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Our ambassador team was pretty stocked for 2017 but when we met Magen at our most recent Adventure and Wellness retreat we just knew we had to bring her on the team! She has amazing energy, a huge heart and a whole lot of potential to accomplish some pretty amazing things!! Have a read of her story…

My journey as a runner began in middle school.  I really don’t feel like I chose to be a runner, but rather that it chose me. Running was one of the things I noticed made me feel proud of myself.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Running has not always come easy to me or without pain, ailments, and obstacles, but it has always been my go-to therapy.  My time spent running is my time to think, be free, and be happy for what my body can do and where it can take me.  It has also served me well as a social outlet, especially when I was working as a travel nurse.  Joining running groups & doing fun runs was a fun and easy way for me to make friends in new places.

One of my favorite things is spreading good cheer when I go running.  I love smiling at everyone and saying “Hi” or “Good morning” and seeing their faces light up.  That positivity fuels me and takes my mind off the aches and pains.  I really enjoy running with my now one year old niece, Loretta, and hearing her excited squeaks & giggles the whole way.  Though my little running buddy currently rides in the stroller, I am hoping that she will someday delight in running beside me.  I am determined to be a healthy & encouraging influence in her life and hopefully also the lives of all those around me.

Friends may describe me as: adventurous, silly, energetic, dedicated, caring, empathetic, intuitive, daring, fearless, & versatile.  I am not great at many things, but I am good at a lot of different things.  My happiness is directly correlated with the amount of adventure and quality of people in my life and can be measured by my level of energy and silliness.  I thrive on pushing my limits and trying new things, especially things that scare me.  My goal is to never stop pushing myself and to encourage others to challenge themselves in safe, healthy, and positive ways.  My current short-term goal is to run the Be Fearless Marathon in June, my 1st ever marathon.  If all goes well, I hope to continue training for the 2018 Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.

Some Accomplishments

Nov 2011 Victoria, TX Turkey Trot: 2nd place female; 1st place age 25-30.

Nov 2013 Dare to Ascend Half Marathon: 1st place female.

Dec 2013 Spartan Beast Dallas, TX: 2nd out of 107 in age group.

May 2014 Spartan Super Central TX: 1st out of 486 in age group; 5th out of 2083 females.

June 2016 Heart & Soul 10K Billings, MT: 2nd female age 30-34

Nov 2016 Fit Fox 5K Dripping Springs, TX: 1st place age 30-34; 4th place female.

Lots of 5K/10K/fun runs

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