I Didn’t Think I Was a Feminist

I didn’t think I was a Feminist, and I am not totally sure if I am. But I do know that I support women empowerment. To be honest, the word feminist is a very strong word, and I don’t think it actually describes myself or what I do. That being said, I realize I am creating a movement with women in mind. Run Like a Girl started as a way to inspire, motivate and empower people, not just women but 3 years into it, it is evolving into something pretty powerful. I have witnessed first hand the power of women, and what happens when women come together and empower each other instead of being jealous and putting each other down. I have shared moments of pure open heartedness, vulnerability and genuine love and compassion towards one another. So maybe I am a feminist… let’s explore this.


The definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.” And yes, I 100% agree with this full heartedly. But what I have experienced lately steams so much deeper than this. I feel that women need to come together. Instead of hating each other, being jealous, being mean or condescending towards one other, or putting each other down. We are a force to be heard, we can move mountains when we put our strength and energy together.


There is so much beauty when people open their hearts and let down their barriers. This world can be full of anger and hatred. It can be hard to find your place, to feel love and to feel a sense of belonging. All through my school days, I found it so hard to connect with other girls. I had a hard time making friends. I thought that there was something wrong with me. But now, I try and live authentically and I try to be true to myself. I am open, I try to radiate love and kindness and I try to find the beauty in every situation I am in. And now, my life is filled with the most incredible, strong, beautiful and powerful women. I am so grateful. Forget the jealously, forget animosity and embrace love, strength and empowerment.


These past two weeks I guided at our Adventure and Wellness Retreats and I witnessed 14 strangers, come together in an unfamiliar place, and create an unbreakable bond with each other. In minutes all barriers were broken down and we were instantly friends. I saw what an open heart can create, I witnessed true honesty, moments of intense vulnerability, women uplifting each other organically and barriers completely broken down. In a world where so much is based on how you look and who society thinks you are… this was a complete and very welcomed breathe of fresh air. To be treated with completely open hearts from a group of women, my heart literally bursted with joy. Our retreats create a completely unique environment where you can get away from all the craziness and the pressures of life and break down all your barriers. There is no one to be but yourself there.


Amazing things happened last week because everyone felt free to be themselves and were guided by an open heart. Friendships were made. We laughed till we cried, we poured our hearts out, we cheered each other on, we felt comfortable enough to give each other massages and face masks, we hugged, we cried on each other shoulders, we danced to the sound of our own voices. One of the most incredible moments of the week was when we opened our hearts and sang “Lean on me”… to the mountains, to each other… completely organically. We all need someone to lean on, and you never know who that person might be. Your soul sister or best friend might be right there.


Amazing things happen when strong women build each other up instead of tearing one another down. Honestly and truly.

So yes, I guess I am a feminist, because I believe in the strength and power of a woman. And that strength and power are multiplied when women come together. So instead of beating each other down, lets come together with open hearts and empower, encourage and love one another. Beautiful things will happen.



  1. What a beautiful tribute to our time together and for women across the world.

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