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We really wanted to diversify our ambassador team this year and when we read Rosie’s application, we were pretty drawn to her kick-ass attitude and huge passion for living large. Everyone meet Rosie!

My mum was telling me the other day that when I was a baby, she and my dad would take turns with me, while the other went out to ski tour in the local hills around our Kootenay hometown. As sweet as this sounds and as loving as it undoubtedly is, I think this whole concept of staying at home while mum and dad got to play has fueled a distinct component of my personality…. I don’t ever (and I mean really ever) want to be left behind, especially not if it involves the mountains.


Over the years of my life, starting with my first day on skis at age 3, this energy to get out to the many places my body can take me has fueled me in my pursuits and ambitions in road running, trail running, ski touring, climbing, mountaineering, yoga, surfing and cycling. I have built an immense love for working hard, being outside, building my fitness, seeing beautiful places, connecting with like-minded people, and getting really really sore legs.

img_2500From this love, I have grown to define myself by all of these things. I have endless stoke and love for so many activities and continually look forward to sharing this with others. Although much of my life’s activities are fueled by a pure sense of happiness and passion, I also carry with me a serious determination. I am so not afraid to grit down to a good training plan, I am not shy of my determination and effort and I love a good slog in a ways that (I think is safe to say) many don’t.

I have been fortunate enough to find these passions in many beautiful places. Over the past years, I have found home in the Swiss Alps, on Vancouver Island, in Haida Gwaii, in the passenger seat of our sweet Astro adventure van, or up in Northern British Columbia in a motorhome that myself and my partner beautifully renovated and lived in for a summer. Most recently, I have landed in North Vancouver to continue pursuing my academic interests in geoscience and snow science while exploring the beautiful forests and nearby mountain ranges.

As I have grown into these activities and as they continue to define who I am, I find empowerment and motivation in groups of like-minded people who have passions for encouraging, inspiring and including others in the pursuit of an active, happy, healthy and strong life. The meaning of run like a girl, to me, is not necessarily limited to the importance of this as community of women but also emphasizes the value of finding this strength, joy and passion in a non-exclusive community of both men and women (and, of course, our best canine friends).



For me, thinking about my “accomplishments” has always proven difficult. Although I am proud of my relatively competitive results in various running races and have enjoyed them immensely, what I consider to be my accomplishments are often the days that are not measured by results. I get a huge sense of accomplishment from big days out on skis; the safe decisions I (and my group) make on traverses, runs and climbs; the long and hard days running; the view from the summit; and even the days where I manage to just squeeze in a run on some North Vancouver trails before class. These all help me describe my sense of accomplishments, not necessarily as results but as having done something that fuels my every day.

However, for the sake of simplicity, here are a few things that I would define as some accomplishments over the years:

  • Learning what it means to fuel properly…. (this meant getting down with some sugars and fats!)
  • Victoria Marathon 2013 and 2014: 1st place female for my age category with a fastest time of 3:30
  • Finishing a first semester of university
  • Broken Goat 50km, 2015: 6th place female in my first ultra marathon with a time of 7:03
  • Deciding to drop out of university to for a semester of skiing around British Columbia
  • Squamish 50km, 2015: 6th place female finishing in 6:48
  • Skiing off of the summit of Hudson Bay mountain above Smithers, B.C…. twice. Once in June..
  • Kusam Klimb 23km, 2015: 2nd place female finishing 2:59
  • My first trad-climb lead
  • Fletcher’s Challenge 13km, 2015: 1st place age division finishing 1:26.
  • Getting the dog (and boyfriend) so tired that he can no longer get up
  • Enrolling back in school for something I loved much more than what I was studying in my first attempt at universtiy
  • Participating in a mentorship program for women in alpine sports as a back-country ski mentors
  • Extending my passions to other like-minded people through the participation as a Run Like a Girl Ambassador for 2017!

Goals for 2017

Today is January 4th, 2017 so it seems rather fitting that I would be searching my mind and heart for what I feel my goals for the coming year are. I do have some more quantifiable goals that I have set out for myself including: participating in an 120-mile team relay race in August, skiing off of Cascade volcanoes throughout the Spring and Summer months (a focus on Mt. Baker, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier to mention a few), preventing the injuries that will inevitably arise from my often disorganized but always full-force downhill running, volunteering or participating in Run Like A Girl races and retreats, and finishing another semester of schooling. This year has also presented me with the opportunity to participate in communities of active, healthy and happy people that inspire me and, as a result, a prominent goal for me is to share that inspiration


Mostly when I think about how I set goals, however, what comes to mind are the goals I set out for myself not for the year 2017, but for each day. To wake up, each morning, knowing what I need to do to feel accomplished and to feel that I am living in a way that makes me as full as possible. In some seasons, this will mean emphasizing my skiing objectives, climbing goals, or running races. But for many days, this will mean simply finding the joy in the many other activities that ensure to leave my legs sore, my elbows scraped, my brain exhausted and my heart happy.

So, I suppose my goals for 2017 are to not lose sight of all these little things and hope to incorporate them into all objectives.

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