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This year, we’ve added 8 people to our ambassador team. We chose people with very different profiles because here at Run Like a Girl we believe that runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages with different goals and dreams. Here is our first new ambassador, Laura!


It still seems a little surreal that I’m a Run Like A Girl Ambassador!  If you told me this a couple of years ago I would not have believed it, I still don’t completely believe it! But that is what 2016 has been for me, an unbelievable year!!  I’m Laura, AKA Fearless, mom of two littles (2 & 6 yrs old), wife, community member and trail runner.

Running came back into my life in 2008, when I left a job I had loved but was slowly killing me.  Overweight, stressed and not sure what I was doing with my life, I found a learn to run course and by the end of the year I lost 75 lbs and ran my first half marathon.  A couple of seeds were planted and by the next summer I found the 5 Peaks Trail Racing Series and I was hooked on trails!

Fast forward a few years and two kiddos later, summer of 2015 I ran my first 25K trail race at Blackfoot Ultra, (I wanted a taste of the Ultra scene) and then did a 29.6K leg of Sinister 7.  It was hard, it was amazing but I knew there was more.  In August 2015, I mustered up the courage to contact my friend, who’s an elite ultra runner and all round smarty pants, to guide and mentor me through my first 50K. It was the best moment of courage.  I increased my speed, skill and confidence on the trail.  Completed the same leg of Sinister 7 over an hour faster than the previous year (daylight and dry conditions definitely played a part!) and achieve my goal of the Mount Robson Marathon 50K.  One of the joys of working with my coach is that I was able to embrace my old camp nickname, Fearless.  With Run Like A Girls ‘Be Fearless’ line of clothing, I was set and ‘Be Fearless’ became my motto!


Running has shaped my year and given me so much more than the physical benefits of faster paces and stronger legs.  The confidence I have found and, truly finding myself out there on the trails, it’s something hard to put into words.  I’ve done things I’ve never thought possible, yet know I have so much more to do, to see and ways to grow.  I feel I’m just getting started!

The confidence and passion for life I’ve found with running has spilled over into many aspects of my life. I created a Community Run Group-Let’s RUN Cochrane and started a new business Sprout Movement: Active Me. Active Family.  I’ve even embraced my ‘authentic’ hair colour!

In 2016 I wanted to ‘Trust the Process’ but l look forward to being ‘Stronger Than Before’ in 2017.  I have goals of two 50K’s, Broken Goat 50K in Rossland, BC and The Bad Things Trail Race in Godrich, ON.  Two very different races but I’m stoked for them both.


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