Taking My Life Back

These are our favourite kind of stories…about real people, with real lives, making changes to become happier and healthier. This is Jacklyn who at 200lbs decided it was time to take her life back. She is now working towards her first half marathon. Here is her story:

My name is Jacklyn and a mom of two beautiful children. Ages 4 and 2 🙂

My Story starts with a huge weight gain from both of my pregnancies. I was so unhappy in my body and knew something needed to change.

So May 24th 2016, I made a promise to myself and my family that it was time for a change. I started out with daily walks with my children in the mornings. And on July 1st I decided it was time to run. Though running at 204 lbs was more of a snails pace, and I was only able to run for a minute at a time, I did it. Each night from that day I ran/walked the same 3k route. Until about a month later I could run the whole thing! I was amazed. It was at that moment  I knew then I was hooked on running!

That night I signed up for  my first 5k race. And in August I ran the whole thing while crossing the finish line with the world’s biggest smile on my face. I would have never imagined I could run a 5k, let alone complete 3 more that summer along with a 8k and 10k race to finish off the season. I have slowly increased my distances in preparation for my first half this fall. I almost can’t believe it myself!  Not even a year later and my furthest distance to date is 15k,  and I can’t wait to hit that 21.1k!

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary for taking my life back! And I am so happy to say I have no only lost 57lbs, but the things I have  gained are by far more important. I’ve gained new friendships, a better relationship with my husband and children, my confidence and a smile on my face that never fades!

Running has truly changed my life. And the RLAG community has been a absolutely amazing support system for me and I know many others out there. So thank you!

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