Our Spring Gear Picks

Spring is definitely in the air and that is getting us super excited for longer runs and awesome adventures! Gear is super important to us and so we have put together an awesome top spring gear guide for all of you to jump into spring with!!

1. Sun-glasses:
Longer days, longer runs, bigger adventures. You need sun-glasses that work and stand-up to the beating you are probably going to give them. The only sun-glasses we are running in these days are Sun God. They stay on your face, don’t fog up, are super resistance and crack proof and you can full customize them to match your personality!
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2. Hydration pack:
Arguably your most important piece of gear for those long days on the trails. You need something that both carries enough water for your run, snacks, an extra layer and of course your camera! We took the Ultimate Direction ultra-vesta out for a spin and we give it two thumbs up! This light weight pack fits great, stays put while running and has excellent storage on it for all your food and gadgets. My personal favourite part is the bungee straps at the pack to be able to pack on an extra layer or jacket easier with out compromising space in the pack!



3. Hydration:
Warmer days, longer runs, more sweat. Hydration is key to performance and recovery. Our top pick this spring? Nuun! With a huge diversity of flavour and performance options, Nuun is an easy choice for your hydration needs. They have a caffeinated line, vitamin tabs as well as regular hydration tabs. Their ingredients are real, clean and natural, which is something that is very important to us! Check out all their goodies here: https://nuunlife.com

4. Compression socks:
One of my favourite things to wear while I am out on the trails, especially on longer runs, is compression socks. Compression socks are key to increasing circulation, decreasing muscle fatigue and helping with recovery. And it definitely helps if they are super awesome colours… PRO Compression socks have all that. Rainbow socks? Check. Just regular black ones? Yep! We highly recommend giving these a go, especially with our 40% off code for all our readers!
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Ps. They have these amazing socks that have the Costa Rican flag on them!! How perfect for us!

5. Fuel:
I am big on real food while on the trails so ingredients is pretty key for me. I recently discovered Skratch labs and I am hooked! They use real ingredients and have absolutely delicious products. I highly recommend giving their fruit drops a try! They’ve taken out all the stuff your body doesn’t need, and left in the delicious real food stuff needed to make these, their most convenient and versatile portable yet. Fruit drops are a pectin based energy chew with a specific ratio of glucose and fructose that is flavored only with real fruit and that does not contain the coloring agents, flavoring agents, and waxes common to many similar products. This basically means they will provide you with the energy and nutrition you need, without being too hard on your stomach!

13323164_515887645284221_1293596926860523026_oAthlete: Hillary Allen (IG: hillygoat_climbs)

6. Head gear:
I am pretty dedicated to practicing safe sun… that is why in the summer I never leave the house for a run or adventure with out a hat or visor. Why not make your next hat one of ours!? It is an athletic trucker hat style that is fully adjustable to fit most heads!


7. I love my muff:
Every been caught on the move needing to go to the bathroom but not having anything to wipe with? I am sure you have. That is why I love my muff wipes made it onto our list for must have for spring running!! Theses super convenient, portable wipes go anywhere with you! They are gentle for your special places, have a great fresh smell, and are are biodegradable! A perfect thing to slip into your pack on your next run!
I promise this isn’t a joke.. these are serious products for muffs on the move!

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