Really? Another Article about Women’s Bodies?

I recently read an article on called “5 body goals that aren’t realistic”. My initial thought was “Really? Another article about women’s bodies?” While I absolutely understand the point of the article and what they were trying to get across…it doesn’t change the fact that articles like this always seem to get my back up a little. Let me explain.

I understand that there is no “perfect body” and that everyone is different.. I also understand that everyone has a different body type and a certain weight or size is actually impossible for some people to achieve. But by saying that these things are unachievable it is almost criticizing those who have it. I fully understand that bone structure and genetics have a lot to do with how your body looks but so does diet and exercise. When I was a teenage and early into my 20s I didn’t eat right and I was not fit. But then I started to eat right, work my ass off and train hard. Now, I am a strong, muscular woman. I wouldn’t call myself skinny although I am small. If I didn’t work as hard as I do and eat healthy… I wouldn’t just be genetically blessed with a 6 pack.

But because I do.. I have toned arms, a thigh gap and v cut abs.. All things the article stated were just simply not possible for most women. I am not starving myself or restricting myself in anyway. I eat chocolate and drink a cold beer after a run. I have a heathy lifestyle with balance and consistency. I have an active life and have put a lot of time and energy into training. By being consistent over time I have seen physical results. But what matters most is not how I look, it is how I feel. I feel strong and very happy. It is also about all the incredible, amazing things I can do with my strong body… like run on the trails for hours with my friends

Photo: Hilary Ann | IG: @thehilaryann

So? What’s my point? My point is that I don’t think we should be coming out right and saying: look at these things and realize they are just not possible for you. For 2 reasons:
1. Are toned arms or strong abs important to you? Is this a goal that you want to achieve and work towards over time? If not, that is totally fine! Keep on working towards your goals. If yes, this will take balance, consistency, dedication and determination. Having an article tell you that most people just simply can’t achieve this is most likely incorrect. Do you know you can’t achieve toned arms or strong abs? Have you sincerely put in the time and energy to become the strongest version of yourself? Have you changed the way you eat, cut out all the things we shouldn’t eat and limit your alcohol intake? To say that most women just simply can’t have these things is wrong. Yes, many body types will not have these things.. But I believe with enough hard work and proper eating, you can be YOUR bodies ideal size! WHICH IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON THE PLANET.
2. Does it actually matter?! Why do we continue to place SO MUCH emphasis on the way a women looks instead of focusing on how she performs?! Can you just imagine this article in a men’s magazine? No, because you’ll probably never see one. So let’s just forget about the way we look and start focusing on the way we feel and things that we are doing. If you are strong, happy, fit and achieving the things you want to do… Shouldn’t that be what matters most? Who cares if you’ve got V cut abs if you’re running your goal races.

Instead of working towards a particular body type.. Why don’t we work towards being strong, fit and healthy. Why does it always seem to come down to how you look. I see it on both sides… Skinnier girls seem to be ridiculed for their slim frames while larger women are being criticized for not having the ideal body. I say we just forget about all of it and focus on being the happiest, healthiest, strongest and fittest versions of ourselves. Who is with me?!

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