Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner in your Life

Here at Run Like a Girl, we are serious about the gear we use out on the trails so we decided to put together a list of our top 10 favourite gear items for a Holiday Gift guide for everyone! Here are our top picks!

1. Trekking poles:
 After training for and running the entire Transalpine Race with trekking poles, we have become huge fans. They help a tremendous amount especially in long endurance events with a lot of up hill and down hill. They take up to 25% of the load off your lower body and transfer it to your core and upper body. 
Our top recommendation is the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles. They are the lightest pole designed for endurance athletes. They fold very easily and store efficiently in your running pack.

Black Diamond Poles



2. Hydration Pack:
Every runner needs a way to carry water on the go, especially long distance runners. For trail runners specifically, there really isn’t any compassion than a hydration vest. These babies are like a turtle shell and can store everything you think you might need for your longest runs. Jacket, food, 1.5L of water, your ipod, car keys… we basically don’t run without ours.
Our top pick is the Salomon S-Lab pack. 5L for racing and runs, and 12L for longer self-supported excursions.
Salomon S-Lab pack


3. Race Entry:
What else would be more perfect than giving someone a goal they can work towards? We think getting someone a race entry is the perfect gift so the runner in your life. You can start the new year off right with a goal in mind. Why not sign yourself or your loved one up for a Run Like a Girl race!? Our 2nd annual Be Fearless trail race in Squamish with 42k, 21k and 11km options!
Register Here!


4. Head Lamp:
For longer nights and longer runs, you will need a headlamp. Early morning runs, late evening runs in the fall and winter will most likely be dark and you need to be safe while out running, on the trails or on the road. A headlamp is also a must to carry in your pack for longer runs in the back-country incase you are out there longer than you think you might be.
Our top pick is the Petzl Tikka plus.

5. Running Jacket:
For cooler temperatures, rain and snow, every runner needs a jacket. It is essential to pack and extra layer for longer runs, especially on the trails or in the back country. We recommend a light-weight jacket that is also waterproof and breathable so that you can stay dry on the inside and the outside.
Here is our top pick, the Mythos Gore’tex jacket from Gore:

6. Sun Glasses: 

The gear we choose to wear on the trails has to stand up to a lot of miles. Sunglasses are mandatory for summer runs, snowy runs, sunny runs, and for looking awesome out there. Our absolute favourite are Sungods. They stay on your face when you run, they hardly fog up no matter how sweaty you get and are super durable. Plus, they are fully customizable… how fun is that!?

Order your own pair and choose your own colours here: We Are Sungod!


7. Running Nutrition:
Every runner needs nutrition while on the run. From bars and gels while running, to protein powder and nutritional supplements for recovery, there are a lot of options out there. Bars and gels can be an awesome stocking stuffer for the runner in your life.
Our top recommendation is Hammer Nutrition always. They use real ingredients in their products and have loads of options for vegans and for those who are gluten free! Our person pick is the vanilla Vegan protein powder!

8. Selfie-stick
We are in the age of photos and sharing everywhere and everything we do. A selfie-stick makes an awesome stocking stuffer for the runner in your life. I have found myself running in an incredibly beautiful place and wanting to take a picture to capture it and not having a way to do so. So here is the solution!! Here is our top pick:
The Spivo is one heavy duty selfie-stick built to withstand the elements of your active life style! It is waterproof and pivots 180 degrees to capture everything around you! It is durable, light-weight, and action proof!
Spivo Selfie-stick


9. Running clothes
We are huge fans of looking cute on the trails but also being practical so comfortable gear that is practical and durable is a must.
Recently I took Tasc Performance out for a spin and tried their Rhythm skirt. This is our top recommendation for this gift guide. This brand is doing things right with using organic cotton and bamboo as their main fabrics, chemical free processing, 50+ UPF sun protection and incredible comfort.

Check out their line here!img_8382

10. Merino wool products: 
Another brand I’ve recently taken for a spin is ioMerino – an Australian band specializing in premium merino clothing for the outdoors. Their “trail tested and ultra comfortable” lightweight Merino clothing will keep you warm when it’s cool, but also cool when it’s warm. It’s natural, ethically made and has a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t love it. My person favourite piece? The Mongrel long sleeve.
Check out their top gift ideas starting from just $20 here!
My person favourite piece? The Mongrel long sleeve.


11. Natural boosters:
We are big on natural supplements, vitamins and health foods that we can add to our smoothies. That is why number 10 on our list is our favourite smoothie additive, Beet Boost!
It is all natural beet powder that allows runners to get the benefits of nitric oxides quickly and deliciously! Order yours with us for 15% off. Use RUNLIKEAGIRL at the check out!


  1. Wireless headphones that stay on during a run by allow me to still hear my surroundings.

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