountains of Costa Rica, we get to watch people complete goals that they went to us for advice for, we get recognized where ever we go, and we have people tell us how inspiring we are.

I guess what we are really trying to say is we are just 3 friends who really, really love running… and thanks for being a part or this community!


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