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We were so excited to read Kate’s application… her energy jumped off the page and into our hearts! Her determination to help others is inspiring and who wouldn’t love snowshoe yoga! Lets welcome super yoga running mom teacher Kate to the team!

I represent the full-time working parents who are juggling parenthood, jobs, and life! I’m a 40 year old mom of 2, a 3rd grade teacher by day, and yoga teacher/runner by night. I grew up as a cross-country kid; running in middle school, high school, & college. After college I had the opportunity to coach middle school cross-country for 5 years. Then I had my babies. – Life, sort of changed at that point – if ya know what I mean. Life became all about family and work. Now that they are in 3rd and 5th grade I am able to squeeze in more time for running AND I am able to start coaching again – which I love, love, love.


Overall, I’d say that I’ve always been a pretty active person. As a girl, I loved to dance, run, climb trees and play in the woods like crazy! Not much has changed (except I really haven’t climbed trees in a while). In college I studied teaching, as well as, dance. I received degrees in both education and dance/psychology. I thought it would be really great to be a movement therapist. I’ve spent that past, 18 years teaching, coaching, and then became certified in yoga 11 years ago (I think that was my movement therapist dream coming out). I love learning, teaching, & sharing things I’m passionate about.

To put it lightly, I am a gregarious person at my very core. There, I’ve admitted it! I love people! And I love having my peeps! I love having my sole, & soul, sisters! There’s nothing like having people that you know and trust; people whom you can turn to and, in turn, they can come to you (selfishly that’s my favorite part).

This extends into all areas of my life, really. For example, I love being on a team. I love coaching a team! I love pushing myself and realizing that, “Wow, if I can do this… anyone can do this!” Then taking it the next step and helping people realize they really CAN do it!!! I get a buzz from collaborating, sharing ideas, creating things, and bringing those to fruition.

Do I think of myself as a runner? Yes, but, as many of us do, I look at those who are doing so much more or accomplishing amazing feats. It can be tricky reminding yourself that we are all at different stages in the game. One person might be running 50 miles, while another is walking for 5 minutes – both are a challenge for the person individually because of where they are on their journey – and that’s so awesome!!!

What I’ve come to learn about myself is that if I’m not signed up, or registered, for something I will totally sit back & relax… and then I feel like crap. I’m a much better partner, mom, teacher, coach, & friend when I can get into fresh air and exercise.

Accomplishments: Well, I gave birth to 2 babies… naturally, and one of them I water birthed. I was pretty psyched that I pulled that off. (of course, sometimes I pee when I run because of it. That’s life) I’ve been a teacher for 18 years in grades 1, 2, & 3; and have co-coached a XC team of 100 athletes for 6 years. This year our girls won the League Championship!


I have my own little business – kids yoga classes and camps, snowshoe yoga, and natural products. I’ve run Reach The Beach twice and, as a total surprise to us, the team placed second in our division both years! Wha-What?! Imagine our surprise (I’m not gonna sugar coat this one. I came into this year’s event with an injury and I also totally barfed after my night run. I wasn’t thinking I was a helpful contributor at all.) BUT, that’s the magic of teams! You push each other and encourage each other, and amazing things happen. Oh my goodness, there is so much I could tell you about this team!!! They are amazing!

I have run 3 half marathons. I’m proud to say that each year I have improved my time and this year my goal was to break 2 hours. Well, unfortunately I went into this one still nursing the injury I already spoke about, plus I had the flu a couple days before, and my dear cousin’s wedding was the night before the race! I went into this one like I did with my first – I just wanted to finish without collapsing. WELL, be still my heart, not only did I finish but I also PR’d! Wha-What?! I did not break 2 hours but I was pretty darn close – 2:02!!!!! See what I mean?! If I can do it, so can you!

This year I created a Facebook page for the women in my town to connect and find friends to walk or run with. I was also chosen to be an ambassador for the first International Kids Yoga Day last year. I’ll be participating this year, as well. I’ve also accomplished fitting in time to run despite a daily 2 hour commute, full time job, side business, being a mom, and being a partner (with my super supportive hubs, Joe). Last, but not least, I’m pumped about becoming a RLAG Ambassador!!! I’m so excited to share how this busy mama gets it all done (although my house definitely does not!)

So, what are my goals this year? Oh my gosh, I have so many! Here they are, in no particular order:
Balance (but that’s everyone’s goal, am I right?)
Get outside more this winter. I tend to hibernate & then regret it come springtime.
Run more this winter (I’ve already signed up for several challenges that have me motivated to get outside every single day this January, so far! (Winter Warrior Challenge, 200 Miles in 100 Days, & RagnarTraining 30-Day) In fact, I created a team, “New Years Resolution” and got a bunch of friends to participate with me! We are killin’ it so far!)
Run another half-marathon
Run the Be Fearless Half-Marathon (virtually – and I’m already signed up!)
Run Reach the Beach for the 3rd time with my Sole Sisters!
Control my urge to sign up for lots of races (I mean, we have a budget to manage)
Learn more about ultras & whether it’s realistic goal for me – at some point (I’m so intrigued!)
(Maybe train for a marathon) I have this one in parenthesis because I am saying it in a quieter voice with a squinched up face as I imagine my husband’s face when I tell him I want to do this. After all, it requires training time and money – But my sole sister, Allison, really wants to do another one & I’ve never done one… and what if my legs never work again, and this is my last year to really have a chance… and I’m feeling really good right now, like, really good. I totally think I could do it! Okay, okay, balance, people, balance!
Create and host more Kids Yoga Camps at farms in New Hampshire
Get to know the RLAG community



  1. Kate is a close friend of mine. We met in college 22 years ago and story is true to who she really is. She is full of life and then some! She has always been passionate about health, nutrition and running. Proud of all that she has accomplished. Go after your dreams girl! Congrats!

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