You Can Just Be You and That is Enough

Inspired by my recent blog about accepting and loving yourself for who you are.. ambassador Laura wrote her own blog. Have a read.

The running commentary in my head sounds while I’m mid run sounds something like, ‘you should be faster.  how can you create a run community when those you run with are faster, you’re no leader. there is no way you will be able to run that elevation. your runs are long enough.  you are a run impostor.  you are just posing as a runner’

After feeling so strong last season and ending on a runner’s high completing my first 50K and taking minutes off my 10K time and year over year faster paces at other trail races.  I was feeling confident and strong. I felt like I belonged finally in the running world.  Still not really that fast, nor with all that much weekly mileage but confident that I was where I needed to be.

2016 ended with my first major injury,  SIX weeks without running and then very slowly climbing back into the running world.  The thoughts of a 10K PB at my favourite St. Patty’s Day race were gone.  Now it was just an uphill battle to get my fitness back to where it was pre-injury.  To get my speed back up, my mileage back up and not exhaust myself en route.

It has been exhausting. My legs feel permanently fatigued.  My speed work never feels fast enough (by my definition).  And with so much ice and snow this spring trail time feels minimal after last season’s unseasonable warm and dry spring.  It so easy to compare where I was last year to where I feel I should be this year.  But I remind myself it is a new season, with new challenges.

In a world of drool worthy Instagram run shots, Facebook updates and Strava segments, it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves.  We start scrolling and we start doubting.

I was in this space recently and then a brief exchange with my coach and mentor ended with the words.

Remember: take it easy on yourself. you can just be you and that is enough

It was words I needed to hear and I’m sure many people need to hear and be reminded.  The ability to just be the best versions of ourselves is all that we can be.  We aren’t our running partner, we may not be the elite athlete posting epic IG photos but if we put our best foot forward, and enjoy the ride, what else really matters.   I am a dedicated and passionate runner who is able to fit a focussed training plan amongst being a mom of two littles and growing my own business from scratch.  I am able to fit a lot into my day and I need to be happy with what I am achieving.

I will be taking myself out for a nice flowing trail run to reconnect with my ‘WHY!?’.  If I remember why I am running–for me it is to adventure, see cool places and feel strong–then the comparisons start to fall away and the pressure I place on myself starts to roll off my shoulders and I JUST RUN.  THAT IS ENOUGH.


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