Bad-ass Inspiring Women

Everyday I am so inspired by women who are out there, kicking ass, motivating each other and paving their own way. We are living in a world where we can truly be the pilots of our lives and you don’t have to live conventionally. Here are 8 amazing, bad-as women who inspire me everyday.

1. Maria Fernanda: Mum, wife, yoga instructor, aromatherapist, entrepreneur 
My name is Maria Fernanda, full time mum to my 6 year old son and wife of my soul mate. Together we live in an amazing eco-community, following our dreams to live in-sync mother earth. When your passion for nature feeds your  body and soul you find the fuel for life! My love for natural living has brought me into the journies of traditional herbalism, yoga/movement and trail running.

Costa Rica has been my university and playground; mother and enterpeneur, teaching yoga and nature connection, formulating plant remedies for Aromaflor Organic. I employ women and have designed our lab for production so that it feels more like a home then an office. I allow them to bring their small children, to take breaks to breast feed and have set hours so that they are able to get home to their children early. I teach yoga in my community and at the Run Like a Girl Adventure retreats. I can’t think of a better place to share my two biggest passions, so closely connected to nature and the people around you. Live where you vacation is my life mission. And I continue to find the magic and healing in this land.

You can follow Maria’s adventures on IG: moreamormoreamor


2. Katie: Runner, Triathlete, certified exercise coach with a BSc in Kinesiology, a CSEP-CPT (certified personal trainer) and an Exercise is Medicine Level 1 provider. 

Ten years ago, if you would have suggested that not only would I be a runner, but that I would also be passionately encouraging/helping others to chase their endurance sports dreams, and that it would lead to me changing my University degree, and make a living in running industry, I would have laughed hysterically in your face. And so would, I think, most of the people who knew me back then, including family, friends, coaches, and teammates!

My journey as a runner is a life-long one, and I am only beginning to see what I am capable of. It is not only fun, it doesn’t just bring me joy, and allow me to visit incredible places and see amazing views, it also helps through the dark times. Running has been there for me through tragedy, and is my healthiest outlet for stress. Sure, I’ve taken a few short breaks here and there but I can honestly not imagine my life without running. It has shaped who I am, and will continue to shape the course of my life.

Now, in my coaching role with Run Like a Girl, I’ve been lucky enough to work with athletes all over North America, and we are just beginning. The process is incredibly exciting for me, and I am like a proud parent watching my athletes progress! I thrive on helping others smash perceived limitations, and chase big, scary, dreams, and this has been (and will continue to be) a perfect outlet to allow me to do so. Not only is running my passion, it’s part of my identity, and I consider myself lucky to have found a way to marry my passion with my work. I am so blessed to have these opportunities, and I am so excited to see where this ‘path’ takes me this year, next year, and well into the future.

You can follow along on her adventures here on IG: @funwithK


3. Tiff: Mum, wife, personal trainer, kick-ass runner.
My name is Tiff, a full time momma of two wonderful kids and wife of amazing husband Nelson.
I’ve been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years sharing my love and passion for Wellness and Healthy Living. There’s no easy way to balance, doing it all, but I’m definitely trying my best everyday. Running for me is my time to be selfish in order to become selfless. It’s my freedom: running the trails through the forests and hearing only needles and leaves (and puddles) under my feet. It’s my happy place…where I can solely focus on the moment; breathing. It’s my Bhāva – being, existing, becoming.

I started running in high school but wasn’t really competitive till my early 30’s. Once I had children I became stronger mentally and physically. Now, I love to race! I strive to motivate people to push themselves to a new powerful state. I feel that I can drive change in people’s mind set from “I can’t…” to “I can!” It takes time of course but I know that’s what I’m good at and what I love to do. I’ve had a number of wonderful clients tell me that I have changed their lives and it was never about losing weight or how they looked necessarily, but about how and what they had become. Stronger physically, mentally and with a new belief in themselves and that change is really possible. Life change starts once you’re out of our comfort zone…I see it everyday. I love to encourage everyone to bring each other up, to enlighten, to be positive and to share the love for health and happiness. Life is truly and profoundly better that way. —Run Strong, Smile Big ?

You can follow Tiff’s adventure on IG: Ffit_personal_training


4. Spring Mcclurg- Bad-ass mountain loving chick.

Raised in the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta, Canada, I always thought the mountains were nice to look at but never once thought about climbing them. I didn’t grow up in an outdoorsy family, except for the odd small lake hike or short runs on the local trails around my house. I moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2004 and started a comfortable life in the city, with a good job and plenty of disposable income; but something was missing. In 2010 I moved with my husband to the West Coast of Canada to start a new adventure and we haven’t looked back since. Life is now about experiencing the natural world in as many ways possible and sharing the stories with others in hopes they too can feel inspired to learn the freedom that mountain wilderness offers.

Whether it is trail running, rock climbing, mountaineering, ski-touring.. you can find me outside. We quit our regular 9-5 jobs, moved out of our apartment, sold most of our things and embarked on a more mobile life style. We started Pebbleshoo a few years ago and have been sharing our adventures with the world.

You can follow Spring on IG: Springmcclurg


5. Melissa Solomon — Lost 120lbs and regained her health, now a kick-ass trail runner and amazing mum. 

Morbidly Obese, in constant pain, and heavily debating if my life was worth living, I realized I needed to make a change. Finally, at my lowest low, I remember sitting there, tears streaming down my face, thinking about my young child and how my absence would affect her. I knew if I continued down this path of self-destruction I would take so many things away from her, including my crucial motherly influence in her life. That was almost 4 years ago. Today, I have lost over 120 pounds and have found a new energy and zest for life. I began logging what I ate and I started doing short exercise sessions with a goal of simply getting up and moving 2-3 times a week. At times, staying on track was a challenge. It required time. It took sacrifice. And it took commitment. I concentrated on the small goals, rather than focusing on how far I still needed to go. I fell, I rose, I made mistakes, I hit slumps, but I never gave up. I have lost 120 lbs. and I have fallen in love with fitness, particularly running — running has changed my life! I started with a goal of running my first mile without stopping. Now I have completed several half marathons, 3 full marathons and my first 50k Ultra marathon in 2016. I have found a deep love for trail running and I looks forward to growing my ultra-race experiences in 2017.

I have started sharing mu story to inspire others, hoping that one day someone would look at me and say, “Because of you, I did not give up.” I am currently working to develop a healthy habit fitness program through @vibrantlifestudio with mu mentor, sister and best friend, Heather Fuller, with a goal of helping others live a healthy lifestyle and feel great about who they are.  I am an avid advocate for local community groups like AndShesDopeToo, helping to organize and hosts free local running and active lifestyle meet ups in a non-competitive environment so women can feel free to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone.

Follow her adventures on IG here: @chix_run_utah


6. Scarlet: Successful business woman working towards her masters in business admin and triathlete

My race goals are continuously inspired by the Run Like a Girl ladies. It was only five years ago that I suffered from herniated discs and consistent back pain. Fast forward a few years, and I am on a bus in Costa Rica for the RLAG retreat signing up for a Half Ironman (without knowing how to swim). Because of these women and the community they connected me with, I ran longer, biked faster, and swam in lakes, oceans, and pools (without drowning :))

Today I am shifting gears and have made the commitment to sign up for the 2017 Whistler Half Ironman. However, this time I will be training and racing while I pursue my MBA at Royal Roads University and working a demanding career with plenty of travel. My Masters has been a lifelong passion, and similar to accomplishing a huge race; it has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. To maintain my goals I have made the commitment to train with Katie (RLAG Coach) to help me stay on track, while also continuing my new passion for Crossfit. My goals have never been to win the race (I’m middle of the pack). However, today they are focused more on simply accomplishing it at all, pushing my boundaries and enjoying the process! Because I have much more on my plate this year, my purpose will be to continue to put 100% effort into my career, education, relationships, and training, but also to be kind to myself along the way.


Thank you RLAG for continuing to inspire me to push myself, and make time for the sports I love!

7. Kelsey Davidson: founder of Alive Fitness & Wellness, personal trainer, Women’s success coach, Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and runner. 

Back in 2008 I was given two gifts, my son, and re-discovering my passions. Over the years I have been able to support, empower and motivate women in their fitness journeys. In Jan 2014 I founded Alive Fitness, it was a bit scary and exciting to me but at the same time, it felt the most natural. I was offering one on one personal training sessions and boot camps. In 2015, I earned my Life Coaching certification and in 2016 I incorporated to Alive Fitness & Wellness. I now am able to empower women spiritual and mentally with my knowledge, experience and education in life coaching. My mission statement from DAY 1 of opening Alive was “To strengthen women physically, mentally and spiritually through fitness, confidence and community” my vision was “For you to Feel Alive again” These are still in place.

I am currently living abroad with my family (my husband and our son and daughter) in Costa Rica to experience a different side of life. I am running my company from here and heading in new directions too! It has been an adjustment but it is also an amazing way to experience new things and share a new culture and country with my children.

In whatever you do in life, lead with your heart and do what makes you feel alive!
Follow her adventures on IG here: Alivefitnesswellnessbykelsey


8. Katie Mills: Kick ass-inspring trail runner and self employed web designer
I’m originally from the UK, I moved to Canada 4 years ago for the winter and skiing and stayed for the summer and running. I’ve worked in digital marketing for the past 5 years but 6 months ago, I left my corporate job and started my own website design company. The decision was motivated by my belief that I could use my skills to help small and medium sized businesses achieve their marketing and web experience goals, and my desire to spend more time getting inspired by the mountains rather than sitting in at a dark and cramped desk. My current running goal is to complete my first hundred miler in February, and then to run the Fat Dog 120 miler in August 2017. My training right now is crammed in between work and mostly consists of flying around the north shore mountains in Vancouver, tripping on roots and trying not to dive into puddles. I am lucky enough to live in the most beautiful place, be surrounded by the most encouraging community of runners, and spend time in the mountains with empowered and strong women runners. I moved to Vancouver a year ago and my goal was to get involved in the running community here. I started running with lululemon run club in park royal and Vancouver running company, and I started my own trail running group on Saturday mornings supported my Salomon West Vancouver!

Follow her adventures on IG here: Katie_s_mills


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