RLAG Strong Arms Challenge

Another month, another challenge!! This month, because of popular request, we are focusing on our arms and core. Our amazing ambassador Roxanne has put this together for all of you and we are so excited to have a new, dynamic challenge ahead of us! Our core and arms are a super important part of fitness and something that is often over looked by a lot of runners. A strong core helps improve running posture and efficiency, while strong arms can help power you as you run, especially up hill.

Roxanne decided to switch up the challenge a little instead of just doing a bunch of push-ups everyday because that could be pretty boring. She has picked a bunch of my favourite arm and core moves  to include in the challenge and you don’t need any equipment at all… this means you can do your challenge practically anywhere!


So who is in!? Comment below!!

Here is your challenge calendar. (I can also email you the PDF copy if you email Hailey@runlikeagirl.ca)


Here is a break down of your moves

-Regular push ups: Start with your legs behind you, back flat with your butt down, arms in line with your shoulders. Bend at the elbows and lower your body towards the ground. Hover above the ground, do not touch down, and come back up.
To modify, put your knees on the ground and raise your calves and feet and do the same moment.

image1image2Knees to elbow in Plank: Start in regular plank position, raise one leg and bent it, bring the knee toward your elbow and tap (or get as close and you can). Then switch legs.
image3-Regular plank: Similar to the starting position for push-up with your legs straight back, back straight, butt down and arms directly under shoulders. Hold this position.

-Side plank (and hip dips): Turn your plank on its side! Balance on one arm directly under your shoulder with both legs stacked. Raise your outer arm to challenge yourself. To add the dip, simply lower your hips down in that position towards the ground and then back up.
To modify: Drop to your forearm!
image4 image5 image6Mountain Climbers: Starting in plank position alternate bringing your knees towards your chest.

Tricep pushup: Lay on one side with one arm straight and the other wrapped around you, use the straight arm by bending it to lower to the ground and then push back up.
image11-Up up down down planks: Start in regular plank position and alternate between dropping down to your forearms and then coming back up to straight arms.
image14-Trap Push-up: Start in regular pushup position but your hands will be closer together in a <> formation. Press down and back up. Modify to on your news.
image21 image22
Plank shoulder taps: In regular plank, alternate between opposite shoulder taps by lifting one hand and tapping the opposite shoulder. You can modify on your knees.
image16 image17



  1. Love this! I’m in! Now that I have already had the flu, bronchitis and a sinus infection I should finally be healthy again!

  2. I’m in!! I almost never work out my arms and know I need to haha can’t wait!!

  3. I’m with Whitney Paxton and the crew!

  4. I’m in like Flynn!
    Just finished day 1 with my “sole” sisters!
    Great job, Rox!

  5. Looks great! Would you consider this challenge/workout to bulk arm muscles or to lean them? Thanks

  6. I’ve just jumped on board. Thought I’d start with yesterday’s plan today and go from there. So glad I saw this.

  7. Still keepin up and feelin strong! Woohoo!

  8. I was on vacation and now a few days behind but going to keep going!

  9. On day 12 number 2 is stating gilder legs alt sides in plank x25. I was wondering what they look like. Google isn’t much help.

    Could you post an example?

    Thanks! Enjoying the challenge so far!

  10. Hi Ashley! Gliders: place a paper plate under your toes while in plank and do mountain climbers basically! If u have IG, check out my page, @runfoxxirun, I have videos posted of the challenge almost daily! And I have this one demonstrated !

  11. New to RLAG and would like a .pdf if the String Arm Challenge, my upper body and core need some serious work! Thanks in advance.

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