RLAG Strong Legs Challenge

What better way to bring in the start of the new year than with an awesome, epic challenge!! We are up against yet another one of our monthly challenges!! We have seen the community absolutely loving our past two challenges our RLAG strong core and Burpee Advent Calendar… so for January we are working on our legs!!

I decided to switch up the challenge a little instead of just doing a bunch of squats everyday because that could be pretty boring. I have picked 7 of my favourite squat variations to include in the challenge and the only piece of equipment you will need is either a chair, box or bench/picnic table… this means you can do your challenge practically anywhere!

Here is your challenge calendar. (I can also email you the PDF copy if you email Hailey@runlikeagirl.ca)


Now here is a run down of the moves that you are up against!

1. Regular squat
This is literally your basic squat, legs hip distance apart, feet facing forward. When you squat down, keep your knees inline with your feet and make sure you knee does not track over your toes. Keep a straight back and keep your arms either above your head or pressed together at centre. Do not arch your back.
img_18312. Lunges
One leg goes forward, one leg goes back. From leg is bent, make sure the that the knee does not track over the toes and knee is straight. Back leg is straight. Use your front leg to go down towards the ground, keep your back leg straight. Hips go down. Keep hands on your hips and back straight.


3. Skater squats
Start standing up straight, hop to the side bending you front knee and kicking the back leg back straight and diagonal behind you. Then switch sides with a small jump in between. Alternate between R and L leg forward.


4. Curtsey Squat
Start with your feet hip width apart. Bend your back leg diagonal behind you and squat into your front leg bending both front and back leg. Keep your back straight and keep your knee tracked over your toes.


5. Jump Squat
A regular squat with a jump in between reps. Have feet hip width apart, squat down with proper form and on your way up, jump with arms back straight. Land softly with slightly bent knees, do not lock your knees.


6. Chair kick backs
Alternating between legs, stand up with one leg onto a chair and kick the opposite leg back straight keeping the front leg on the chair slightly bent. Do not lock off your knee when you stand up. Alternate between each leg.


7. One legged chair squat
Stand with one leg on the chair and the other dangling beside the other off the edge of the chair. Squat down with the leg on the chair and tap toe to the ground and come back out. Switch legs.


OKAY! So there are your moves and challenge schedule… who is in!?


  1. I love this! So perfect for the season of television skiing ahead!

  2. I’m in and inviting two running friends to come along with me in the challenge!

  3. I just got the email, so will start tomorrow, part way through. It looks great!

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