The Running Nose

Have you ever been on a run and you get annoyed because your nose is running faster then you are? Here at RLAG, we are curious as to what runners do to clear their nasal passages during runs. Do you Snot Rocket? Do use your RLAG buff to give a good blow? Wipe with the sleeve of your shirt? Or do you pull a “Granny Style” and stuff a few tissues up your sleeve for when the deed needs to be done?

Both the “Snot Rocket” and the “Blowing into the Buff” require some technique and practice. Don’t be afraid to try either…here is a brief tutorial. Have a read and don’t be afraid to try this at home!

Anna’s Snot Rocket: Okay, I’m biased and think this is the most effective way to “blow your nose” while out on a cold winter or spring jog, when your nose just won’t stop running! Isn’t it the worst when you are constantly sniffling the entire time your out there? This technique can be done while running, walking, hiking or standing.

Tightly hold one side of your nose with your pointer finger
Take a deep breath in and tuck your chin slightly
Lean over to the side you are shooting – past your hips and angle back
Give a forceful blow out your nose
Repeat on the other side
Continue running, walking, hiking – as if nothing happened


Remember, practice makes perfect! Where and when should you practice? Maybe in the shower for starters followed by solo runs and eventually you can perform this technique during races. However, in my opinion, there should absolutely be Snot Rocket etiquette. The worst is when there is a big sweaty dude ahead of you on the trail or during a road race and he doesn’t look behind him and performs the deed. Blah. This is not cool. Don’t be that person.
When running with friends, take a step back or to the side while running to perform the rocket
During a race, always look behind you first! No one wants to get hit with your boogs
Not every rocket performed will be perfect and you don’t want goobers lingering for that race photo. That’s when the sleeve or buff do come in handy to tidy things up a bit.

Just remember, the rocket is socially accepted in the runners world. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be grossed out. Don’t be embarrassed! Once you master it, you will be added to the highly sought after ranks of a grizzled veteran runner! Snot Rocket On!

Courtney’s Buff Blow: Anna says the best way is the snot rocket way… well I will argue that blowing my nose into and wiping my nose with a buff is the best nose way.

Simply grab a buff… wrap it around your wrist and there it is your entire run. Just resting quietly for the easiest access for nose wiping. No trick to it folks. If you are like me and have a consistent streamy flow from your nose then you can also rotate your buff to acquire new dry sections.


Old school “Granny” style: Also an effective nose blowing way. Also generally guaranteed soft rub on the skin if you are using a nice Kleenex. However kleenex breaks down and gets tattered… not so good if its raining. Then you get a pile of Kleenex building in your pocket or your pack… Pros and cons to the old school style. But if this is your method… GO GRANNY METHOD!


And then there is the Classic Sleeve Wipe: Nothing new to learn here. We’ve all been doing it since we were kids… your forever dependable sleeve… its always there… the entire run… though may get a little moist after a few wipes… but what the heck when in doubt… just wipe your snout!





  1. I use a combo of the snot rocket and glove/mitt wipe. Yeah don’t ever borrow my gloves after a run lol

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